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"But I'm a Cash Buyer!!!"  Just because a buyer can write a check at closing doesn't mean that the seller is going to automatically drop the asking price to a wholesale price.  Some other factor has to come into play for a property to go on the market at a wholesale price.  The form of payment al...
  Rule One.  Do NOT get involved in any HOA governance issues.   Rule Two.  See rule one, above.     Rule Three. Warn people who move into the community that, as The New Kid, there is an almost automatic HOA Board Nomination coming their way.  50% of the people you warn won't take your advice and...
  There isn't any reason for me to try and say it better than Greg Nino has said it, below.  I got phone calls from 3 people yesterday, all of whom fell into one of these categories.  One of them wanted me to show him property...but, didn't want to give me his name.  I'm serious.  He didn't trust...
Replacement Windows reduce the amount of noise in your home.  Life in an urban environment gets noisy.  Part of the reason replacement windows are such a good investment is that they can substantially reduce the noise in your home.  The following video demonstrates how much noise good windows can...
If I am talking with someone about listing a house and they mention Death, Divorce or Bankruptcy, the tilt meter goes off.  Each one of those events can have unexpected impacts on real estate titles.  All of them can be dealt with, but the more time we have to deal with them, the better. Any one ...
I just hate it when the listing agent tried to use Fear to motivate me, the buyers agent, into moving forward.  Fear may be a great motivator, but it is a lousy sales tool. I showed 11 houses yesterday to a buyer who just happens to be my little sister.  This is a buyer whom I have been protectin...
  The general public just doesn't understand real estate commissions.  Most people think that we get paid to unlock doors and drive people around to look at houses.  That is absolutely the smallest part of what it is that we do. I have a level of expertise that comes from a lifetime of experience...
  Moonlight Foot Spa is a Chinese Foot Massage storefront business located in a very narrow little store front in the complex at the intersection of Basswood and Beach in north Ft Worth. The shop has traditional foot reflexology charts posted in the window. In daylight, it isn't easy to see if th...
I am sure that when AR people began planning Rain Camp for Dallas this year, they didn't plan on Mother Nature's participation in making it rain.  She sure did show up, just in time to give our out-of-state visitors a true measure of how much fun we can have out here in Texas making it rain. I ha...
There is a contra dance event in Dallas in the spring called When In Doubt Swing.  What is Contra Dancing?  It is a form of dancing in the folk-dance traditions, kind of a cross between square dancing and English country line dancing.  Think Jane Austen meets Barn Dance.  It is usually done to li...

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