karl sells denver: Let's See How the Trickle-Up Stimulation Is Doing in 2010 - 06/24/09 03:03 AM
In the past 30 days, the following has happened to my buyers and listings:
- One buyer lost out on two houses because of multiple offers on houses in Wheat Ridge, a western suburban off-shoot of the Denver metroplex. He finally found a house that had been on the market less than two weeks because it needs a bunch of cosmetic work. Price point: $230-250k.
- One buyer lost out on two houses in Denver proper because the houses both had offers the first days they were on the market. She was able to secure one because she agreed to a … (2 comments)

karl sells denver: And They Wonder Why We Don't Buy Newspapers - 04/30/09 02:37 AM
My Firefox opens to The Denver Post's home page - kind of my nod to the news since I cancelled my hard copy subscription years ago. I don't need it for sports, since I have that in my ear on the radio, nor do I use it for the weather (what's more unreliable than the TV weatherman?... what the TV weatherman writes for the paper!). It's more to get a snapshot of the world at a given moment. The Web allows "newspapers" to become organic beings. Good for the end-user, if done properly.
Unless, of course, you want to start your … (11 comments)

karl sells denver: Metro Denver foreclosures drop 46 percent? Clear the beach! - 04/23/09 05:53 AM
This article came through The Denver Post this morning regarding a 46% percent drop in foreclosure notices in Q1 of 2009 over that same period in 2008.
Check it out here.
It says that while metro Denver has eased considerably, national activity has risen 23% and notorious foreclosure hot spots like Las Vegas have doubled from 2008.
I'm happy for headlines that have "foreclosures" and "drop" in them, but I'm thinking of a tsunami right now. As in, you're lying on the beach soaking up some rays and all of a sudden you watch the waterline suck back into the … (3 comments)

karl sells denver: Karl's Season Shift Theory revisited - 04/17/09 04:01 AM
There is a message here, bear with me... I cancelled my buyer appointments today as you will soon find out why.
I do miss these days. It reminds me of Chicago and why I love that city but will never go back. Currently, central Denver is getting pounded mercilessly by a sleet/snow mixture that should let up sometime next week. Last night it rained because it was too warm to snow, but now it's sticking. Denver is an odd town weather-wise. I read in USA Today how Denver gets backloaded with all of its snow in March and April,


karl sells denver: Sales Stats For Denver's Driving Park Historic District neighborhood (2008) - 04/13/09 08:51 AM
Since my last look into our neighborhood's sales performance (2007-2008), I was able to conclude that while the rest of the world seemed to be drowning in sorrow, Driving Park Historic District was decidedly middle-of-the-road sales wise. I'll take normal over recession any day of the week, but that's pretty where we've been for the past 6 months, and that's where we appear to be right now, even after a few distressed sales.
Based on the latest sales data from Metrolist Inc., Denver, as a whole, has about 6 months worth of inventory currently for sale. What does 6 months of … (0 comments)

karl sells denver: Hero 101: save your clients from parking tickets! - 03/18/09 02:58 PM
Now, I'm not going to teach you how to get out of parking tickets. I'm going to help you save your clients a mountain of frustration when they approach their car in the morning and find a nice little present accompanied by a bitter yellow envelope tucked under the wiper blade.
Let me set this up for you: I grew up in downtown Chicago before moving to central Denver 10 years ago. A lot changed between the two cities: most notably the weather and severe drop-off in good Thai restaurants, but there's one thing about city living that followed me from … (3 comments)

karl sells denver: Have you ever gotten a recommendation from a client who DIDN'T buy? - 02/03/09 06:00 AM
This client was referred to me about three months ago and I had the pleasure of showing homes to her and her two daughters on several occasions. About three weeks ago, she gave me the bad news that she couldn't pull the trigger on buying a house. This wasn't the first time that happened, but she was such a positive person that I was bummed that I wouldn't be spending more time with her.
Last night, I got this letter from her, and I swear I didn't coach her into writing it...:)...
" I would like to share one of the … (8 comments)

