key west real estate blog: 414 William Street, Key West - Old But also New - 12/12/17 09:08 AM

 New to the Key West MLS is 414 William Street located in the Heart of Old Town. This is an historic Conch House which has been updated and given a bit of refinement that previously did not exit.  I dug into my old shoe box and found a black and white photo taken in 1965 which shows the house as it then existed. See below. The angle is somewhat similar in both photos and that may help you see some of the changes including replacement of jalousie windows (probably a recent update from the 1950s or early 1960s), addition of gingerbread … (0 comments)

key west real estate blog: 1109 Petronia Street, Key West - Just Listed - Legal Duplex - 12/08/17 05:25 AM

Just Listed - 1109 Petronia Street, Key West, Florida. This is a sweet legal duplex located on a quiet little block just east of the Key West cemetery. Petronia Street at this location runs only two blocks from White Street to Frances Street where it appropriately dead-ends at the cemetery.  A full time owner and/or tenants will love the location because it is near all the attractions around Duval Street and the historic seaport (it's within easy walking or biking distance to both), but it is far enough away not be a part of the hub-bub. I looked in my old … (3 comments)

key west real estate blog: Just Listed: 1233 South Street, Key West - 12/07/17 02:32 AM

Just Listed by yours truly, 1233 South Street in Key West, Florida.  I have had an interesting association with this property for the past few years. I wrote in my blog about the home that used to occupy the lot for generations. I refer to the former home in the past tense for a reason: the former home no longer exists. All that remains of the old structure is the foundation upon which a totally new house plus new master wing was built.

The new 1750 sq ft three bedroom 3 1/2 bath is sited on a large 6066 sq ft corner … (6 comments)

key west real estate blog: The Little Cabin in the Rockies that Did Not Happen - a Life Lesson - 12/05/17 06:15 AM

I found the above photo while surfing the internet last week. It reminded me of a time in the 1950s when I was a wee lad living in a western suburb of Denver. I was probably ten or eleven when my parents and I went to a trailer exposition like the one shown above. We were not planning on moving into a trailer. Instead, my folks had purchased a building lot in a Clear Creek County in the foothills just west of Denver that lead up to to the Rocky Mountains.  After finding out how much it would cost to build … (40 comments)

key west real estate blog: Near Key West on Thanksgiving Eve: 2004 - 11/22/17 02:02 AM

Like many of you I can remember specific holidays from my youth, particularly Christmas Eves and Christmas Days as well as notable holidays later in life. I especially remember the Thanksgiving Eve in 2004 when I drove from Key West with my then real estate broker to look at trailers on Big Coppitt Key.  
I picked her up at her condo shortly around 5:00 PM.  It was still daylight, but I recall the skies were gray and sad. That's unusual for Key West because our skies are normally sunny until near sunset when they explode with color. But on that day … (17 comments)

key west real estate blog: 912 Truman Avenue, Key West Florida - 11/18/17 03:42 AM

Just Listed 912 Truman Avenue, Key West, Florida. If you have had a yen to own an historic house in Old Town Key West, but missed the opportunity to buy because of rising prices, take note and consider what is offered and the price that should tempt you to take a look. I wrote about this house a few years ago before the current owners purchased the house.
Longtime readers know that I like to look back to see how houses looked in years gone by and compare to the way they now appear.  912 Truman Avenue reflects the growth and popularity … (4 comments)

key west real estate blog: Key West - Not a Knock Knock Joke - 11/15/17 10:56 AM

I am going back into my memory closet more than twenty years to relate this story. Soon after I got my real estate license in 1996 I was working with a gay couple who wanted to relocate to Key West to own and operate a guest house.  There were a few properties listed for sale.  I set up showings for my customers and casually mentioned to a woman agent in my office that I would be showing Newton Street Station, an all gay male guest house. 
The woman agent had first hand knowledge about the place because she lived nearby and … (21 comments)

key west real estate blog: The Case of the Gremlin Chasing Home Inspector - 11/08/17 06:11 AM

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog where I recounted my experiences as a law clerk in the Jefferson County Colorado court system while I was attending law school in the early 1970s. Judge Joseph P. Lewis was one of the judges I worked for. One day shortly after a criminal trial had begun, the judge gestured to me to approach the bench. When I got up there, the judge put his hand over the microphone and instructed me to call the Colorado Supreme Court to verify that the young attorney representing the defendant in the criminal proceeding was actually a … (2 comments)

key west real estate blog: 1020 Southard Street, Key West - The Gingergreadman House - 11/01/17 08:27 AM

Just Listed:  The Gingerbreadman House located at 1020 Southard Street in Key West, Florida. Look at the spandrels (the cutouts between the posts which resemble tiny gingerbreadmen) on this unique wrap-around front porch. The house is so precious - the whimsical facade exudes charm. It has to be one of the most photographed homes in Key West. This premier property arguably is located on the best block in Key West amid equally beautiful and totally unique homes. The house next door to the west was the featured in Architectural Digest a few years back.
The listing Realtor describes 1020 Southard Street this … (2 comments)

key west real estate blog: 1011 Windsor Lane, Key West - Buying Opprotunity - 10/21/17 08:25 AM

1011 Windsor Lane in Key West, Florida has all the makings of superior renovation project. I recently showed this to a customer seeking that impressive Conch House facade. This place fits that ticket big time. According to the Monroe County Property Appraiser this home was built in 1899. It sits on a large rectangular 5529 sq ft lot (115' X 50') which includes bricked off street parking.  The house is located across the street from St. Mary's Basilica, an Old Town Landmark. Longtime readers know that I like to rummage through my old shoebox to find old time photos of houses. … (2 comments)

key west real estate blog: Key West, Not Your Usual Fish Story - 10/15/17 06:16 AM

