nlrb: Obama Administration Panders to Unions Again - NLRB Rules Private Funded Project Must Abide by Davis-Bacon - 09/12/11 04:44 AM
In Washington D.C. a project to redevelop the City Center, which is a 100% privately funded project, will, if the unilateral decisions stands, be required to conform with the Davis-Bacon Act, which, requires "prevailing wages" to be paid. Unfortunately, prevailing wage has been effectively defined as current union wage rates for comparative occupations.
This project, around $700 million, will not use and goverment funding nor will it house any government offices. Lawers for the developers and the city of Washington D.C. declared to investors that Davis Bacon would not apply. A review by the NLRB, in 2009, declared that Davis Bacon … (12 comments)