realtor: Loan Officer Compensation Rules In Effect - 04/06/11 03:46 PM
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Today, 4/6/2011, the new loan officer compensation rules officially went into effect.  This is a major blow to the independently owned mortgage banks and brokers loan officers, and most importantly the consumer.  This ruling was is still being fought by the banks and small business owners but is in effect  The new rules basically state that a loan officer has to be compensated based on loan volume and has to make the same percentage on every file regardless of difficulty, time spent on a file, loan program type, etc...Why is this a bad thing?  It takes out a … (6 comments)

realtor: Home For Sale in the Sun City Anthem Florence, AZ 85132 - 03/25/11 11:10 AM
Pre-Qualify for this Home For Sale in the Sun City Anthem Florence, AZ 85132. It is a 2 Bedroom property with Arizona Conventional Loan Expert Justin Vaught, Sun American Mortgage Co. Mesa Arizona at text 480-299-8565. This Home For Sale in the Sun City Anthem Florence, AZ 85132 2 Bedroom features 2 Bedrooms and 2 .5 Bathrooms with 2,550 Square Feet and the lot size is over 16,000. The front of this Home For Sale in the Sun City Anthem Florence, AZ 85132 features lush landscaping and GIANT shade trees and features a 3 car garage. In the backyard of … (0 comments)

realtor: Should Congress Extend the Conforming Mortgage Limit? - 03/16/11 09:23 AM
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On October 1, 2011, the mortgage markets in some parts of the U.S. may suddenly slow. At that time, the conforming loan limits -- the highest balance permitted on a mortgage backed by the U.S. government -- will be cut for "high cost areas." So if you want to buy a home in a place like Los Angeles, Manhattan, or D.C., where real estate is relatively expensive, it may be more difficult to get a cheap mortgage stamped with a federal guarantee. Will this change debilitate the housing … (1 comments)

realtor: Short Sales in The Valley - 03/03/11 03:35 AM
You all have to hear my soapbox for a few minutes about short sales.  As a lender I pre-qualify a buyer and they start looking at homes; they offer on a dreaded short sale.  3 months later we get a short sale approval that asks us to close a loan in 9 business days!!!  9 Business Days???!!!! REALLY?  It took your bank over 3 months to negotiate a few numbers and figure out how to write off a loss that essentially hurts the American tax payer...and then you want the loan closed in 9 business days!  There is no way the … (0 comments)

realtor: Make Big Money From Home Even While Sick (LOL) - 02/10/11 12:14 PM
Like many other people this time of year I have caught a bug of some sort.  My sinuses are driving me absolutely bonkers and I feel like I am "dazed and confused" due to all of the over the counter meds I have in my system! 
But as I sit here writing about how badly I am feeling, I realize that I have an amazing career.  I am able to work from home without skipping a beat even while not feeling great.  Between my laptop, my blackberry, email, skype, etc...I am able to have a virtual office anywhere.  As I sit … (2 comments)