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Mr. Richard J. Kurtz gave a presentation this morning at the Prudential California Realty, "The Bixby Knolls Branch."  Mr. Kurtz has been training real estate professionals since 1985.  He has been promoting "The Edge" seminar in which he takes 5 top multi-million dollar producing real estate sal...
Now, today was the mega WWF announcement that Bank of America was terminating 3000 employees and further disclosure that the bank has decided to phase out the Wholesale Loan Department that provides service and conduits for Mortgage Brokers.   A personal friend and Account Executive with 18 years...
Now, here is an interesting situation:  One of my agents recently sold a home(of course to her cousins).  These days, just the fact that an escrow closed is a cause for celebration alone.  But after the effects of the tequila wore off, the buyers notice a problem with the water heater and called ...
Recently, after looking with horror at my company's P&L statement, there was a realization that there were two paths I could possibly follow:1).  Give up, call it quits, close up shop and start filling out job applications, curl up into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep, to sum it up:  q...
Hey everyone, we have got to remain positive.  When we think positive thoughts it affects our day in a great way.  Try to remember a few things:1. Be Thankful.  Show your appreciation to your family, freinds and clients.2.  Clear your Mind.  Take the time to set aside all of your personal worries...
Bob McCullough, Orange Coast Title President, gave an address this morning at the Mulhearn Realtors advanced training session in Bellflower, California.  Bob is a great speaker and he taught agents how to position their clients, in the front of the line by learning how to think outside the box:  ...
What or Who the heck is, "George?"  George represents your personal business model which Star Power founder, Howard Britton, described as a third party business entity that is separated from your actual Real Estate Branded Franchise.  Mr. Britton expounded on this point this morning at the Mulhea...
When in doubt about buying a home, you had better call your mother and get her blessing.  Today I took a loan application from a young man that was hesitating to purchase a home because he felt the payment was too high.  It was kind of a strange sale in that everytime I communicated to him, his m...
OK, I admit we Californians are crazy. But this craziness was partially brought about by the craziness of the lending policies of major institutional banks.  So, I get a call from a family that wants to sell their home or maybe rent it out, or maybe refinance it, in North Long Beach, California. ...
We  distributed 2500 flyers in Bellflower California to promote a local workshop for how buyers can take advantage of the REO market and purchase real estate at 10-20% below market value.  The only problem was that when last Saturday came the 11:00 AM Seminar was void of any participants, the loc...

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