mexico: Down Mexico Way -- Huatulco - 01/21/13 02:23 AM
My wife and I are just passed the half way point in our two week Mexico vacation. We spent the first week in Oaxaca City, a favorite place of ours. But we, also, enjoy going to the beach and viewing the ocean. Therefore, we always end up in Huatulco on the Pacific Ocean. This is an area of multiple beaches and guaranteed hot weather. The days are in the high 80's, so warm but not overwhelming.
Yesterday we went snorkeling, with mixed results and satisfaction, but we did see lots of very colorful and, to us, unusual fish. Cab rides are … (8 comments)

mexico: Bang the Drum Slowly: Mexican Wedding Procession - 02/01/12 03:02 AM
My wife and I are back home, in Bellingham, after our annual jaunt down to Oaxaca, Mexico. Secret: We missed the big winter snow and wind storm that took place here in Whatcom county. Oaxaca is near Guatemala, so almost to Central America. We love it in the city and we have made some fine friends among the Mexican people since we have been going there for four years now.
We enjoy the color, the sounds and the lively atmosphere. The environment is anything but bland. The public square or zocalo is full of poinsettias in bloom, people in bright clothes, … (5 comments)

mexico: Oaxaca, My Side of Town - 01/24/11 12:46 PM
This was the third time that my wife and I have visited Oaxaca. We really like the color, the flavor and the people in this part of Mexico. The heat is a real plus too. It is down, almost to Central America. Since we stay there for more than a week at a time, we tend to find places we like to hangout. I like the zocalo, the town square. But there is another part of town, not far from our B&B that has great restaurants and pleasant coffee shops. The photo below is from my favorite part of town, which is … (6 comments)

mexico: Oaxaca, Mexico -- Pretty Inviting - 05/07/10 04:33 PM
After a rather hectic week and a week where I have been visiting my wife in the hospital -- she gets to come home tomorrow -- my mind drifts to vacation. I think that, like the past two years, we will be going to the Oaxaca area of Mexico again right after Christmas.
The photo below gives an idea of the beauty of the area. I was, one day, walking down a street near our B&B and I peaked in the doorway of a building. I thought that the scene inside was very pretty and captures the feel of the city.

mexico: My Last Date With Frida - 04/04/10 06:12 AM
I think everyone has heard of the late Frida Kahlo, probably the most famous of all of the Mexican painters. There was even a recent movie based on her life and the star was Selma Hayek. Below is a portrait of a young Frida Kahlo -- the real one, not Selma.

In January, a year back, when we were in the public market in Ocotlan, we first saw Frida at her market stand (La Cocina de Frida) in the large public market.  The proprietor of Frida's has an amazing resemblance to Frida Kahlo. On our second trip back to Oaxaca, I found Frida … (0 comments)

mexico: Butter You Say? -- A Traveler's Saga - 02/05/10 06:37 AM
My wife and I have an amusing time communicating in Mexico. We go to Oaxaca, not nearly as touristy as some of the Mexico destinations, so some of the locals speak good English, others very little. Back in high school, forty years ago, I took two years of Spanish. I learned many words and pronunciations at the time, but many of the words have flown the coup.
My wife speaks reasonably good Italian. She has been studying it now for about five years at a local college and with a private tutor. Italian is, in many ways, similar to Spanish. For … (7 comments)

mexico: Rock and Roll -- Disco Bus To Bless Your Soul - 02/04/10 08:59 AM
You have got to love some of the strange sights, at least based on what we are used to around here, that you see in Mexico. They worry less about litigation I think. In Huatulca, which is an ocean front community, they have one of the more unusual tourist attractions that I have ever witnessed.
If you go into La Crucecita, the city center, at night you will find the famous Disco Bus. This bus is colorful, decked-out with bright paint, and it is a double-decker with the roof cut out up above at the top deck. It takes a "party on wheels" … (9 comments)

mexico: Motivational Monday - 04/13/09 05:27 AM


mexico: Please! Don't Play Ceilito Lindo One More Time! - 03/30/09 01:58 AM
There are a number of similarities between traveling in Italy and Mexico. First, both countries have old buildings and a propensity for good food and bright colors. Case in Point: Below is a bar in Italy. Sicily to be exact. 

Case in Point: Below is an open-air cafe in Mexico, Oaxaca to be exact.

There is yet another similarity -- both latin-flavored countries have climates that lend themselves to performances by street bands, strolling bands, mariachi bands. Case in point: Here is a photo of a street band in Italy.

Case in point: Here is a photo of a … (12 comments)

mexico: Motivational Monday - 02/09/09 12:10 AM


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