hawaii: Don Ho - Beyond Tiny Bibbles - 04/14/07 07:21 PM

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell of the passing of one of Hawaii's most celebrated talents, Don Ho, who passed today at the age of 76.  This story is not about his passing as much as it is about the impact he had on others.  Those close to him and those who knew him from a far.  From thousands of miles away Don Ho left his impression on everyone he touched.
My grandmother in law, was one who loved and reverred him from afar.  One of her dreams was to put her toes into the sand … (2 comments)

hawaii: Investing in Real Estate 101 - 02/24/07 08:16 AM
Chances are if you are reading this you have not had much chance to experience the fun and excitement of investing in real estate.  Most of the people I know who are avid real estate investors are self taught.  Several of my more affluent real estate investor clients were brought up in families that were avid real estate investors and much of their wealth came from those type of investments. 

If you are not one of the lucky ones that was born into a family that is real estate savvy, you will need to learn the ropes.  You can read all … (1 comments)

hawaii: Destination Kapalua Maui - Mercedes Golf Championships January - 01/07/07 05:32 AM
Held at the Plantation Course at the Kapalua Resort in Maui each year, this tournament bring some of golf's biggest names.  Unfortunately with Tiger's baby on the way and Michelle Wie preparing for the Sony Open, two of my favorite names are not present.  The Mercedes-Benz Golf Championships are the creme de la creme of golf, in a an extraordinary setting. No cameras were allowed during play time so the best I could do was to get the in-laws and my son under the merchandise sign.
On the other hand, my son got a big kick out of seeing Vijay Singh shoot one … (3 comments)

hawaii: Dude! Surf's UP!!! Makapu'u and Sandy Beach, EAST Shore Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii - 01/06/07 06:37 PM
When I read the paper this morning, there was no mention of impending high surf on the South Shore of Oahu. Not that I was looking for it since winter months are the time for Oahu's North Shore to shine whether it be the Triple Crown of Surfing,  or Eddie Aikau Big Wave International Surf Contests.  Granted Eddie Aikau's contest takes place when the waves are 20+ feet or more.... but it sure was big for the South Shore today!
I grabbed the camera after I dropped my client's off because I have not seen this is some time.  8 - 10 foot waves … (13 comments)

hawaii: My Philosophy of Working in December has CHANGED! - 01/04/07 08:09 PM
If your market is anything like mine, you'll appreciate what December does to people and the subsequent New Year.  Agents go in to hiding, some disappear entirely, others call you from God knows where and some just don't bother.  There are some that are still their perky happy selves answering calls, returning calls promptly and showing property, but for the most part I notice a distinct absence of regularity during the holidays.
This year I worked full steam through the holidays (with a day of rest here and there) and found it to be pretty invigorating, in particular, today when I was … (2 comments)

hawaii: How Do You Gauge Success? - 01/02/07 09:13 PM
When I first started in the world of business I equated success as having the top title and the biggest paycheck.  It took me a lot of hard work, a loss of my personal life and cost me a lost relationship.  Once I achieved the goal I thought I wanted I realized not only was it an empty goal, but it was a goal that once acheived left me feeling unfulilled, unhappy and looking to reinvent myself.
It also made me look at what I considered success with a more detached eye.  A chance to analyze it, to look at people I felt were … (6 comments)

hawaii: Honolulu Hawaii - Arriving on the island of Oahu - 01/02/07 08:00 PM
Honolulu is one of my favorite cities on the planet.  I've lived and worked here for almost 30 years and can't imagine living anywhere else. It's what I consider a true cosmopolitan city.  We are ranked 5th in the nation for having a mixed race population which gives the island a flair and flavor rarely found in other cities. I do travel a fair amount to outer islands, the mainland and out of country, but there is no airport I'd rather arrive at than the Honolulu International Airport.  Our average  daily temperature is 80 degrees, sun is our middle name and we have some of … (3 comments)

hawaii: Hawaii Kai - Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii - Living in the 'BURBS... - 01/01/07 09:35 AM
About six miles from Kahala and 8 miles from Diamond Head is a well-populated suburban community called Hawaii Kai.  Hawaii Kai is one of the most popular, family oriented neighborhoods located on Oahu's southwest shore.  It has everything you need, from shopping to great restaurants and it is easy to just stay out here and almost never travel back to "Town" (the busier areas of Honolulu).
There are several neighborhoods included in Hawaii Kai,  Kalama Valley (in the valley of course), Queen's Gate (many homes on the Hawaii Kai Championship Golf Course) and Koko Villas (brand new  construction as of 2005) are all located near … (3 comments)

hawaii: Diamond Head - Living the Island Lifestyle, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - 12/31/06 02:44 PM

