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As a local investing real estate agent in Phoenix, I am excited to let you know about some very important things that are happening in our marketplace. Recently I have had the opportunity to become very involved in our community-teaching my past, present and future clients how to profit from inve...
I would like to talk to you about keeping properties for long-term wealth. One of the great fears that people have with investing is that they will purchase property and then not be able to sell it again.Countless investors have purchased a property and then fixed it up with hopes of selling it f...
How would you like to use fixer-uppers as a means of creating and enhancing equity in your investment opportunities? While it is possible to find properties under market and then resell them at a higher price, creating and enhancing equity makes potential properties even more profitable.Fixer-upp...
My goal as a real estate investment advisor is to help you improve your life in three main areas: Income & Net Worth, Career Satisfaction, and Lifestyle. I would like to help you improve your life in these areas by teaching you what I know and then investing with you. Real estate investing can im...
I would like to tell you about another valuable step to investing in real estate: Creating and Enhancing Equity. During this stage, I buy the property and do things to make it more valuable. Then, I can sell it for a profit or refinance and keep it with an equity position and positive cash flow.T...
Since we have worked together before, I would like to share with you an investing process that is unfamiliar to most people. Most real estate investors are familiar with Flips and Fixer-Uppers. However, the new process that I am referring to is a hybrid of Flips and Fixer-Uppers. I call this tech...

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