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Today's Inman News has a story titled: "When is a lead a lead?" written by a college professor, Manager of Real Estate Services at, and broker-owner of a real estate firm named Kyle Cascioli.HomePoint is apparently another online lead generation ‘service' and Active Rainer Bonnie Bo...
What do you NOT do that sellers typically expect?There are 2 things I almost never do that many of us perceive sellers expect in order to get their home sold. Is to run lots of ads in your local newspaper.Host a public open house  at least once during the listing period; some do more.I do not do ...
2 of my favorite quotes from the comics; "Good Grief!" is Charlie Brown of Peanuts fames favorite saying. "We has met the enemy and he is us" is from an old comic strip called "Pogo". Pogo was a cartoon opossum and the originator of that saying. There has been a lot of noise on the net lately abo...
 One of the ways I advertise and market my services and my listings is in the monthly magazines most every town has several of. You know, the ones that are either full sized magazines or smaller versions about the size of a "Reader's Digest, "The Real Estate Book" is one that I believe is nationw...
So you think your Dell XP 10,000 BLT special is pretty speedy??If you line it up against Oak Ridge National Laboratories newly upgraded "Jaguar" supercomputer that runs at 54 teraflops, or 54 trillion mathematical calculations per second you'll get left in the dust so fast you won't even have tim...
Here's a quick and easy promotional idea.Each time you have a closing make 2 extra copies of the closing statement. Write the buyer and seller each a letter dated January 2nd of the following year that says something like: Dear Tom and Denise, Before you know it tax time will be on us again. To s...
With Halloween not too far away here's something I've done for the past few years that has actually generated some business. I get a few boxes of Baggies and put our Halloween treats in them along with two of my business cards.  Knowing most parents look very closely at their kid's candy these da...
One very cool and easy to use program I've had to years and use several times a week is Microsoft Publisher. It's the easiest desktop publishing program I've came across for designing flyers, post cards, business cards, brochures, and any other variety of printed material. For instance when I wan...
Lots of full featured e mail program do more than just send and receive e mail. Probably one of the most underutilized features is the spellchecker. When you're sending or replying to email involving a buyer or seller it's very important to not only use proper grammar but also to make sure your s...
As interest rates slowly edge up from a huge dip news stories are staring to predict the end of the housing boom, the bursting of the bubble, and even a housing recession. However, as anyone who's been in this business longer than 15 years will probably agree, interest rates have been high before...

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