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If I'm not sharing my vast wisdom (nudge nudge wink wink) I would be on a rant about the inept nature of government or particular individuals but today as another deal closes for a new home buyer knowing they will be celebrating their first Thanksgiving in their new home I pause to give thanks th...
Not surprising to me HUD is going to put a 120 day 'enforcement' delay for the new Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1 roll out scheduled for Jan. 01, 2010.  What a mess. What a disaster. This photo depicts perfectly how our government (the big guy - Oliver Hardy) and HUD (the skinny -Stan Laurel) are ...
If you were one of the activists that mailed in the online petition supporting the elimination of HVCC the day in court is coming soon. A group will be delivering the petitions to one of the enemies of the consumer and our industry - the attorney general of New York - Mr. Cuomo maybe as early as ...
Talking to friends, colleagues or total strangers about their experiences in the military I am always impressed by their humble nature. What an all star group of people - men and women. Not all serve in the battle of war. Often times they spend tireless hours supporting those engaged on the groun...
Yes. Instead of doing the heavy lifting and figuring out how to work out loans for the folks still employed Fannie has decided to become a landlord. Instead of foreclosing they will lease to folks for one year then month to month there after. How they set the rent or how things get fixed in a tim...
I have just been resuscitated after the shock and awwweeee of the news I'm about to tell you. Our government.....the government....yes our government actually did something that will help stimulate the economy and keep this little thing we call a country breathing. Not only did they extend the ta...
In his quest to appease the too big to fail banks making sure the CEO's get the bonuses promised so his campaign coffers remain flush Barney Frank is working hard to keep his promise of killing any and all competition for home loans leaving only the too big to fail banks to lend to the consumer. ...
 The highly touted and much patting on the back until it bruised (Thanks NY AG of NY Cuomo) occurred when loan originators were lectured about how badly they behaved. After all it was the loan originator that put pressure on the appraiser to pull values out of their 'pockets'. What do you know......
History.... Anytime we turn in a claim to our insurance company pertaining to our home and damage that information is collected for all insurance companies to see. This information is stored in a 'repository'. Experian and Equifax are both repositories storing information about our credit. If you...
I am usually available to my clients (borrowers/Realtors) as they need me and on Saturdays it is not uncommon to get a phone call or two about qualification on a home a borrower may be interested in or a call from a Realtor to confirm the price range our mutual client can afford before the offer ...

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