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  Wow I can't believe it! I began January 1st 2008 and It took me 3 months to get to my first 10,000 Points.The next 10,000 points only took me a little over a month's time to achieve. What happened???I GOT HOOKED!!!Has anyone one else heard of this phenomenon? I actually applied myself and got a...
Here's another "Attaboy" for the state of Ohio!                                          The  Governor of Ohio (Ted Strickland) has worked out a pack (agreement) with Nine lenders to help try and solve his states foreclosure problems. The lenders are Carrington, Homecomings, HSBC, Ocwen, Option O...
Here's a great story and tribute to the great state of Ohio!Ohio is another state that's apparently fed up with Big Government and decided to take matters in their own hands. They are sponsoring a program to assist Home Owners who are facing foreclosure. This program is called "Save the Dream"! a...