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What would you rather have: relaxation for a short period of time every year or gauranteed extra income in your bank account? While vacation-home buyers purchase primarily for enjoyment (and dont get me wrong, we all need some R& R), investment-home buyers are actually looking to generate income ...
Summer has probably gone by faster than you expected, meaning for all of you wanting to have your home sold before the kids go back to school you are supposed to have your house ready to be sold in just a few weeks... or even days. Well, fear not!  Preparing your home for walkthroughs and selling...
For those of you who are waiting to buy a home in Northern Virginia, are you aware that you could be "priced out" of the market by rising mortgage rates and tighter underwriting, even if home prices fall? Do you still want to wait? No. In this blog post I will explain why waiting for house prices...
Simple Steps to Becoming a Well-Educated Buyer in Reston People used to buy a home only once or twice during their lifetime. That is no longer the case, with large families downsizing later in life and relocation being the key to career advancement for many people. The average family moves at lea...

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