peachtree home staging: Atlanta Decatur Vacant Home Sells as Fast as the Staged Home Next Door - 07/27/12 07:39 AM
Atlanta Decatur Vacant Home sells as fast as the Staged Home Next Door!
I know what you are thinking . . . WHAT??? HOW COULD THIS BE?  We at Peachtree Home Staging have poured our heart and soul into the value of Home Staging and how staged homes sell faster than vacant homes .  73% faster than vacant homes according to RESA's most recent stats published.
Well, I can tell you why this vacant sold as fast as our staged home next door!  Read on . . .
One of the many Home Builder/Investors that we work with on a regular basis … (12 comments)

peachtree home staging: Wow! A High and Mighty Brain Rush Revisited - 04/28/12 02:58 AM
Wow!  A High and Mighty Brain Rush Revisited
I've been spending some time going through last years stagings to post to my Web site -- yes, we have been so busy as this great industry of home staging has been growing here in Atlanta, I am just now updating 2011 photos! We are truly blessed to have such a problem!!!
Anyways, I stumbled across my photos for this job and once again got that high and mighty brain rush that comes with a successful job well done (we all feel it -- Realtor or home stager) when the home sells and the buyer … (17 comments)

peachtree home staging: Georgia Home Staging "BUZZ" Session - 10/22/10 08:29 AM

Georgia Home Staging "BUZZ" Session
 Join Georgia home stagers for lunch at the Piedmont Cort Furniture Showroom in Atlanta.  Network with other home stagers for a buzzing update on the staging industry!
 Wednesday, November 10, 2010
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
A must attend "BUZZ" session for all Georgia home stagers regardless of designation AGENDA
Meet and greet with other Georgia home stagers Discover Cort Furniture and what is new for staging Learn what's new in the industry and the many tools available from RESA to help grow your business Panel of Experts -- Local REALTORS share opinions on hiring a stager and … (4 comments)

peachtree home staging: It' a Win-Win-Win !!! Here's one way to Seal the Deal! - 07/18/10 11:43 AM
It' a Win-Win-Win !!!  Here's one way to Seal the Deal!
This home staging we just completed in the Smyrna / Vinings area has a fun history that brought it all together for the Seller, the Realtor of choice and us, the selected Atlanta home staging company.
The seller lives in Florida.  She had previously rented out this Town home and decided it was now time to sell the property.  Her problem?  She wanted to stage and knew no Stager in the Atlanta area.  Further complicating issues -- she knew no Realtors in the Atlanta area.
So this savvy seller did what so … (19 comments)

peachtree home staging: Sometimes it is difficult to see past the rubble . . . and remodeling creates RUBBLE! - 06/12/10 03:52 AM
Sometimes it is difficult to see past the rubble . . . and remodeling creates RUBBLE! 
I visited this "vacant" condo one afternoon to prepare a quote for Peachtree Home Staging to present to the seller.  As you can see from the photos below, it may be "VACANT"; but there was a lot of activity going on! 
One week later, we became the selected home staging company to create the final presentation for this little Atlanta condo located in Vinings.
Challenged with a rather cluttered first impression, to say the least, we had no idea what we would find upon entering the 2nd time with … (14 comments)

peachtree home staging: 1970's Traditional Formal Living Room Doesn't Need To Be Road Kill - 05/15/10 04:25 AM
Years ago, when I was giving my son a ride to elementary school, he asked me, "Mom why did the chicken cross the road?"  I said, "I don't know, Aaron.  Why did the chicken cross the road?"  Aaron said, "To show the possum it could be done!"
Let me show you just how insightful my son was coming up with this clever yarn.
When I go visit a vacant home to prepare my proposal I am ALWAYS confident staging will make a huge difference.  That is the case for this home that Peachtree Home Staging just staged in Decatur, GA, an In-Town Atlanta … (16 comments)

peachtree home staging: Count Down for Old Year's Resolutions - 12/16/09 06:27 AM
Yep -- you heard me! OLD Year's Resolutions. 
I can't possibly begin to construct my 2010 New Year's Resolutions knowing full well I haven't yet accomplished my 2009 New Year's resolutions.
UGLY items from the 2009 List
loose 25 + pounds -- to late to loose 25+ pounds; adjust resolution to 3 lbs. (that's adjusted to loose; not gain 3 lbs.) exercise 2 times a week -- adjust to exercise 2 times this year (I have time to fit 2 times in before January 1, 2010) spend less; save more -- no money left so I will now be spending less … (11 comments)

peachtree home staging: The Home Staging Money Pit Settlement - 07/27/09 03:09 AM
 A week or so ago, I did a member's only post titled "Do You Create Money Pits for Profit".
A day or so later, after creating that post the seller contacted me and asked if I would meet my … (8 comments)

peachtree home staging: I don't always HAVE to be #1 -- #8 is good! - 07/13/09 09:22 AM
 #8 best place to live! Peachtree City, GA
Go to the just released August issue of Money Magazine and you will see why the Atlanta Suburb -- Peachtree City, is my home. 
Yes, I provide home staging services all over Atlanta, in-town and the complete Metro Area.  I home stage all over Atlanta, from Dunwoody to Mid-Town, from Newnan to Norcross, Buckhead to McDonough, Virginia Highlands to Morningside . . . but one spot is what I call home!
I've been an Atlanta area resident for 29 years now, so I know my way around.  It's all home, but one spot in particular, Peachtree City, … (8 comments)

peachtree home staging: A SMART Way to Win Listings (that you actually want) - 06/26/09 03:46 AM
Here is how a smart Atlanta Realtor won a listing over competing Realtors . . .
Background:  the client lives out of state and has a vacant home in Atlanta to sell.  Because of many conflicts, the seller can not come to Atlanta to interview Realtors.  The Seller looked on line and found Realtors that had superb REALTOR.COM photographs for their current listings.  He contacted a friend to hold the house open and invited the few Realtors he selected via the photos to visit the property and e-mail him with their proposal to list and sell the home for him.
One of those … (8 comments)

