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In the first four parts of blog series, I’ve shared my recent experience with my broken ankle – what to do when traveling, tips on how to survive around the house, the cast versus boot process, healing and physical therapy.  I hope the information was helpful.  This is my final blog on this subje...
This edition of my blog series on my experiences with a broken ankle will focus on the healing process.  What happens once you can start putting partial pressure on a broken ankle?  How long does it take to get back to “normal?”  What exactly happens in physical therapy?  When can you drive?  Fir...
As mentioned in Part 1 and 2 of this series, I’m sharing my recent experiences dealing with my broken ankle, hopefully to provide some insight to others who may be dealing with the same situation.  Links to my past blogs can be found at the bottom.   In this edition, I’m going to share my experie...
As mentioned in Part 1 of 5 (, the first week after I broke my ankle, I was busy learning how to use crutches, and dealing with the discomfort associated with getting a cast on, and just trying to cope with the general issues associated with not being able to move around norm...
As I started my day today, I swung my bare feet to the floor, stood up and walked towards the bathroom.  That’s right, I said, I walked towards the bathroom in my bare feet.  That simple occurrence, which we do all day long, placing one foot in front of the other, is something I will never take f...

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