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What We Provide Property Diary - A communication and documentation system designed with the landlord in mind. The Libertas Team records details relevant to your property for you to read in real time in the password protected landlord area of our website, offering 24 hour access to your investment...
Welcome to Libertas Property Management Inc.! We are now managing in Red Deer! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a more stress free and relaxing life thanks to Libertas Property Management Inc. Let us step in and take over the worry and hassle of the day-to-day management of your p...
• PM purpose is to give you more time to pursue more JV’s, other interests are they doing that for you? Are you letting them? • Help you in not being emotionally involved with your tenants lives and problems, which depending on your personality can be a major time vampire • PM should free you up ...
• Best property managers are good with people, like people, are people and are wary of mankind, good people management is an asset • PM sets the relationship tone with Tenants and are firm and fair when dealing with them, expectations are set and adhered to • Marketing-are they where the good ten...

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