Many people think of Diamond Head State Monument as a national monument which it probably should be, it is truly the single most recognizable landmark in our state.  To me, Diamond Head is much more than a pretty view from Waikiki.  It's more than the Magnum P.I. shows made it out to be.  It's home to hundred of mongoose, endangered local birds and people who thrive on running, hiking and walking in and around it.  The photo above shows a picture of Black Point (taken from Diamond Head lookout), a sleepy private neighborhood where Tom Selleck (and I - no not … (3 comments)

hawaii: How did you spend New Year's Eve? Probably not at Open House! - 12/31/06 01:37 PM

First of all let me say I'm a huge fan of parties.  Especially the biggest party of the year.  When my client called to ask me if I was holding an open house on New Year's Eve (which I had soooo NOT been planning to do) guilt got the best of me and I said well I wasn't, but that sure sounds like a good idea.
Good idea?  Good Idea?  I kicked myself as I looked at my schedule.  Talk about starting the New Year off with a Bang or is it Ending the Old Year with a Bang???  Well I couldn't … (12 comments)

hawaii: ACTIVE RAIN REUNION - 2007/2008 - 12/31/06 05:50 AM
Here is a crazy idea...  What if we had an annual face to face meeting place (tax deductible of course) where we could meet once a year, put some names to faces, create some stronger relationships and help facilitate a strong referral base of business for one and other. Imagine the possibilities!
WHAT DO YOU THINK?  You could all come to Hawaii
for the first one ! ;>  Seriously, we could piggy back it on another event (NARS or a U2 concert) so we wouldn't have to fly all over the world, but I honestly am making some real friends here … (4 comments)

hawaii: New Year's REVOLUTION - 12/28/06 03:10 PM
Okay a bit of an evolution, but if I don't tell the world I won't feel accountable. 
Business is good, my clients are great and I love what I do.  On that note, I had to be dragged from my cave back to Active Rain by a Mem... have you ever been memd?  It's a great way to look back at your stale old blog and reflect on what the heck have I been doing for the last three weeks and how did I let myself fall off the very map I sought to be so solidly placed on.  It was 3 weeks of feeling … (11 comments)

hawaii: Open House: Keeping it Fun, Fresh and Rewarding! - 12/10/06 08:41 PM
Often I am frustrated by open houses as they can be to be time consuming, sometimes dull if you're not in the mood for one and there are days when no one really wants to interact much with the agent.  I love to try different things and I really enjoy meeting people.  I believe the mood you are in will determine the outcome of your Open House.  Today I had a very successful open house and I 'd like to share with you what I did .  Perhaps you'll get an idea or two and have more fun at the next … (6 comments)

hawaii: Building a Referral Based Business - 12/02/06 08:21 AM
People ask me how I have done so well in a fairly short amount of time in real estate.  I have a couple of thoughts on how that has come about and would like to share them with you.  I'd also like to encourage others to add to this post in an effort to work what is logically the most lucrative part of our business, the referral based business.  Currently 65% of my real estate business in Hawaii is referral business or personal network business.  This comes from people I know, people I have done business with in the past, or … (31 comments)

hawaii: Happy Make a Difference Day! It's TODAY, Saturday October 28th... - 10/27/06 08:11 PM
Today or actually in 2 hours Honolulu time begins Make a Difference Day around the country.   This National celebration of Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a wonderful day to make it a  a point to give back to your community.  It takes place every October on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Last year this event brought over 3 million participants together who made a difference in their communities.
At Prudential Locations in Honolulu, we have chosen to take on a painting project for the new Easter Seals facility in Kaimuki (located about 4 miles outside of Downtown Honolulu).  Easter Seals is the largest provider of services for infants, children … (3 comments)

hawaii: Hawaii After the Quake... - 10/16/06 10:17 PM
For those of you not in Hawaii, I'd like to share some insight to what is happening here in light of the quake.  I've heard from some people on the mainland thinking all islands had significant loss and damage.  To clarify, our damage was most significantly sustained by the Big Island.  There is some road damage, structural damage to business, hotels and homes.  There were landslides, but nothing like I've seen in California. There was no tsunami generated...  Our people, for the most part, went untouched.  We had no fatalities and are very very lucky that the injuries statewide were minimal.   
Our most … (4 comments)

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