lake norman realtor: The Way Millennials Are Changing Real Estate - 12/16/17 08:12 PM
They already know what and where they want ...Millennials will do lots of research before ever contacting you so they will already know the area they want and possiblly even the exact neighborhood so you need to be an expert in the area.
Text don't call ... Phone calls are an inconvenience and they definitely prefer to be notified via text instead of phone. If a call is still necessary than text prior to the call to prepare them.  
 Have a good social media presence ... Social Media is like the modern day "happy hour", "cocktail party" or "mixer". Make sure you are tapped into … (0 comments)

lake norman realtor: What's Happening Downtown Mooresville This Christmas! - 12/15/17 11:00 AM
Tonight's the night for Santa visits, wagon rides, a scavenger hunt, popcorn, cotton candy, princess, heroic characters, Acrofitness & so much more! All Happening in Downtown Mooresville!
Since last week's activities had to be cancelled; Santa visits & wagon rides will start a bit earlier than scheduled at approximately 5:30pm vs. 6pm. Wagon rides load at 266. N Broad St. (Mooresville Christian Mission) and though there is no charge to ride; a donation of nonperishable food or a cash donation for the Mooresville Christian Mission is suggested. Santa will be in the small park at the corner of Main St. & Center … (1 comments)

lake norman realtor: Keep Your Home Safe While It's Listed For Sale - 12/14/17 08:13 PM
A few tips to ward off robbery while selling your home ...
Keep home and outdoors looking fresh and maintained in all seasons.  Make sure there are no newspapers laying around, mail and packages aren't left to pile up on the doorstep. Also, make sure shrubbery is well maintained and left to grown out of control because this is an exellent place for burglars to hide behind them between the strub and your home.  The power of lighting is important.  Criminals are much less likely to break into a well lit entrance or home versus a dimly or poorly lit residence. … (3 comments)

lake norman realtor: Tips For A Positive New Year - 12/13/17 08:13 PM
20 Tips for a Positive New Year 1. Stay Positive. You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible.2. Take a morning walk of gratitude. I call it a “Thank You Walk.” It will create a fertile mind ready for success.3. Make your first meal the biggest and your last meal the smallest. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.
4. Zoom Focus. Each day when you wake up in the morning ask: “What … (4 comments)

lake norman realtor: The Importance of a "Final Walk Through" - 12/10/17 07:03 PM
The Importance of a Final Walk Through ...
A final walk through of your new home is a way to confirm that the condition of the home is the same or even better as it was on the day that the offer to purchase was signed. The final walk through is always scheduled after the seller has moved out of the property and immediately prior to closing on the home.
Things to consider during this "Walk Through" are ...
Have all of your requested repairs been completed?  Have any areas of the home been damaged when the seller moved out? Are appliances in working condition?  Are … (2 comments)

lake norman realtor: Beautiful Waterfront Home JUST REDUCED In Mooresville NC! - 12/07/17 06:43 PM
509 Isle of Pines Road
Mooresville, NC
MLS #3198908
  New construction on Lake Norman! This Impressive, Quality Home Combines Modern Luxury with Traditional Ambiance. Its Warm, Inviting, Open Floor Plan Features Spacious Rooms with Comfortable Spaces That Lend Themselves To Everything, Family and Lake Fun! The Perfect Floorplan, Kitchen with Keeping Room, Two Fireplaces, Master on Main Floor and Beautifully Laid Out Bedrooms with Full Baths Up, Finished Basement and Entertainment with Bar! This Home Flows From Inside to Outside, All The While Enjoying The Terrace, Patio and So Much More!   CLICK HERE for a VIRTUAL TOUR OF THIS AMAZING HOME! … (4 comments)

lake norman realtor: A Few GREAT "Elf On A Shelf" Ideas - 12/06/17 08:05 PM
Hope you enjoy these ideas for your "Elf On A Shelf" this Holiday Season!

Are you looking for a NEW HOME?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?   The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs!   Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at  … (1 comments)

lake norman realtor: When Showing Homes To Potential Buyers .... Take The Best Route - 12/05/17 08:21 PM
When you're out showing property to potential buyers .... try to be very mindful of the roads you take leading to the property.  If there are multiple ways to get there, plan your route ahead of time to make sure you chose the most optimal asthetically pleasing route possible for your clients.
A first impression is so very important and that includes the area leading up to the potential home!
The Temple Team is ready to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  
Give us a call … (3 comments)

lake norman realtor: Lake Norman's Newest Restaurant "Hello Sailor" Is Finally Opening! - 11/28/17 08:21 PM
The Charlotte region’s most anticipated new restaurant just announced their official opening date.
After months of unexpected construction delays, The Kindreds who are owners of the the famous Kindred's Restaurant in Davidson will be opening Lake Norman’s newest waterfront restaurant -  ‘Hello Sailor’ this weekend in the old Rusty Rudder location next to Holiday Marina on Catawba Avenue in Cornelius, NC.  
While Joe Kindred will still oversee the restaurant, he has hired the world renowned chef  Craig Deihl from Charleston to be Hello Sailor’s head chef.
The decision to hire Craig sets up the new lake-side eatery to become one of the Charlotte region’s best restaurants, especially … (1 comments)

