gary thomas realtor: 403 - 405 Caroline Street, Key West - 06/26/17 08:29 AM

Yesterday, instead of hosting an open house to showcase one of my listings, I decided to go to see other open houses.  I want to share with you the incredible property located at 403 - 405 Caroline Street in Key West. I knew I had been inside about 25 years ago or so when my first real estate broker listed this property. I saw it then but had no present recollection of what it used to look like.  As soon as I entered the owner's unit I knew i had to share this place with my loyal readers. The current owners … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1717 Rose Street, Key West - 06/24/17 09:09 AM

The home located at 1717 Rose Street, Key West is commonly referred to as a CBS (concrete block construction) home built in 1958. It is typical in many ways to other homes built in this midtown Key West neighborhood located east of the White Street Pier which ends at Bertha Street just as it bends on Atlantic Boulevard at the beginning of world famous Smathers Beach. Think about what I just wrote. This house is located near two of the best beaches in Key West.  People save all year long to come to Key West to have fun. If you bought … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Home Egonomics - Key West Real Estate at Work - 06/19/17 08:07 AM

An article in The Washington Post discussed the role emotions play in buying and selling real estate. People think they make calculated decisions when buying or selling a house. The article says research shows emotions play as big a role as intellect.
The article stated that evidence is mounting that people set prices on real estate (especially as applied to homes) as much on ego and self-image as on an objective analysis of the market. This is where the term "sticky prices" comes from -- sellers who won't budge from their price demands or other contract terms to make a deal happen. 
Research … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: BATMAN - an Homage - 06/17/17 08:00 AM

Longtime loyal readers of my little blog know my life story which is very much alike to most people my age. I turned seventy on January 1 this year. I was among the first of the baby boomer generation. Life was so much simpler back in the later 1940's and 1950's and the game changing 1960s.  My generation was born just after the United States had saved the world from the Nazi's and Imperial Japan.  Good had triumphed over evil. The United States was on the march again - rebuilding the country and re-imagining who we are as a people.
I grew … (13 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Horror Story No. 8 - 06/08/17 05:30 AM

Just like reading the opening credits of each new episode of Fargo this is a true story. Everything told here really happened. This is the simple tale of the house I bought 22 years ago and the events that led to a trip to the psychiatric hospital and later to death at my Key West house.
There were three primary reasons I bought my house:  it was located in the Casa Marina Area of Key West which was close enough that I could ride my bike to work or to the beach. It had one of the largest private pools on the … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 621 Elizabeth Street, Key West - 06/06/17 06:41 AM

Just Listed but not by me 621 Elizabeth Street, Key West. Buyers who are looking for a charming second home with the opportunity to maybe rent it on occasion to help pay for the purchase should continue to read on. Buyers who are concerned about finding a home in the X Zone for flood insurance purposes should definitely read on. And buyers who just want a place where they can walk out the door and walk to all of the hot spots in Old Town should continue to read today's blog.

I dug down into my old shoebox and found a couple … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 806 Southard Street, Key West - 06/05/17 02:19 AM

The asking price on 806 Southard Street, Key West was just reduced  from $949,000 to $799,000 and that makes this house worth serious consideration. This sweet home is located a little over one block from the top of Solares Hill -  the highest point in Old Town.  The immediate neighborhood is a mix of Grand Conch houses, eyebrow homes, cigar maker cottages, several churches, two restaurants, a few apartments, and the most expensive home currently listed for sale - the Albury Mansion located about 100 feet west and offered at $15,850,000 (not a typo).   I mention the location for two reasons: … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1404 South Street, Key West - 06/03/17 06:47 AM

It sometime happens that the buyer had too many cocktails the previous night - really. So today's blog is a cautionary warning to potential buyers who may want to look at 1404 South Street, in Key West.  Don't drink the night before because you may think your in Bali or some Polynesian location. I am not being flip. I can just imagine someone becoming disoriented when seeing this place.I was awed as soon as I passed through the gated entry and viewed the tropical gardens and pool.
If you are a longtime Reader of my blog you know that I often remark … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: The Direction Not Taken - 05/30/17 07:25 AM

"What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?" Jack Kerouac
People with good intentions tell me that I should not dwell on decisions I made in the past. You can't change what you did, so leave it alone - they say. I wish it was that easy. I ended up not having a couple of relationships that I wish I have given the chance to succeed. And I had other relationships that, had they not occurred, had I not done that one thing, my entire life story would have been written differently. The regrets of choices made and directions … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 903 Eaton Street, Key West - Open House Today - 05/28/17 05:16 AM

You are looking at the front yard of 903 Eaton Street located in the Old Town area of Key West. A big front yard is not that big of a deal in many parts of the United States, but in Key West it is a mighty big deal especially when the lot is 50 feet wide by 106 feet deep or 5300 square feet.

