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Steven L. Smith, King of the House Home Inspection, is a licensed and working home inspector and lead instructor of home inspection at Bellingham Technical College. Smith was a two-term member of the WA state licensing board and is adjunct faculty for Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. ASHI certified inspector. The information in this blog is designed to appeal to residents of the Pacific Northwest.



All right. Charles Buell has recently been getting a huge number of points for his blogs that feature guessing contests here at Active Rain. It seems that everyone likes to guess. Me, not being one to fall behind when it is time to make hay, decided that I would create my own guessing contest. Un...
Would you need a thermometer to tell you that it is hotter than blazes in a room? Probably not. Sometimes we home inspectors can, visually, pickup on an issue but like to use our high-tech instruments so we have conclusive visual evidence that a problem is, well, a problem. Believe it or not, an ...
In the middle years of the now dearly departed 20th century, one of the biggest names in show business was Ed Sullivan. He was broadcast coast to coast across the country. He was the man of women's dreams from Searcy, Arkansas to Bellingham, Washington. Okay, that might be overstating it, but he ...
When a home inspector opens the housing of a furnace for a visual inspection, he or she is looking to see whether or not it looks to be well-maintained. If the furnace has the interlock switch taped on or the unit is full of sawdust, rust or dust, those are concerns. One of the more frequent thin...
This is not an angle I would have come up with on my own. The wife listens to NPR and they found it newsworthy that the Woodstock Music Festival was held nearly 40 years ago. If you are too young to remember, that was a huge outdoors rock concert in Bethel, New York in August 1969.What most peopl...
Children, especially in the teen years, can be creative in where they hide contraband from the parents. I have a friend who bought a house and, years later, he had to do electrical work. When he removed covers on the wall switches in the bedroom that had belonged to a teenage girl, he found strin...
The photo below was one of the more unusual defects I have ever found in the attic of a new home. If you have never been up there, all the clean, pure white loose fill fiberglass insulation is majestic -- like freshly fallen snow.   This time, not far from the access hatch, I found something I ha...
This is another in the series on Pacific Northwest Music Legends, with my own personal memory tied in.  I was at a Christmas party for a Seattle radio station in 1976. This was going to be one big night. There was a buzz in the room. The hugely popular rock group Heart was making a surprise appea...
I stopped by the "Inspired By Song" group and saw that the contest this month is selecting the best ever song of summer. Well, there are plenty of big summer hits.  But the one that comes back to me, and it has to have been one of the most popular summer songs ever, was released in the summer of ...
I have written a number of blogs recently on Pacific Northwest Music Legends. Another is going to follow before too long. Now, this blog you are reading is music related and I think it gets across a point I am trying to make. Newer is not always better. I know that there are a number of people wh...

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