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As the sub prime mortgage debacle continues to play out across the United States, the Federal Reserve has opted to cut interest rates by half a percentage point, from 5.25. This cut makes all loans relatively cheaper, thereby encouraging a pantheon of economic activity to increase, hopefully in t...
Festivals have been steadily gaining popularity all over the world in recent years, and the larger ones have expanded tremendously. However, as a result of the high ticket prices and relatively remote locations, a few oppurtunistic entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the backlash against the in...
With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a good idea to keep track of some of the fun and creepy events coming up in Austin, Texas. The good news is that most of them are inexpensive and fun for the whole family. The Bats The bats are a popular Austin attraction from May until October every ye...
Austin, Texas is no longer a hidden destination buried in travel books. It is projected to grow in population by about 30 of the Austin population has college degrees compared to the US average of 27.0 have graduate degrees compared to the US average of 9.9%. A lot of this has to do with the Univ...
While Austin seemed to escape most of the slowdown that affected other parts of the country over the last year Austin is feeling the changes in the credit markets. The amount of sales in September 2007 was 1824 or falling 22 percent from the sales in 2006 of 2341. The amount of inventory also in...
A common mistake of investors is the way they evaluate a potential investment properties. Below is the process I have seen first time investors use. Step One : Look at Cashflow What is step two? Their is no step two. Basically if the property has good cashflow they move forward. What are some iss...
I write about real estate alot. But ever so often I like to break it up. I don't know how many of you have seen Office Space. If you have ever worked in a cubicle you might find it pretty amusing. Anyway what if Office Space was a drama? Whats wierd is this actually looks like a decent movie cons...
There is a lot of talk about getting your first house. It’s part of the American Dream to get a house and maybe get a dog named Rover. But maybe someone’s first home should instead be a duplex. Why would I propose such a thing? Is it possible I am a secret Russian spy that hates American pie? No,...
Ok so the national real estate market is doing poorly. Many markets are seeing falling prices. When prices are falling, people with low savings that are forced to sell can find themselves facing foreclosure. The credit crunch is lowering the number of buyers further depressing prices. What are so...
Austin, Texas is no longer a hidden destination buried in travel books. It is projected to grow in population by about 30% every ten years. Perhaps being one of the biggest universities in the US with about 50,000 students at the University of Texas has leaked the secrets of Austin to the world. ...

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