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Sure... some days we see an article or two about how to come up with ideas to write about.  Some folks really "strain" to come up with blog post ideas... really wracking their brains. Just a little bit ago, I wrote a post about "Friending."  My first comment was from one of my blogging "friends"....
Earlier today another Rainer wrote a post critiquing an article she read... which said agents should "avoid using 'real estate' as a way to connect with others." Since my criticism is not of the writer, but of her idea... I will choose not to use her name.  But... I wanted to share my response. I...
For all of you renters out there... if you're thinking about still trying to sneak in under the wire for the $8,000 tax credit that Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha are just "itching" to give you... you need to see one of the hottest townhouse communities in south Carrollton, Texas. It's a new kind of...
I bet most of the buyers that either you or I work with love a good surprise.  Not bad ones, but good ones.  The next ninety days offers the "last chance" for buyers to give themselves their very own Christmas Present. That present comes in the form of the Homestead Exemption here in the State of...
It is kind of funny how one thing can lead to another on Active Rain... and how just reading the blog posts of others... can end up stimulating an idea that I end up making in a comment to one of those posts... which then leads to my using the idea from that comment... as the basis for a post, it...
Earlier this evening I wrote a post about one of the semi-final matches in the US Open Women's Tennis Championship taking place this weekend in Flushing, New York. One commentor asked me a question about whether or not I played tennis.  I answered that earlier in my life... I just loved playing t...
Today was not a good day for Serena Williams.  Not a good day at all. After waiting and waiting... through several long rain delays... her US Open Tennis Championship match with Kim Clijsters was finally set to start. As the match wore on... Williams played below her usual game, and ended up losi...
I have been a fan of Women's Tennis for as long as I can remember.  I have been avidly watching the US OPEN Tennis Championships at Flushing, New York this week... and have really been enjoying taking the time out of my days and nights... just to sit and enjoy. Today there have been some rain del...
I don't know if you, the reader, watched President Obama addressing the high-schoolers this morning, but he did a masterful job.  The kids were just great.  They were very focused on him, and seemed to be taking his words of encouragement very seriously.  That he would take time out of his day to...
A few days ago I was reading a post by one of my... shall we say... "more conservative" friends.  She was writing about the typical conservative talking points that many of her "tribe" enjoy... when out of nowhere... the poster below was shown in her post. I believe the original post was about al...

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