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Fall is a great time for realtors in Maine. Seems like we are all picking up and staying very busy. It's a wonderful sign and along with it nice cool weather .  Hopefully no snow till december! Now all we need is some good inventory for the buyers!
Maybe im too young to remember, but i feel like over the past 20 years, talk has gotten much cheaper. People are still encouraged by talk , however the promises made and the actual walk they talk, are less and less productive and worthwhile.  Im pretty sick of listening to news reporters who have...
I would like to ask what products people have had good luck with building a green or even leed certified house. Everything from the foundations to the floors and counters. Anyone with some good experiences please share. Insulated blocks I have heard good things about. What do you think about the ...
We have been using electronic lockboxes here in maine for a while  now.  I will say its easier not to write down codes and its good for tracking purposes, but technology is not always better. I have a lockbox that has a dead battery and so the motor wouldnt work. I had to discover this in a torre...
Finally we can see green grass again, well maybe its a shade of brown right now but the snow is gone!  Id like to hear from other agents about their experiences this winter, with all the empty property, the un plowed driveways, houses colder inside then outside.  i know i walked through a few fee...
Today I was speaking with a guy from my neighborhood and he was telling me about when he purchased alot of buildings 10 or 15 years ago or more. He used to buy them at 25 or 30k and a few years later sell them for 80 or 100k.  Then there was the one that got away, a building offered at 90k and at...
I just was thinking and decided I should share my thoughts.  I would say maybe just very disapointed that some major banks are losing their shirt and if you watch the news, your first thought mite be to feel bad for them. Then I realize in my own professional dealings with the banks and the short...
Im seeing some banks being very very slow getting a short sale approved. It seems like a stand still for months now after everything the brokers have done and the buyers and sellers want to close. The banks say they are working on it and have no updates at this time.  Its like talking to a wall. ...

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