The existing CBS home is a 2/1 with 761 square feet of move-in ready living space. Everything is nice and clean. The lot is so large you cannot see the house from the street. During previous open houses … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 5 Brothers Key West - An Homage - 05/26/17 06:10 AM

My friend Ronny Bailey dropped by my office a few days ago to show me his latest piece of folk art, a wood cutting depicting 5 Brothers Grocery and Sandwich Shop located at 930 Southard Street in Key West. Ronny is a native Key Wester, a multi-generation Conch. He was a carpenter by trade until he retired a few years ago. He hung up his saw, stowed the hammer and began the second phase of his life as a folk artist. I don't think he started out to become an artist as much as he used his skills as a carpenter … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 3810 Flagler Avenue, Key West - Waterfront Estate - 05/25/17 05:29 AM

The listing broker describes the newly listed 3810 Flagler Avenue home in Key West this way:
"Stunning Key West waterfront home, recently renovated to perfection with exquisite attention to detail. The open concept floor plan and Euro wall of 9’ glass doors offer sweeping water views and seamlessly blend interior and exterior living spaces. The gourmet kitchen is furnished with high end appliances, including both convection and conventional ovens, a wine fridge, espresso maker, and more. 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths are located on the ground floor, and the entire second story encompasses the luxurious master suite with a spacious balcony overlooking … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 6800 Maloney Avenue #56, Key West - Affordable Waterfront Living! - 05/24/17 03:16 AM

A lot of people dream about buying a little place in the Florida Keys where they can get away from it all. Most of these dreamers don't mind if the place isn't "perfect". In fact, many prefer that it is not. That way they can fix what needs to be fixed and create their version of the perfect getaway cottage. Many of these dreamers really want a place on the water with a nice view - a place they can catch a few fish or play around on jet skis or take the boat out on open water. And the impossible … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West and the Slop Jug House - 05/22/17 10:59 AM

I have been selling houses in Key West for over twenty years. I have watched so many of the creepy old houses get all dolled-up and made into something very charming. Twenty years ago there were plenty of creepy places. One such place was owned by an old Conch lady. For the new reader a Conchs are native Key West residents who have generations of relatives that precede them and children of their own plus grand children, nieces, nephews and "cuzes" galore. Old Conch family names can be found on street signs, public buildings, and store fronts across town. Conchs are … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1118 Seminary Street, Key West - Just Listed - 05/19/17 07:32 AM

Just Listed by Preferred Properties Key West, that's where I work but this is not my listing, 1118 Seminary Street.  Buyers who are seeking a house with a classic Key West "look" and which features many of the houses in Old Town simply do not have, should check-out the features of this home.

1118 Seminary Street was newly constructed in 2001 and received a prestigious Ceramic Star awarded since 1981 by the Historic Florida Keys Foundation to recognize excellence for preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and new construction. 
The listing Realtor describes the home thus:
"Along a well-lit street, you will find a surprisingly sizable home … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 217 Eneas Lane, Key West Florida - 05/15/17 09:54 AM

Just Listed, but not by me, 217 Eneas Lane in Key West, Florida. The listing agent described the property this way:
"Diamond in the rough renovation project. Solid concrete house in the Historic Section of Old Town. Half a block off Duval Street on a quiet Lane. Large yard with room for a pool. Side yard could easily be used as a driveway for two cars. Walk to Key West's best dining, gallerias, night life and tourist attractions. One block from the Light House and Hemingway House." 
Readers of my blog tell me that one of the things they really like about … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 32 HILTON Haven Road #4, Key West - New Lower Price - 05/09/17 08:48 AM

I have written about 32 Hilton Haven Road #4, Key West on several occasions during the past several months.  It is one of the largest waterfront condominiums in Key West and has probably the best water view I have seen for any house comparably priced.  The asking price was reduced to $1,100,000 late Monday at which time I sent emails to a couple of my buyers who are seeking a deal.
I remember how surprised I was to learn that although Key West is island that there are few homes or condominiums actually have water views. The are a few single family … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 2317 Fogarty Avenue, Key West - Bank Owned - Buying Opportunity - 05/06/17 01:08 PM

Just listed but not by me 2317 Fogarty Avenue, Key West. I selected the logo photo above because I consider this Bank Owned home a buying opportunity for one of my Dear Readers looking for an affordable home in Key West.  Too many local buyers have been priced out of our market. This home appears to be in pretty good shape and is basic move-in condition. This home was built in the mid-town area of Key West in 1958. This little subdivision was typical of many such subdivisions that sprang up across America after the GIs returned home after World War … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 702 Catherine Street, Key West - Potential Vacation Rental - 05/04/17 09:29 AM

Just Listed. but not by me, 702 Catherine Street, located in Old Town Key West and about two blocks away from upper Duval Street where the cool people hang out. There several near by places like Frenchcies, Bab Boy Burrito, and the infamous LaTeDa where you can eat, drink, or be entertained, and walk home within a few minutes.  South Beach is nearby as well. Your guests can walk to a fun beach and not get lost nor get blisters on their feet for having to walk a couple of miles. South Beach is only three blocks away. At the same … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Old Town Key West Price Reductions - Time to Buy - 05/02/17 06:29 AM

I typically tell buyers and sellers that the Key West "selling season" runs from Christmas Week and ends around May first or thereabouts. This is the time of the year when most sellers place their homes on the market thinking that more buyers will be here during those months. The stable base of full time residents in Key West has been about 25,000 for decades. Locals don't leave on May first.  They have housing needs all year long. And since Key West has become a full time destination resort, visitors come here all year long which has driven the demand for … (1 comments)

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