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A place for my rambling's, thoughts and maybe even a few views on life from my prospective. Hang on because here we go...this could be a bumpy ride!



Most every real estate agent I know works from a laptop for the portability issue.  And why not?  Laptops today are just as powerful and have generous hard drive space to be comparable to their desk top counterparts.Laptops have made our world more portable and have put more people on-line and se...
Ahhh...email.  What did we do before it came along?  Do you even remember the days of handwriting a letter, placing it in an envelope, sticking on a stamp, and delivering it to the post office?Of course you do!  Most of us still do it today as a form of direct marketing.The advent of email has no...
So back to the great CRM hunt.  If any of you have been following my blog lately you know that I have been on the hunt for a different CRM for my business, for those who do not know what CRM means: Customer Relationship Manager or database.Over the past few weeks I have tried every one I could fi...
Well....it is cold here in NC.  Just a few days ago it was 70 degrees. Now if you have never been to the sandhills of NC then maybe you don't understand that we have really interesting winter weather.  Usually it is rainy...I mean, get sick of it rainy.  Some days it is warm...some days, well, BR...
Ok...so this is interesting.We had a Linksys wireless router at home that was kinda old....like wireless "B" old and it finally got to the point that everytime I plugged it into my cable modem that is would crash the connection, no signal to the computer whatsoever.  So...off to Best Buy for a re...
Ok...this is a rant.Most of you who know me know that I am primarily a listing agent.  Being that, I don't understand why any agent who lists property would not be quick to answer the telephone.Here's the story.I picked up a buyer client through internet leads.  I have met with this client twice....
After reading a great post addressing a reaction that a buyer's agent had to a commission offered on a sale this morning written by:Beth Incorvati ~ REALTOR, ASP Bel Air, MD More about me... Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.Well, let's just say that my button's were pushed.  Want to read the post...
This post does not necessarily pertain to buyers and sellers of homes and properties.  However I feel that it applies to any and all decisions and why sometimes making those decisions can be so hard.If you are like most people, you are a creature of habit.  Being a creature of habit causes you to...

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