gary thomas realtor: 1518 Rose Street, Key West - 04/29/16 05:44 AM

Just Listed by Preferred Properties - 1518 Rose Street which is located in the Mid Town area of Key West. This 1562 sq ft home was originally built in 1958 and was updated with a Florida room several years ago. The house sits on a 5547 sq ft fenced lot which includes gated off street parking and what once was a nicely landscaped yard with pool and rear patio.
The listing Realtor describes this home this way:
"Located near the beaches, this home has three bedrooms and two full baths including a master en suite. A spacious bright Florida room opens to the … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 411 Grinnell Street, Key West - a Classic Old Town Revival Home Reinvented - 04/27/16 08:28 AM

Just Listed - 411 Grinnell Street in Key West which appears from the street to be a Classic Conch Revival home but which transforms into a sophisticated 21st century contemporary throughout much of the interior. The listing Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West describes this property this way:
"Meticulously restored with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials, this home will please the most discerning buyer. Located in historic old town on a double 8,375 lot, this home features every modern amenity. There are two bedrooms en suite plus a study and bonus finished 3rd floor. The dream kitchen has a Zebra … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 606 Truman Avenue No 5, Key West - Transient Licesensed Unit - 04/24/16 04:40 AM

Preferred Properties Key West (that's where I work but this is not my listing) is the listing brokerage for 606 Truman Avenue No. 5), a sharp 2/2 Windward Park town home which is offered at  just $924,500.  The home offers 1260 sq ft of living space divided between the two floors with two master suites.

Two magnificent Royal Poinciana Trees frame the entrance into the Windward Park Townhome compound. In two or three weeks these trees will blossom and this private parking area will be fully ablaze with millions of tiny red flowers. When you pass through the electronically gated entry the … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1033 Catherine Street, Key West - Not to be Missed! - 04/23/16 04:50 AM

Just Listed by Preferred Properties Key West is 1033 Catherine Street which is a cute-beyond-belief two story home located in the Old Town area South of Truman. The listing Realtor describes this 1960 sq ft property this way:
"Live in a Tropical secluded single family residence, located in X500 of Old Town. Built in 1988 with all the characteristics of a vintage Key West Style home with off street parking. This 2 story home is unique because the great room is on the second floor, to take advantage of the foliage with wrap around terraces, up to date gourmet kitchen with striped … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 214 Golf Club Drive, Key West - 04/22/16 11:04 AM

Just Listed, but not by me, 214 Golf Club Drive which is located in the Key West Golf Club Community. I have written about homes at the golf course many times and I often point out that you don't have to play golf or even like golf to own a home here. If you have never looked at a home at the golf course, you really need to take a look.

Every time I enter the golf course I immediately start to relax. The small road that winds through the homes the homes is lined by all types of trees and tropical … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 909 South Street, Key West - Won't You be My Neighbor - 04/20/16 07:37 AM

You have be an unsentimental and crotchety old curmudgeon not to remember the lyrics and more importantly the message of Mr. Rogers' opening song to his daily program: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?".
The message to me was that as a neighbor you belong to a place, a special place, which you share  with people with common values. It's a place where you meet again and again as you share your daily routines like walking the dog, tending your garden, washing the car, and  a million other little things we do in our daily lives. Our neighborhood is not only where we … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1503 South Street, Key West - a Bit of Old Town in Mid Town - 04/13/16 06:55 AM

Who'd-a-thunk you could buy a genuine Old Town house in Mid Town Key West with a virgin-like yard.d home.  Read on and you will learn more. But look just below to see the same house after it was moved from the 600 block of Simonton Street to permit construction of the old firehouse at Simonton and Angela Streets.

The listing Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West describes this property this way:
"This charming property has never before been offered for sale and it is a one of a kind in this neighborhood. The house is considered a historic structure, having been moved to … (0 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 3 Aronovitz Lane, Key West - Slow Lane Living - 04/10/16 06:04 AM

On my third trip to Key West in 1986 I spent much of the time looking for a place to buy. When the trip was over, my Realtor picked me up at my guesthouse and took me to the airport to return to Colorado. As we drove east on Fleming Street she had to stop her car for a dog laying in the street to wake up and get out of the way. Serious.  Today there's too much traffic for any dog to even lay down in a street let alone take a dirt nap - except, maybe, on a slow … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1316 Villa Mill Alley, Key West - A Private Shangri-La - 04/08/16 05:14 AM

I often write about the joy of owning a home on one of the slow lanes in Key West. Since most of the Old Town lanes are often sandwiched in between large blocks, the houses on the lanes are often cottages as opposed to larger homes. These homes are ofttimes located on smallish one-way streets that may only one or two blocks long. Some locals probably could not tell you where many of these little lanes are located because they are tucked away from view.  Such is the case for the new listing at 1316 Villa Mill Alley. Villa Mill Alley … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1521 Seminary Street, Key West - Affordalbe Home in Paradise - 04/07/16 07:13 AM

The newly listed home at 1521 Seminary Street in the Midtown neighborhood of Key West just may be the answer to the impossible dream that so many would be buyers have. What's that - you ask.  It's a cute little place with character with a large yard that you could add to over the coming years to create your version of the perfect place in paradise and to do so at an affordable price. The listing Realtor at Preferred Properties describes this unconventional delight this way:
"Lovely Mid Town Artist Home with an Old Town feel, centrally located for an easy bike … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 812 Windsor Lane, Key West - Now a Short Sale Buying Opportunity - 03/30/16 06:57 AM

