housing: What Kinds of Mortgages are Available? - 12/01/15 11:55 PM
Once you have signed a contract for the purchase of your new home (or condominium or cooperative apartment), and assuming that you do not have all of the cash in your bank account, you will need to obtain a mortgage loan.
There are many different loans on the market — and many different loan programs from which to choose. You should contact at least three different lenders, and ask them to give you a list of the loans which they can offer you. Take careful notes, and remember one important thing: do not give any lender any money until you are absolutely … (0 comments)

housing: Down Payment Dilemma: How Do You Know How Much To Put Down On A Home? - 09/24/15 12:39 PM
You'd be a homeowner right now if it weren't for one thing: the down payment. Right? Even for those who have decent credit and make good money, the down payment is often the great homeownership killer.
For many others, who do have enough money set aside to make a substantial down payment, the question is: how much? Conventional wisdom—not to mention most of the banks and a good portion of homebuying and financial experts—will tell you that 20 percent is the standard bearer when it comes to down payments. But is it really necessary to put 20 percent down?
The short answer is: … (0 comments)

housing: Airbnb And Condominiums - 09/09/15 05:41 AM
The Pope will be here on September 23rd. Millions of people will come to see and hear him. Where will they stay? Back in 2009, in anticipation of the large crowds wanting to be part of history for Barack Obama's inauguration, the District government relaxed all residential requirements so homeowners could do a daily or weekly rental. Today, there is a new game in town called Airbnb. According to its website, "Airbnb began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay. Now, millions of hosts and travelers choose to create … (0 comments)

housing: Tips: Saving Money as A New Homeowner - 08/19/13 09:57 PM
Being a new homeowner is one of the most exciting yet scariest experiences in life, most especially when one doesn’t know what to do.
This is the right time of making a checklist of ways to make your home, even your wallet, easy and loose. Danny Lipford, veteran contractor and home expert has worked together with Honeywell Home Environment and provide deals for additional comfort and tips on saving money for fresh homeowners.
DIY safety should always be considered. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released by paints, solvents, cleaners, adhesives, furniture, and shelving can harm the home and even the … (1 comments)

housing: Helping your sellers set right prices for their homes! - 06/06/13 08:07 AM
An important skill must one have in a market that favors buyers is the ability to help your sellers regulate the listing price that will meet their expectations financially and get them qualified buyers. You know the importance of setting the right price; however, the homeowner is the one to set the price. Below are tips on helping them through the process, whatever personality the seller has:
One seller personality is what is referred to as the dreamer. He has so much attachment to the house and maybe even believing that it’s priceless. It’s difficult, although not impossible, to set a … (0 comments)

housing: Computer Spring Cleaning - 04/10/13 03:24 AM
It’s spring again and what good day to start this season is by cleaning up. Yes, SPRING CLEANING – but not only homes need cleaning; your PC needs it too! Here are some tips on spring cleaning your PC’s.
Start with your hardware: Turn the PC off, unplug everything, and then find an open area to do your dusting and cleaning. Either with a laptop or a desktop, the focus will most probably be the keyboard and the mouse or the trackpad. Cleaning them should be trouble-free since a lot of household products available in supermarkets, can be used.
Cleaning should also … (0 comments)

housing: "Real Estate Agents Doing Fewer Deals and Working for Less" - 01/21/13 08:00 AM
Currently, many agents work for the worst deals in the record of the history of the real estate line. In addition to this insult, the agents take each other’s leg for almost nothing.
With most traditional marketing that produce enough transactions for the average agent’s survival failure, a number of agents have been forced to switch to traditional companies and have enough business. Those traditional companies though, have been glad to provide leads for relocation at despicable prices.
Speaking under anonymit, one major Atlanta broker-owner confessed that in his eight offices, agents have become more and more dependent on … (0 comments)

housing: $119,000 - vacant lot. Located at College Woodsonia Blvd Olathe - 01/18/13 12:43 AM

housing: For Sale: $224,900 - 4BR 3BA Awesome Corner Lot! - 01/18/13 12:38 AM

housing: Smaller Successes to Bigger Successes - 01/14/13 04:24 AM
The myth of overnight success is a constant idea in the world believing that someone invisible and unsuccessful for the past years, suddenly rise up to fame and success because of the combination of luck, timing, hard work, perseverance, and other ingredients of success.
Although this may be true, it can be very misleading. The words “someday it will all change” may not be true at all. 
Instead of long time self-sacrifice with an unexpected grow to fame, people who succeed seemed to be establishing bigger successes over smaller successes. This means that successful people are already successful even before somebody else … (1 comments)

housing: Latino buyers - Save Real Estate Market - 01/07/13 10:58 PM
The housing market seems to need some help in boosting up its growth, since it is still burdened with a huge overhang of distressed properties and monotonous demand.

