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This is a great place to learn about all the dynamic and exciting things the Florida Lifestyle on the beautiful and sunny Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida has to offer!
OK Space Coast peeps,we can look forward to another exciting launch from the Cape this week! An Atlas V rocket is scheduled to go up on Wednesday morning from Cape Canaveral. The launch window will open at 10:45am, and there is a 60% chance of the  weather cooperating. If the X-37B mini-shuttle f...
One disappointing aspect of the Space Coast has been the truly abysmal lack of good Mexican food. After living in Colorado for over 30 years and vacationing in Jalisco, Mexico regularly, I have been very disheartened by the lack of a really good  Mexican restaurant here! Not any more!I used to sa...
Recently I blogged about the giant Leatherback Turtles that are so severly endangered. Well, I have good news for you! Yesterday, an  800 lb Leatherback celebrated Cinco de Mayo by laying her eggs at the Canaveral National Seashore! Normally Leatherback Turtles  lay their eggs at night. However, ...
A different type of launch than usual occurred this morning from Cape Canaveral. Elon Musk's SpaceX aerospace company launched a Falcon 9 rocket at 9:00am today with a dummy aboard nicknamed "Buster". The Dragon capsule fired 8 SuperDraco engines in a test that could push human astronauts from da...
Hawksbill Sea Turtles have very colorful shells. The shell of a sea turtle is comprised of "scutes". Scutes are hard or keratinized plates that make up the shell or carapace of the sea turtle. The number and characteristics of scutes can be used to identify different species of turtles. The shell...
It's true, there are certain things in everyone's life that are roadblocks in our daily lives. They hinder us in our progress to become truly successful. Yes, it takes time, BUT there are plenty of self made millionaires out there in the world that didn't let the obstacles in daily life hold them...
Loggerhead Sea Turtles are the species of sea turtle that we see the most on the Space Coast. The Loggerhead Turtle is easily identified because of it’s massive head. No one knows exactly why they are called “Loggerheads”, but there is one theory that says that because of the large size of this ...
  A Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket is scheduled to be launched into space from Cape Canaveral this coming Monday, April 27th at 6:14pm. The rocket will be launched from Complex 40 and will carry the  TurkmenAlem52E/MonacoSat which will provide national satellite telecommunications for Turkmenistan. This ...
The Leatherback Turtle is the largest sea turtle in the world. The Green Sea Turtle is the second largest. Weighing in at up up to 500 lbs, and with their carapace or shell growing up to four feet long, the Green Sea Turtle is an herbivore, meaning that they eat sea grass, seaweed, algae and othe...
Due to the fact that sea turtle nesting season is upon us here on the Space Coast, I thought that I would do a series of “Turtle Blogs”, that is, a series on the different types of sea turtles, especially the ones we see here in Brevard County. The first is the Leatherback Turtle. Of the seven re...

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