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Life in Southeast Oklahoma - The people, the places, events, ideas...we're a unique place. Let's talk about this great area that we live in. I love where I live, so let me share it with you.
Low VA Appraisal ~ Post 9 Series ~ Buying Home VA Mortgage Idabel OK Well, Emily and I talked it over and we really want the home. The home was listed at a reduced price of $205,000.00.  We offered the full price of $205,000 with seller paying our VA Mortgage closing costs up to $7500.00.  The ho...
The Appraisal ~ Buying a Home VA Mortgage Idabel OK Well, our VA Appraiser came last week to look at the home that Emily and I are buying in Idabel, OK.  We were not there and did not meet him but Judi and Don did.  The VA sent someone from out of state to do the appraisal.  We've not been worrie...
The TRR Form ~ Buying a Home VA Mortgage Idabel OK So glad those home inspections are over and we know what we're buying!  John, our licensed home inspector, looked everything over from the weather vane to the foundation and everything in between.   The home that we are buying has a "pier and bea...
Our Home Inspections ~ Buying a Home VA Mortgage Idabel OK My name is Michael Miller.  My wife Emily and I are buying a home in Idabel and financing with a VA Mortgage.  Today is home inspection day. We did what we said we weren't going to do, we contracted to purchase the FIRST home we looked at...
We Did What We Said We Weren't Going to Do! VA Home Buying ~ Idabel OK We did what we said we weren't going to do.  We fell in love with the first house that Judi Barrett showed us and made an offer on it.  Judi said it was a good offer but we'd have to wait to see if the Seller thinks it is, and...
Next Step, Looking at Homes ~ Veterans Mortgage Series ~ Idabel OK My name is Michael Miller, My wife and I have decided it's time to buy a home.  I am a Gulf War Veteran.  My buddy told me to call Judi Barrett at Integrity Real Estate Services, so I did.    Judi gave me a list of lenders that do...
I love Michael's blog posts..   This one about heated floors sheds light on a great way to heat Master baths in S E Oklahoma too!       What Is The Best Way To Heat My Master Bathroom?   For those of you who just recently moved from the North, it's difficult to understan...
Buying a Home Idabel ~ VA Mortgage ~ What Judi Told Me to Do. When Emily and I got ready to buy an Idabel home with my VA Certificate of Eligibility, a buddy of mine told me to call Judi Barrett at Integrity Real Estate Services, first before I did anything else.   My credit score, the last time ...
Buying a home Idabel ~ VA Mortgage. Call Judi first.  My name is Michael Miller.  I served in the Gulf War from January 1, 1991 until July 7, 1994.  Since then I've been working in Southeast Oklahoma as a Service Tech for a company that does repair work on all sizes of equipment such as dozers, b...
Buying a Home via VA Mortgage Idabel OK Series The series that follows in Judi's Real Estate World of Blog is about Buying a Home via VA Mortgage Idabel OK.   We have many veterans in McCurtain County that would like to use their VA Certification to buy a home.  I've walked with many of them thro...

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