The Latino buyers seems to be bringing this needed help, according to a study released 4 6 months ago, as they are anticipated to provide a huge amount of interest on housing, such as condos, starter homes, and trade-up homes, over the next decade. 
Gray Acosta, co-founder and acting executive director of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals said, “The demographic trends all line up for Hispanics to be a prime demographic … (1 comments)

housing: Sell Your Home Quickly at Higher Price!!! - 01/07/13 10:45 PM
According to research, staged properties sell quickly and at higher prices than those not staged. The most important point here is to persuade sellers to stage their homes, especially if it will cost alot to do it effectively.
Below are four was that will surely help you persuade hesitant sellers and make them understand that staging their homes will allow for more income from their home sale.
1. Make sellers realize that it's not their home anymore. The essential point to sell the home is to distance seller's self interest from the home's appearance and make it as desirable as possible … (1 comments)

housing: 4 Things to remember When Devoting In International Real Estate - 10/18/12 05:50 AM
When searching for a prospective real estate location overseas, always look for one of the four schemes that indicate a probable increase in property values.
ü  A new path, rising middle class ü  The path of progress ü  Invasion of foreign buyers ü  Distressed or crisis prospects One of the hottest locations nowadays for real estate openings is Fortaleza, which is located in northeast coast of Brazil. Two schemes can be seen when scouting the place for the first time.A New Middle ClassNew, emerging middle class represents new consumers. New consumers can purchase cappuccinos, refrigerators, vacations, new homes and even second homes. This thing happened … (1 comments)

housing: 10 Advices for a successful real estate in 2013 - 10/16/12 08:02 PM
2013 is fast approaching, why set your goals as early as now….
The influence of written goals: Research shows that writing down your goals and plans and sharing them with someone increases the probability of success Lay down your income and closed transaction objectives:Thin you have closed 20 transactions this year and aim to close 40 transactions next year. Once you put a double effort into your most profitable real estate activities, most agents easily boost their closed transactions by 50-100 percent. Lead generation is the key: the rule is to generate 1 out of 3 solid leads ends up closing a transaction. … (23 comments)

housing: Get a Real Estate Domain That Drives Traffic - 10/15/12 11:01 AM
Giving a good domain name for a real estate business takes time and a lot of thinking. One good advantage of the new generation is the internet where you can take all the help you need. Here are a few points to consider in selecting a domain name.A great name will not always be great for real estate. Owning the URL for your name wouldn’t be the main method how people would discover your site, although you should. You must register your name in the annual domain name registration, which costs less than $10, and mention it in your blog or direct … (2 comments)

housing: Guides on Closing More Sales - 10/15/12 06:04 AM
2012 is about to end and still, goals set on improving sales volume this year is quite far at hand. The following tips will help concentrate on points needing attention to achieve goals on closing more sales in 2012. First is to get more leads on the changing traits of both buyers and sellers in the market. Always keep in mind that growing and improving starts within oneself. More leads always equal to more sales. Another tip is to tighten up the sales process. One of the key points of keeping a business moving forward is by conversations that are related … (1 comments)

housing: Guidelines for Saving Money as A New Homeowner - 10/10/12 04:37 AM

Being a new homeowner is one of the most exciting yet scariest experiences in life, most especially when one doesn’t know what to do.
This is the right time of making a checklist of ways to make your home, even your wallet, easy and loose. Danny Lipford, veteran contractor and home expert has worked together with Honeywell Home Environment and provide deals for additional comfort and tips on saving money for fresh homeowners.
DIY safety should always be considered. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released by paints, solvents, cleaners, adhesives, furniture, and shelving can harm the home and … (0 comments)

housing: Beware of Short Sale Scam - 10/10/12 04:01 AM

Be 100% sure that the counseling agency you are using to solve your payment issues is listed on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s list of approved counseling agencies. When these criminals find out that you are having a hard time paying for your monthly mortgage, they’ll suddenly appear at your door to give you a list of solutions. Most of the time, the deal is to lend them the title of your home and rent it from them, thus leading the homeowners to end up homeless. Sign over your home’s title if, and only if, you are … (0 comments)

housing: Guides for Cruising with Kids - 09/26/12 06:40 AM

A cruise can be tough when you have kids with you. Below are tips to enjoy your cruise with your children, based on a Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas experience. Bear in mind that cruises differ with each other so make sure to research on them before you go and set sail.
Instead of two adjoining staterooms try booking a family suite. Suites come with expedited boarding (and disembark); special menus; reserved pool-deck and theater seating; and other promos to be able to make your travel with kids painless. Sign up your kids in at least one … (1 comments)

housing: The Advantage of A Veteran Real Estate Agent - 09/24/12 09:31 PM

A deserved premium is always given to those brokers who have deep knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of a particular city or neighborhood, including nearby businesses, schools, parks and transportation. They are an asset for different kinds of clients because of their life experience and extensive travel, wisdom, discipline, resourcefulness and open communication. This is the group of the military veterans.
The values innate to these veterans that have been molded through their service bring so much worth to their work as a real estate brokers and executives. Having been stationed across a great number of different bases throughout the … (0 comments)

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