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Lenn Harley wrote a post about the final launch of the American shuttle program which inspired me to go back and look at how America became the leader in space, and ultimately, the leading economic and military power in the world. We sort of backed into it, and, if it hadn't been for the intransi...
The following charts show the month to month residential real estate sales volume of the Greater Athens Ga metropolitan area for the months of Dec 2009 through Jan 2011 . Sales volume of residential real estate has decreased  36 units in January after 2 months of increasing volume. The January de...
In 1968 Philip K. Dick published a science fiction novel entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. It was later made into a movie with Harrison Ford called "Bladerunner". The movie became kind of a cult classic and I still watch it every once in awhile. But what do members of Acive Rain dream...
Several states, up to 12 right now, are considering not holding presidential primary elections next year because of their severe budgetary problems. Massachussetts and California are among them. I say, KUDOS to you for that. Primary elections should not be taxpayer subsidized. They are held prima...
Here it is, my 1000th posting on Active Rain. I wanted to make it important. I wanted to have a witty title. I wanted it to be as noteworthy as any thing that I have ever written. But then I realized that it really only is a big milestone to me. Or would that be 1000 milestone? I have spent weeks...
Georgia is one of the only three states that does not allow the saleof alchohol in stores on Sunday. The previous governor, Sonny Perdue, threatened a veto every time a bill was proposed to allow local voting on the option. The current governor, while a teetotaler, stated that it is up to the loc...
According to Hitwise, the NAR property search site Realtor.Com is no longer the top website for real estate searches. It isn't even #2 now but has dropped to 3rd. The most recent list of the top visited real estate websites has Realtor.Com, with 5.51% of real estate site visits behind FrontDoor R...
That's the royal "We", as in, the feds, lenders, buyers and us, yeah, real estate agents. Most people cheered when the homebuyers tax credits were implemented, and then extended, and then included move up buyers. Of course there were some out there saying that it was only meddling and would not h...
As some of you might know, Herman Cain, might be running for president, he has an exploratory committee in place and has already given up his radio program in Atlanta. Last week he gave an exhilarating speech at CPAC. In his usual style with disregard for political correctness, Cain states that "...
I try to make it a practice to check out links in the blog posts that I read. And, if there are multiple links, I look at all of them. However, some people make it a bit harder. I also like to juxtapose what the link states with the content of the blog post that sent me to the link. And there ar...

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