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When children are very small, they remember everything!  Their brains are like sponges, learning how to walk, and learning new words, the alphabet song, grammar, and sentences, just to name a few.  They are also learning how to get into everything and how to remove things and put them in places t...
Non-real estate related alert!!! Approximately 15 years ago, I wrote the following, and now that my nearly-19 year old son is getting ready to move into his first apartment, I thought it was a great time to resurrect this.  Nothing has been changed except for the addition of pictures and bold.  M...
I recently shared information for potential first time home buyers about the differences between renting and owning  Once you've decided that you do want to own your own home, the next logica...
Reports indicate childhood obesity has tripled from the 1970s, and one in three children is classified as obese or overweight.   A while ago, I did what started as a stupid thing, but which turned into a learning experience that has brought me to the explanation for the rise in chunky children.  ...
I'm sure there's a logical reason for not having one nationwide MLS , but it appears to me that having a nationwide system would be much more logical than having all the thousands of regional MLS systems.  Follow my thought process: Benefits of a nationwide system:    One overall set of rules, na...
Deciding to purchase a first home can be a huge decision, and once the decision is made to join the ranks of home owners, the process to select a home and manage the process until the keys are in hand can be confusing. I'm here to help.  In this first edition of First Time Home Buyers, I'll provi...
I am not a big jazz fan, but I LOVE attending the free Wednesday night concerts on the banks of the Hudson River, and I bet you will too. Concerts are held every Wednesday from June 15th through August 17th from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Dobbs Ferry Waterfront Park.  Come with a blanket or chairs, and...
  It's June now, the time of year that home sales are usually strong.  However, an assessment of the May 2011 results for the Greenburgh NY real estate market shows a bad news/good news story.     The bad news is seen in the charts above.  The chart on the left indicates that May 2011, compared t...
First of all, I have to say I am VERY upbeat and optimistic.  I'm not a half-empty kind of gal, nor a half-full one.  I happen to be of the "glass is full" mentality.  While we've all lived through a ton of crap, and I'm no exception, I happen to think life is inherently fun and good and I like w...

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