Loyal Readers may recognize this beautiful home located at 812 Windsor Lane in Key West as having been featured in my little blog a couple of times during the past couple of years. The house did not sell and is now offered as a short sale. 
The simple home at 812 Windsor Lane in Key West did not always look so neat and proper.  I remember driving past that house several years ago on repeated occasions when someone would ask "How much is that house?"  I would always respond "It's not for sale" to which they would reply something like "We'll I … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate - Gravity Lessons - 03/29/16 08:13 AM

I always loved watching Road Runner cartoons. I always hoped against hope that Wile E. Coyote would smarten up and not get done in by the smarter Road Runner. But Wile E. Coyote never got it. He never learned from his prior run-ins with the Road Runner. He always broke the cardinal rule:
"You can only not fall before you run off the edge of the clirr, not after."
Something is going on in Key West real estate and it does not look good. I did a couple of quick searches of Key West real estate sales and learned the following.
1.  There are … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 915 Cornish Lane, Key West - Life in the Slow Lane - 03/28/16 08:52 AM

 I have written a few blogs suggesting that readers quit their jobs and move to Key West. I know some people fantasize about doing something that rash. Some people actually follow through and do the deed, not because I suggested it but because Key West seems so alluring on so many different levels.  Key West lures the sane and the not-so-sane. People come here to find a way of life that is not possible to achieve elsewhere. Many of those who end up here adopt the manana way of looking at life and develop an ethos that determines the importance and … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 615 Caroline Street, Key West - 03/27/16 07:14 AM

The impressive home at 615 Caroline Street looks so regal now with its wrap around first and second floor porches. Dark colored shutters punctuate the exterior of this crisp white house. There is off street parking to the left  plus two gated entrances. The gate to the far east side (right) is a service gate which leads to the pool at the rear. Passersby must think someone famous lives here after all this place is so elegant.
In preparing to write today's blog I searched the Historic Sanborn Fire Maps to determine when this home first appeared on the fire maps that … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 302 Amelia Street, Key West - Major Price Reduction - 03/23/16 06:59 AM

The asking price on 302 Amelia Street was just reduced from $1,250,000 to $1,050,000. That's a big price reduction on this Key West home that even comes with an ocean view from the second floor. 
The home at 302 Amelia Street is so pretty that it could be on a travel poster for Key West.  First and second floor verandas wrap around this stylish home that was designed by noted  Key West architect Michael Ingram.
The occupant of the front bedroom has a view of the the historic Key West lighthouse off to the north while the occupant of the master suite has … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 11 Boca Chica Road, Key West - Lower Florida Keys Private Paradise - 03/21/16 07:41 AM

A while back I wrote a blog about a waterfront property on Saddlebunch Key.  A few days later a fellow Realtor mentioned she read that blog and asked if I had packed a lunch before I ventured the few miles outside of Key West to take the photos. Then a few days later the listing agent of 11 Boca Chica Road asked me if I would photograph his new listing on Geiger Key. I said, "Sure".  As we crossed over Cow Key Channel (the span of water between Key West and Stock Island) he made a similar remark about me venturing … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: The Projects of Key West - Spring 2016 - Homes - 03/20/16 07:01 AM

 I view myself as a buyers agent but I do occasionally list properties (and sell them!).  I get phone calls and emails from prospective buyers most of whom want to buy a fixer-upper at a bargain price. Many believe they can use their design skills to create the perfect Key West house which they may also want to rent out to help pay for the purchase and renovation. That's all easier said than done. I try to warn these folks how difficult it is to fulfill their expectations. It's like wrestling with buyers. But there are many success stories that disprove … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Price Reduced - 1209 Margaret Street, Key West - 03/17/16 07:27 AM

The asking price on 1209 Margaret Street located in Old Town Key West was recently reduced to $649,950. The listing Realtor describes this property this way:
"This little jewel box of a house has just been completely and beautifully renovated with brand new kitchen and bathrooms. The historic old town cottage is in the x-zone and has three bedrooms and two full baths. It is graced by vaulted ceilings, an extra deep front porch and and a spacious and sunny rear deck. It is a wonderful property at a great price."
I found a photo of 1209 Margaret Street taken fifty years ago. … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 816 Eaton Street, Key West - Quintessential Eyebrow House - 03/16/16 08:28 AM

In his book The Houses of Key West  Alex Cammerer wrote about his first visit to Key West which turned into a love affair with the architecture of Old Town. He referred to eyebrow houses simply stating "with their front porch roofs extending demurely over the second-story windows, hence the term eyebrows. I have discovered that they are unique to Key West and are not found anywhere else in the country."
816 Eaton Street, Key West
Cammerer then compared the eyebrow style to a salt box laid on its side with the roof line extended downwards to rest upon columns which creates a … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 915 Washington Sreet, Key West - Sweet Casa Marina Area Cottage - 03/15/16 09:38 AM

Just Listed, 915 Washington Street, Key West. Read today's blog quickly then get on your phone and call me to write an offer on this enchanting Casa Marina Area cottage. If you wait, you'll lose your chance to snap up this beauty before someone else does. If you doubt this Mr. Thomas, you will be sorry.

It is such a joy to view a home that is truly loved and taken well care of. You can tell by looking at the perfect house by how good it looks even before going inside. It's like seeing a little boy or girl with a … (3 comments)

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