peachtree home staging: Home Staging Success Creates need for Home Stager! - 06/12/09 12:51 AM
Peachtree Home Staging recently staged a vacant home in the Atlanta metro area, located in Newnan, GA.  Yesterday I popped in with the listing agent to check on things at the home.  The home has gone under contract and I will be de-staging soon.
When we got there, the home buyer and her agent were also there with the home inspector.  We all politely began to make introductions. 
When the listing agent introduced me as the home stager for the property, the home buyer let out such a loud delightful squeal it startled all of us! 
Immediately she asked me … (15 comments)

peachtree home staging: Try, Try Again . . . or get it done right the first time! - 06/11/09 06:32 AM
TRY . . .
The home sellers tried to sell vacant April of 2007 through October, 2007
--   No Buyers  --

TRY . . .
and then, the same home sellers tried to sell vacant February 2008 through July 2008

--   No Buyers --

ABSOLUTELY . . . As the saying goes, try, try again!

The home sellers hired Peachtree Home Staging in Atlanta to consult on overall marketing solutions for this property, including modest floor plan alterations, as well as exterior and interior presentation. 
Peachtree Home Staging hand selected all of the … (25 comments)

peachtree home staging: Staging with thousands of outlets! - 05/07/09 04:24 AM
If you ever get a chance to home stage a vacant home (this one is in Newnan, GA an Atlanta Suburb) for an owner who designed the home and is an electrican; do every thing you can to win that job!  The lighting and sound and air quality features are phenominal! 
Here's a few of my vacant before shots and some of my after shots, followed by a link to the video they will be using to market the home.




peachtree home staging: 1034 Amsterdam Drive, Morningside, Atlanta, GA by Peachtree Home Staging - 04/06/09 01:00 PM
Peachtree Home Staging, once again, was privledged to be the chosen company selected to home stage and present an in-town Atlanta home for sale. This home is in Virginia Highlands, Morningside / Lenox Park area. A real GEM! You will be home to stay! After staging, I had a hard time giving it back to the owners! :-) -- but I did, guess it feels like mine, but they really are the ones who own it -- :-) again! Kept calling it "my home"! Only wish it could be! It is for sale! Wish it fit into my "go forward" plan, … (1 comments)

peachtree home staging: a little property in a big way - 10/05/08 02:09 PM
This home is located in a trendy little neighborhood in Atlanta that has a lot of renovation going on -- I just LOVED staging this investors little bungalow vacant.   Just for reference-- living room, dining room, kitchen, one full bath, and 3 bedrooms (one displayed as an office).  Enjoy -- here's some of the finished results . . . just too cute; don't ya' think?



And, here's the best -- don't ya' just love a great jigsaw puzzle?

Know your demographics; know the area of Atlanta or the city, … (25 comments)

peachtree home staging: Wanted: Good Home Staging Help! - 09/24/08 10:43 AM
Man -- it's a tough HOME STAGING world out there! 
I am constantly loading and unloading;
packing and unpacking;
up the stairs, down the stairs;
stuff to haul into the car, stuff to haul out of the car,
driving stuff there, driving stuff back;
removing labels, re-labeling, constantly labeling
bagging and unbagging;
boxing inventory, unboxing inventory, re-boxing inventory; 


peachtree home staging: Travel On Home . . . In Your Golf Cart - 08/22/08 08:16 AM
These pictures are some before and after photos of a vacant home I recently home staged in a small, prominent Peachtree City neighborhood.  Peachtree City is located South of Atlanta in Fayette County, that neighbors Fulton County in Georgia.  Fayette County public schools are touted among the highest ranked in the State of Georgia.
 Peachtree City's claim to fame is its exceptional 90 miles of recreational multi-use pathways designed for golf carts, bikers, walkers and runners.  The path system is the largest in the U.S. and leads to most every home, restaurants, … (10 comments)

peachtree home staging: Is Your Listing An Idol Or Just Idle? - 06/16/08 03:30 PM
I am what I call, a true "American Idol" fan, and also, a true "So You Think You Can Dance" fan. 
What I mean by "true" is I could care less about the auditions and all the pre-season wet noodles - give me meat and potatoes - give me talent - ooh and ah me; that's what I want!
So, I do not start watching either show weekly until the finalist have all been chosen.  Then, from week to week, I love watching them mature; rise to the challenge; mold their presentation to captivate loyal fans and nurture votes that single … (23 comments)

peachtree home staging: Have You Been To Home Stager's Heaven? - 06/04/08 08:11 AM
I just came from home stager's heaven . . . well, actually I was in Atlanta, but it must have resembled home stager's heaven, because I had the opportunity to exercise my talents to create a lovely atmosphere in this already charming home!  I'm not sure what seemed so magical to me . . . I staged it in a day.  It was just me; no one to share company with; but it was pure pleasure.  My enthusiasm was at a high; I was totally at peace and enjoying the tasks at hand! 
I always am quite enthusiastic about my work, whether it … (17 comments)

peachtree home staging: Staging it Forward; One Step at a time - 05/28/08 03:12 PM
There are quite a few home stagers and Realtors in the Atlanta real estate market that are working daily to educate home sellers on the value of staging their home. 
It was a "smile on my face" and a "warmth of gratitude" to find out that the ATLANTA HOME IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE wanted to do an article on the benefits of home staging in the Atlanta real estate market as well as the how to find a home stager and what to expect from the home staging process.
Check out the proud Stars of the article published in the June 2008 article titled … (23 comments)

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