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Not surprisingly it looks like the real estate transfers in Knoxville and Farragut Tennessee were down a bit this past week. I counted 135 with the usual high numbers in the lower price ranges as it’s been all of 2009 I’m very excited for 2010 to begin (which is will in only 4 more days) and see ...
Hmmm, "Home sales continue to surge" and rising interest rates. Sounds like the home buying opportunity train is fixing to pull out of the station. All aboard please.Mortgage rates have been steadily climbing, from a low of 4.5% around November 27, 2009 to above 5% on December 22, 2009.  For the ...
Great information from Knoxville Realtor Blake Rickels. Knoxville, Tennessee has always been blessed with a fairly stable real estate market no matter what the mythical "national market" is doing. Sure, we,ve been down like most every other part of the country, just not as far down and now we don...
I counted the property transfers published by the Knox County Register of Deeds for the previous week and found 186 which is a little above the 150 or so average we’ve had for all of 2009 so far. It seems the extension of the homebuyers tax credit is continuing to drive the lower end of our marke...
By now most have probably heard that Congress passed an extention of the $8,000 tax credit for people who buy a home and have not owned one in the past 3 years. Most call it the "first time buyers' credit even if that is not entirely accurage. Here's a list of the relevant changes in the extensi...
Tennessee is a state with lots of scenic beauty and lots of outdoor recreational activities. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has created an awesome lake and river system for boaters, fishermen, and all sort of water sports. East Tennessee, the part I live in, is home to the Great Smoky Mount...

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