My God is an awesome God, He reigns over Heaven and Earth! I have experienced the person of God this week. I had the occassion to pray boldly before His throne and pester Him, and be persistent, and pretty much demand that He show me He is here!!! I was halfway afraid He would not show up. But my...
Assignments for Sellers From Listing Agent....ME!   I have two Rome homes for sale that are almost ready to go on the market. One Seller is a previous client, so she knew to expect "assignments" from me. The other Seller is a referral, so at our first meeting, I was faced with the difficult task...
Isn't real estate fun? What other business can you be involved in that you can work your own hours, take your business with you on trips, or do at your own speed. You can make as much money as you put into it, or as little. I know the market has been tough in the last couple of years, but even my...
The following is taken from Lori Cain. Thanks Lori. Members of the Media reporting on the housing market - would you shut the hell up?!! Members of the Media reporting on the housing market are giving the public a very skewed view of the reality of our real estate market. It may be a "Buyers Mark...

Karen McAlister Jordan