I was going through my old shoebox looking at photos the other day when I found this picture taken way back in the day. It has absolutely nothing to do with real estate other than dealing with the consequences of being located in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know that location, location, and location are paramount to successful real estate deals. Bad locations often lead to bad consequences.  But this true story has only a tangential reference to real estate location which I will get to later in today's blog.
I was a legal staff assistant to a … (2 comments)

key west real estate blog: Just Listed: 413 Frances Street Key West Florida - 10/11/17 05:25 AM

Just Listed, but not by me, 413 Frances Street, Key West, Florida.  The listing Realtor describes this way:
"Beautifully renovated historic home located on highly desirable Frances Street in the heart of Old Town Key West. Meticulous restoration with high ceilings and Dade County Pine walls and floors. Gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Two bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, plus a downstairs bedroom that is currently used as a den. Pool, back deck, and front porch for enjoyable outdoor living. Two off street parking spaces and a fabulous location near the Historic Seaport make this a Key West tropical … (3 comments)

key west real estate blog: 711 Olivia Street, Key West - 10/09/17 06:10 AM

Buyers who missed getting that special little Key West house at an affordable price should take note of the new listing at 711 Olivia Street in Key West. I had an opportunity to show this sweet, but untouched in decades, Old Town home a short time ago. I think it has a lot of potential for that special someone with an urge to renovate. I dug down into my old shoebox and found the black and white photo below taken back in 1965. Note the two story house located next door to the east. I could not find a photo of … (3 comments)

key west real estate blog: Key West - The Accidental Bodybuilder - 10/04/17 03:11 AM
 The Accidental Bodybuilder
Several years ago I worked at a Key West real estate office with a young lady whose boyfriend was a house painter and a semi-professional bodybuilder. I remember meeting him for the first time:  the guy was massive. He had shocking red hair and a surprisingly tanned body. I guess when you work outside most of the day with your shirt off, you can get pretty tanned. Nobody could could overlook his amazing body. All people might not admire his physique,  but nobody could miss seeing it.
One of my favorite true stories about life in Key West involves this … (4 comments)

key west real estate blog: Key West After Irma - Dealing with Real Estate Looters - 10/02/17 08:28 AM

It happened last week, but I was prepared. I had seen this movie before. I would not fall for it again.
I got a phone call shortly before dinner. A man with what I thought was a New Jersey accent introduced himself and started on a very quick exposition about something. He talked so quickly that I thought he was one of those internet website salesmen who call me at least once a week to try to sell something. I interrupted him to ask "Are you trying to sell me something?"
He replied "No! I am a cash buyer.  I am looking for … (1 comments)

key west real estate blog: Hurricane Irma - Key West - After the Storm - 09/23/17 04:51 AM

Earlier I blogged about Key West before the storm hit our town. I used photos to show how Key West prepared to meet what Chad Myers on CNN predicted as a 'catastrophic' hurricane.  He warned of a tidal surge of ten to fifteen feet and winds that would wipe out all the old wood houses in Key West. In my earlier blog I  detailed why I elected to stay in the newly constructed building located behind the soon to open Marquesa 4-1-4 Hotel on Simonton Street. The new building was constructed to withstand winds of 200 MPH. I have stayed in … (20 comments)

key west real estate blog: 1126 Stump Lane, Key West - Open House - 09/03/17 02:56 AM

 Open House Today
12:00 to 2:00
1126 Stump Lane 
There is a lot of home built into this 570 square foot Key West cottage which the owners call "Little Shangri La". It has a formal entry hall that leads to the main living area with cathedral ceiling, Dade County Pine walls, a home office or spare guest room, and French doors which open out to the new AZEC deck. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub on the inside but there is an Outdoor Shower outside.

Offered fully furnished at $549,000.

key west real estate blog: 1215 Truman Avenue, Key West - Price Reduction! - 09/02/17 02:34 AM

That past two weeks in Key West habr been pretty amazing.  Town is like it was twenty years ago. There is a noticeable, no a remarkable, decrease in the amount of tourists. Parking is easy. Traffic is a breeze. I don't have to watch for numbskull bike riders who think they are pedaling on a pretend street in Disneyland. It's also hotter and more humid than I ever remember.  I think it may have something to do with the solar eclipse from last week. The day of the eclipse the little frogs that live out by my pool shut up all … (4 comments)

key west real estate blog: 425 Frances Street Unit 2, Key West - Condo that Feels Like a Single Family Home - 08/28/17 08:17 AM

Just Listed:  425 Frances Street Unit 2, Key West, Florida. The listing Realtor describes the property this way:
" This 2 BD/2 BA condo blends modern tropical charm with the historic beauty of Old Town Key West. High ceilings and lots of natural light accentuate the living space. Choose to relax in your own private backyard and swimming pool, or use the larger community pool and common area shared with just two other units. It's conveniently located less than two blocks from the Historic Seaport and just six blocks from Duval St., walking distance to some of Key West's best restaurants, bars, … (0 comments)

key west real estate blog: Regrets, I've had a Few - 08/26/17 06:03 AM

Last May I wrote a blog about directions not taken. An ex read it and thought it was about him. Exes think like that. It wasn't - mostly.  There are several places I go on the internet when I get up each morning including the Monroe County Sheriff website to see if I know anybody who got arrested the day before; the Key West Citizen news to find out who is getting taxpayer money for some private deal and if I know anybody who died; and the Denver Post Obituary to see if anybody I knew as a kid or young … (2 comments)

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