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Apparently Wordless Wednesday is for something that tells it's own story, something that we can just look at and without anyone telling us anything get some sort of feeling.  Is this it?  I'm not sure since I never read the rules, but after just coming back from a trip to Oregon I had several Wor...
How many people have a Real Estate question they want answered?  Probably most of our clients and contacts, and sometimes even we (as Professionals) have questions.  We have questions and want answers, and getting someone to answer these questions without obligation is what a lot of us want. We w...
This is being written from La Pine, Oregon while Thesa Chambers of CentralOregonBuzz.com and I are getting ready to leave for Portland to the Rebar Camp.  Excitement and last minute chores are what are taking up the morning.  Thesa has already gotten an accepted offer, counter offer, and accepted...
As I sit here typing these words I can see my China Berry Tree blowing in the wind.  If I look to the left I see the tree, if I look straight ahead I see my monitor.  What is the most important thing in the world to me, and do I spend enough time appreciating it? The key to everything is Balance....
Monday after a Holiday week-end...who feels like working?  But whether we feel like it or not, we do what we have to for our business.  Today the Lil Devil is disgusted by a new scam that was in my email inbox this week-end. I hadn't heard of this one before, but there were several red flags, and...
"Beneath all is the land".....the beginning words of Real Estate.  I sell land, and love to sell it.  The peaceful nature of land in the middle of no where reminds me of where everything started before we urbanized it.  Whether it's parched from the desert sun, or muddy from the rain, I walk it. ...
 "We change as we grow, and as we learn."   Oh but how do we change?  We like to think of everyone as equal, and that what one can do, so can another, but that's just not the case.  We aren't all equal!  Reading Blogs on Active Rain, plus so many different outside ones, it amazes me how many peop...

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