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This month's edition covers Mobile Eastern Shore AL real estate market activity and then we'll discuss the new changes in FHA lending. Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning. Program length: approximately 7 minutes download podcast mp3 file | subscribe to podcast feed To learn more ab...
One of the most fundamental questions when considering purchasing Mobile/Eastern Shore AL real estate is whether to purchase a single family home or a condo.  Although there are many factors to consider, the answer really lies in the buyer's preference and lifestyle.  A condo might be a good fit ...
With Mobile Eastern Shore AL real estate sales slowing a bit for the summer, many sellers are left wondering if they may be better off renting their home out for the time being until market activity picks back up.  If you have already purchased another home, this option is especially attractive a...
If you are currently looking to buy Eastern Shore/Mobile AL real estate, you probably have a good idea of the general range you can expect to spend on a home.  So you might be surprised when a great-looking home shows up on the MLS with what seems like a shockingly low price tag attached.  The ex...
Cynics may say that the "American Dream" is a fading ideal, especially with the current economy and housing market.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Read my blog article to learn why home-ownership is still an important - and attainable - component of the American Dream.  If you are ready to...
In the current real estate market, many potential home sellers are wondering if it they should rent out their homes rather than try to carry two mortgages while waiting for one home to sell.  Check out my latest blog article to read about the pros and cons of renting out your home while you wait ...

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