lake norman realtor: The Cost of Not Owning Your Own Home - 11/27/17 07:39 PM
Many people continue to rent despite the fact that there are so many terrific financial benefits of owning your own home. Here are a few financial reasons why owning a home of your own has been a part of the American Dream for as long as America has existed.
Homeownership is a form of forced savings. Homeownership provides tax savings. Homeownership allows you to lock in your monthly housin costs. Buying a home is cheaper than paying rent. No other investment lets you live in and enjoy it!  Some people may think that renting eliminates the cost of taxes and home repairs, … (2 comments)

lake norman realtor: A Few Great Tips For Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer - 11/26/17 09:25 PM
Make a Fresh Cut When You Get Home ...
After a tree is cut it immediately begins to seal up again so when you get home - right before you put it into the tree stand - make a fresh cut by cutting off about one inch to allow it to absorb lots of water once it's in the tree stand.
Choose a Nice Cool Spot ...
Choose a spot away from direct sunlight and away from the fireplace and direct heat source to keep it from drying out faster.
Feed It ...
Some people believe that adding corn syrup to the water or even an aspirin … (0 comments)

lake norman realtor: Tired of Paying For Expensive Household Cleaners? - 11/25/17 08:41 PM
Tired of paying for expensive household cleaners?  Here's a recipe to MAKE YOUR OWN "CITRUS VINEGAR CLEANING SOLUTION"!
Ingredients and Supplies:
Citrus peels Glass Jar White Vinegar Spray Bottle Instructions:
Cut peel off of citrus fruit and place in jar.
Fill jar and allow to sit for 2 weeks.
Remove peels and dilute vinegar with equal parts water.
Pour into spray bottle and use as a cleaner for windows, glass, counters, and mopping floors.
Are you looking for a NEW HOME?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  
The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.
Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our website … (2 comments)

lake norman realtor: Christmas Time Might Be The Perfect Time To Sell Your Home! - 11/24/17 08:25 PM
You may be thinking it's not the season for real estate, but the good news is that the few house hunters that are out there are serious buyers! 
So don't get discouraged by there being less activity and less foot traffic ... on the flip side it's a good thing because you know the ones out there looking are not just "LOOKERS"!
You can still decorate but just don't over do it. Keep it neutral and not too full and cluttered ... just a few of your favorite things!
Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS? … (2 comments)

lake norman realtor: The Temple Team Wishes You A "Happy Thanksgiving"! - 11/23/17 07:47 PM
Happy Thanksgiving 
from ... The Temple Team
Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our webstie at

lake norman realtor: The Importance of a First Impression - 11/16/17 04:52 PM
It is thought among the real estate industry that nearly all home buyers make their buying decision before they even get out of the car. They either immediately fall in love or fall out of love. If they love it enough from first site they will walk through the home to validate their initial feelings.  Therefore curb appeal is very crucial.  Remember the old saying "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".  
So ... what can you do to prepare your home?
Look around the outside everywhere. Are the shrubs neatly trimmed? Is there fresh mulch? Is everything … (4 comments)

lake norman realtor: To Stage or Not To Stage! - 11/13/17 05:42 PM
You only get one chance to "Make a First Impression"
There are two different types of Home Staging ... Staging an already occupied home or staging a vacant home. Each scenario are quite different in the approach and the cost but either one is definitely worth the money.
Regardless of which option is right for you, this should begin at the curb! Not just the inside of the home! There have been many times where prospective home buyers didn't even want to make the effort of getting out of their car to see the inside and the pass judgement from the street! 
First of … (1 comments)

lake norman realtor: It's Almost Time For The 2017 Mooresville Christmas Parade - 11/11/17 06:29 PM
Mooresville's 2017 Christmas Parade
3:00 PM
The parade travels south down Main Street, beginning at Statesville Avenue and ending just past Mills Avenue at Merino's Home Furnishings. The parade can be viewed from any point in between!  Bring your chairs or blankets, and head over early to beat the crowds!
For more information click HERE for the WEBSITE
To visit the Facebook Page click HERE

lake norman realtor: Got Pinecones? Here Are Great Ideas For Using Them! - 11/09/17 07:53 PM
Here are a few ideas to use a surplus of pinecones you may have around your yard!

Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our webstie at

lake norman realtor: The Difference Between A "Real Estate Agent" and "Real Estate Broker" - 11/08/17 07:05 PM
A "Real Estate Broker" is someone who has taken additional education courses beyond what is required for the "Real Estate Agent" License. To obtain a "Real Estate Brokers" License it is typically required that you have an additional three years of experience as a licensed agent in addition to taking additional courses and taking a "Brokers" exam. 
It can be very beneficial to hire a "Broker" in certain situations including transactions that are more involved and/or complicated like short sales or foreclosures just to name a few.
There can be pros and cons to using a "Broker" because they are typically a lot busier … (0 comments)

lake norman realtor: A Few Helpful Tips To Remove A "Musty Smell" From Your Home - 11/07/17 07:50 PM
Here are a few tips for getting that "Musty Smell" out of your home!
Charcoal Briquettes:  Place charcoal briquettes in a container throughout the area and replace monthly. Baking Soda:  Place baking soda throughout the affected area to absorb moisture and odorKitty Litter:  Fill a container with kitty litter and place in the area you want to remove odors from 
Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our webstie at

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