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Like most towns during the holiday season, Austin brings out their festive lights. However, there are two areas in town known for displaying an awesome array of lights- 37th Street, and the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park. Starting back in the early 80s, neighbors on 37th Street in Hyde Park came ...
Imagine a neighborhood of adorable medium houses seated comfortably on shady streets lined with trees. But then splash a rainbow across the entire area. That could get you close to what the Hyde Park neighborhood in central Austin is like. This old part of town has a lot of history, and was one o...
Native tribes, such as the Apache, Comanches, and Tonkawa first roamed and sometimes took camp in the bend in the Colorado River now known as Austin. The first Europeans arrived in the area in the 1830s and created the town of Waterloo. As legend has it, the tribes and the Europeans conflicted se...
The statistics for the Austin Real Estate market are out. Although the general Austin economy is strong the real estate market continues to be slower due to the credit crisis that is affecting the country. The number of listings in the Austin MLS is up 19% compared to last year going from 7947 t...
Anyone who lives in Austin knows why the city council adopted the slogan “live music capital of the world” in 1991. For those just visiting, the city offers many opportunities to find out. The famed music scene of Austin began in the 60s and 70s at the Vulcan Gas Company. Musicians played country...
The North Loop neighborhood in Austin, Texas is a vibrant, yet quaint place to call home. Over the past few years, and throughout the Austin real estate boom, it has managed its increasingly high profile while generally preserving its qualities that make it so unique and desirable. Situated about...
As many Americans continue to default on their mortgages at record levels, other markets throughout the world are becoming extremely volatile. Most of the defaults were exacerbated by the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate hikes over the past two years, which were done in order to stem in...
Austin is one of America's hot list cities. The housing is affordable. The landscape is pretty with rolling hills to the west and fields to the east. The weather is pleasant in the spring, fall, and winter, with summer being bearable, even welcomed by heat-lovers. The music, art, and film scenes ...
When I am looking for real estate what makes my mouth water. Huge cathedral ceilings? Updated kitchens? Recessed lighting? Nope. I love big lots. The bigger the lot the more I get excited. Why do I love big lots. Over time large lots tend to appreciate faster. In real estate one of the cardinal r...
When getting your home ready to sell, you could invest in all kinds of services and upgrades but it is tough to know what really will pay off. These are some guidelines to help you know start thinking like a Buyer and see what will help sell your home. In the end, each real estate market and neig...

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