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What sets the inspector you use apart from the rest? I've heard the term "a dime a dozen" used for home inspectors many times and a lot of the time it's true! You'll call him and ask his price, he tells you and that's it! That's where I come in. Not only do my clients get a reasonable price, they...
The title says it all!! I've just recently found the world of blogging and am very proud to have found ActiveRain as my first venture.  Thanks for everyone who has read and commented on my posts!  I'll do do my best to keep the helpful info coming!
My client's safety is my number one priority when I'm inspecting a house.  If I come across a smoke/carbon monoxide detector that doesn't work, you guessed it, it goes on the report.  Every room in the house should have an operational smoke/carbon monoxide detector installed.  One very simple rea...
Caulk and grout will fail 100% of the time.  With exposure to moisture, expansion/contraction and normal wear and tear, caulk and grout will crack, peel and split.  Just like vegetation in contact with your home, failed caulk and grout are conducive conditions for wood destroying organisms.  Igno...
Almost every inspection that I've done, I've come across light fixtures that don't work.  Regardless of the actual problem, I write these fixtures in the report as "inoperable" and that further investigation is required.  Some inspectors have long narrative scripts that could include possible wir...
Wood destroying organisms like carpenter ants, certain types of beetles and wood rot are very commonly found during home inspections.  Home inspectors will report on the presents of these organisms but we also report on conditions conducive to them.  One of the most common conducive conditions th...
I'm breaking away for a minute from inspection talk and posting this very powerful story.  My favorite musical artist of all time is Bruce Springsteen.  His lyrics and emotional delivery are uncomparable.  He premiered a song in Atlanta on June 4th 2000 called "American Skin".  The story is about...
Home inspectors use different methods for report delivery.  Some use the traditional method of typing, printing and delivering the report on-site.  Some will type and print just a short summary of the major findings and email the rest of the report at a later time.  Now we have enterd the "digita...
I was just browsing around blogs and noticed that there are 7,160 members online right now.  Wow!  Usually, when my eyes wander up to the top right, I see somewhere around 2,000 to 3,000 online.  What's the most amount of members that you've seen online at once? "Be sure to check out my other blo...
My wife spends a significant amount of time on "mom's group" forums where she and thousands of other moms across the world buy/sell/trade and talk constantly about kids clothes.  Whether it's Gymboree, GAP, Janie and Jack or any of the other name brands, they're completely addicted!  I realized t...

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