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I write a lot about real estate. But every once in awhile I like to mix things up. So here is something completely different. Dont worry we will be returning to real estate shortly. One of the most overlooked and powerful tools for creating percussion sounds in this modern age of soft samplers, e...
In recent months, the sub-prime crisis has reached unforeseen heights, infiltrating banks and financial institutions worldwide and causing many to report multi-billion losses due to the risky investments going sour. While the underlying economy of the US appears to be relatively robust, and the d...
In the last week, many encouraging signs have been on the economic radar: The Bush administration has stated that a consensus has been reached about the impending $145 billion economic stimulus package, the Federal Reserve has cut their most important interest rate by the largest margin in a quar...
As the sub-prime mortgage scandal continues to play out badly for many US companies, more and more questions have been raised as to whether the impact of a slowdown in one area will translate into a nationwide, or even global, recession. Growth prospects within the US are limited for this year by...
On January 22nd, the Federal Reserve cut their most important interest rate for the fourth time in the past six months, in an attempt to stem the widespread sentiment that the US is in, or headed for recession. Their cut comes at a strange time, because they were rumored, nay, expected, to delive...
On the eastern edge of the Edward’s plateau lies one of Austin’s greatest treasures: the Barton Creek Greenbelt. After millions of years, the runoff of rainwater carved a canyon into the plateau, and created one of Austin’s treasures. The most popular of Austin’s greenbelts, the Barton Creek gree...
The Austin real estate stats have been released for November. Although the market is still down from the summer and last year it has shown improvement over the last 3 months. The suburbs are moving slower than central Austin real estate market. And east Austin is moving slower than west Austin. ...
One of Austin's oldest and most loved neighborhoods in Austin is Hyde Park. Located in Central Austin just north of The University of Texas, Hyde Park is over 100 years old. Founded in 1891 by the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Land and Town Company, the neighborhood was designed and marketed as a l...
As many Austinites relish living a healthy lifestyle, it's no surprise that Farmers' Markets are a hit in the city. The markets bring fresh foods from locally grown areas to those looking for an alternative to the goods found in the neighborhood grocery store. Though many cities don’t have a farm...
After weeks of increasingly dismal reports from the financial sector, many regular Americans are beginning to worry that the US may be close to or already in recession. While government intervention in the economy is relatively uncommon in US history, since its establishment in the 1930's, the Fe...

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