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I received one too many of those stupid emails suggesting that Obama is a Muslim terrorist yesterday.  I put "reply to all" in the address bar and lambasted them for not checking the facts, being bigoted, and being as I phased it "borderline treasonous".  It took me a long time to understand that...
Malheur County's Fair is THE BEST!  Why?  Because in addition to all sorts of other good fair food we have HAPPY BOWLS!  The Buddhist Church groups make stir fry all day long and it is GOOD!  Plus it is the sort of end of summer kick off of school year event for the whole region.  Of course it's ...
3 ir 4 times a year I am allowed by all concerned to get my granddaughter, my step-granddaughter, and the step-granddaughter who is my granddaughters half sister together.  We meet at a neutral place and the girls just have fun.  For three years in the summer we've met at the city pool in MIdvale...
I showed property last night, my clients are a hispanic couple who want a nice house in Ontario Oregon.  I had added a house to their list, one that I think is a pretty good value - has a lot more square footage than some of the others - the construction is good and the area is good.  The listing...
I was on my way to Boise yesterday for the monthly MLS Rules and Reg meeting, my cell phone was ringing constantly driving me nuts.  At one point I pulled over and just concentrated on the calls (I know I should do that every time.). I was ready to throw the thing out the window when it hit me  N...
I was in Christmas Valley Oregon yesterday.  It is so far from anything that you city folks would literally be afraid.  It is southeast of Bend Oregon about 110 miles, equallly distant to the southwest of Burns Oregon and 75 miles from Lakeview Oregon.  it has a grocery store a gas station severa...
Call volume is up - closings are happening, people are buying houses at pretty decent prices with really good interest rates, investors are doing GREAT if they have cash.  Out here in rural America people are going on with life.  The good lenders are making loans and the fast buck funny money peo...
Well--- we had our big meeting Tuesday.  We voted unanimously to KEEP REMAX!  That was good for us - we all really thought about it and came to our individual decisions for our own reasons.  AND more than I thought of our agents opted to join us in ownership.  Now the fun begins.  It'll be a whol...
Well yesterday am was filled with meetings.  2 hours owners meeting where we decided to offer our agents two choices ownership or the current split system whichever is right for them individually.  There were several other options discussed but we agreed on these two.  We'll all vote next week on...

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