karl sells denver: Secret's Out - Denver is the place to be!! - 01/30/09 03:53 AM
Two schools of thought on finding out that Denver was named the \top city to live in by the Pew Research Center:
Keep it to yourself! Despite our seven-year highway widening project, there are too many cars (and way too many bad drivers) and not enough places to put them. Besides, if half of the people that move here ski, we'll be looking at 4-hour drives to cover the 90 miles from Vail back to Denver. Y'all were going to find out sooner or later, so give me a call when your clients pack up the truck for Rocky Mountain High! … (7 comments)

karl sells denver: The Official Karl Lueders Super Bowl Prediction Jan., 28, 2009 - 01/28/09 08:34 AM
You heard it here first: Unless a Steeler superstar is arrested/found in Mexico/passes out the night before the Super Bowl and misses the game, Pittsburgh will win 27-17 (next best guess 26-17).
The game will be close until the end of the game when Arizona turns the ball over which is returned for a late Pittsburgh TD.
Let's hear it.

karl sells denver: Feedback BS: Don't ask for feedback you don't want! - 01/14/09 06:22 AM
Having not been in this business very long, I was at odds with feedback right out of the gate. I was trained to ask for feedback as a listing agent (“going above and beyond!”), but never quite understood the value when I was asked for feedback as a buyer’s agent, because I heard what was coming out of my mouth when asked for it: “No, my client isn’t interested… Why?... Because of a, b and c... No, they wouldn’t be interested if you corrected a, b and c... Because you asked… And the price is too high. Good luck.”
I think … (35 comments)

karl sells denver: Just For The Record, I'm Changing My Mind About Tonight's Game - 01/08/09 08:16 AM
Yes, I picked OU, Texas and USC before the bowl season began and at this point, I'm 2 for 2. (Yes, Ohio St., fan, they didn't get blown out.)
But I'm buying into Tebow mania and selling the 60+ points per game OU has been throwing on the board for the last three months. Go Gators...

karl sells denver: Amazing Custom Home for Rent in Denver's Slavens School District - 12/09/08 11:02 AM

One buyer's loss is your serendipity. This amazing 4 BD/4 BA house in Slavens has been put up for rent for only $3250/month. This custom house has all 4 beds on the second floor, two of them private suites; laundry on second floor. Professional kitchen, two-car oversized garage. It's the bomb. Check out more details here.
2749 South Cook Street, Denver, CO 80210
Or, go to my website and I'll fill you in on the details. Immediate occupancy!
Karl Lueders is a Denver-based Realtor for The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720-971-8267 or email him … (0 comments)

karl sells denver: Selling Your Home From the Driver's Seat (2009 edition) - 12/01/08 05:09 AM
This post is reprised from my entry earlier this summer, but it's been slightly remixed for 2009 and beyond. A couple of things to keep in mind when you read this: Denver's inventory of houses have continued to decline, although the sales rate has not proportionally increased. Also, the million-dollar housing market in metro Denver is in suspended isolation, although indicators from the lower-end markets show promise across the board. If you need any indication, I have a $250,000 buyer right now who just lost a bidding war on a house in central Denver and couldn't even get another offer in … (1 comments)

karl sells denver: The less you say, the more clients might respect you - 11/10/08 02:54 PM
How sweet is it to get a testimonial from a past client? Especially unsolicited ones?
Doesn't just make your day; maybe your year. And in a year where many of us have had little to cheer about, getting reinforcement from the people that matter to you most never gets old. And in a year where deals are harder to put - and keep - together, I've been amazed at how many recommendations I've been getting from clients (especially those I didn't know before we began working together).
Why now? Would you believe too much free time on my hands? Weird as … (5 comments)

karl sells denver: You're the only one that loves your house - 10/22/08 12:42 PM
Perhaps you've never stopped to think about this before, but about the only thing in common a buyer and seller have is the property waiting to be sold.
Denver buyers, as it is anywhere, have goals to reach when buying a house, as do sellers, and rarely does either set have much to do with the other. Today's housing climate doesn't do much to ease the stress points of a real estate transaction either. Even in the best of markets, buyers don't want to spend more than they should on a house, whether it be keeping the monthly payments low or … (1 comments)


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