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Human Micro-chips, Bill Gates, are you listening? I don't understand this.  If a Veterinarian can place a micro-chip in a dog/cat...so they can be found if lost in a pet...why can't micro-chips be placed in humans? Children, the troops in the military, prisoners, escapee's, and the elderly with A...
Blog like there is no tomorrow...pretend it's status quo...People keep blogging away...like everything is status quo...like nothing is wrong in the market or the real estate industry. HELLO! The market is crashing, the Japanese are jumping out of windows killing themselves...at least 125 today......
!!!IMPORTANT!!! Have some cash on hand! Go to your bank tomorrow and get out some cash... The market is crashing and you need to make provisions for yourself! I have been advised! The Japanese are jumping out of their windows...125 at least have done so with this market situation. And are decease...
Caylee Anthony...what is the truth? Really this poor child. I hope she is still alive, however my maternal instincts say her mother did away with her. It makes me sick. There are so many people who want children, who would adopt children even at the age of 2-3 yrs old and would love and cherish t...
Come on now...Ok, your a dude...OK dude...go with me here. I know your one hell of a hick... I know you really would rather live in the mid-west, but you met this hot Mama who lived in Florida and you couldn't help yourself. You used to hunt deer, bison, and that other stuff they kill in the west...
Silence is golden, well at least it is sometimes. How many of you agents HATE IT! when the seller's agent has to accompany you on a listing? If you hate it please, SAY WHY HERE! That being said, I had an Investor who specifically flew down here to South Florida to look at some investment properti...
Have you ever been duped? Duped is defined by Webster's dictionary as follows: "dupe: a person easily tricked- v.t. to deceive, fool, trick." Has anyone done this to you before? Of course it has, what ramifications did this lead to? How did you feel after the situation occurred? Did you often won...
If your sick, or a prisoner, not to worry, they will evacuate you first. What just disgusted me was a new's blip that said. "The prisoner's have been moved from where IKE is expected to hit as were the elderly." Now, yes, move those hospitalized, move those who cannot move themselves from nursing...
Strange, I took off work 9/11...then the kids came home early from school in a panic. It was supposed to be just a day off for me. I just needed a day to catch up. A day for myself, the kids were back in school and I just wanted to get the house back in order.  I wanted to do the fall clean up, i...
The history of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale has been on the map since Christopher Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock. The "Glades Culture" have enjoyed Fort Lauderdale as pre-historic people for over 5,000 years. The Tequesta (early historic period) enjoyed the natural resources that a...

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