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Our customers often spend all of their time looking for the just right home, the right piece of real estate, where they will live happily ever after.  Sometimes they are educated buyers, but many times I hear people say, six months after their home purchase, "I wish I would have bought closer to ...
  Where you one of the people who just thought this was a GREAT MOVIE???  Does looking at the cover just make you laugh inside as you recall some of the scenes?  You may want to rent it and watch it again because it contains a great marketing strategy!!I recently ran across an article on the inte...
One of my talents is networking.  I understand the dynamics of keeping old friends, making new friends, joining organizations, becoming active in them and just being VISIBLE.  As a newbie in the mortgage business, I understood that beginning with a  major networking campaign would be to my advant...
 Someday I'd really love to see a comet like this one, wouldn't you?  Light pollution can wreck it all for us.  One of my good friends and a one time neighbor of mine, Anthony Arrigos of Park City, Utah, has started an endeavor to fix this problem.  Most of the information that follows originated...
I am always motivated by the Statue of Liberty.  I aspire to be a Utah Loan Officer who invites anyone from any background, any economical plight, and any type of disability into my office.  Its an opportunity to begin a relationship.  Its an opportunity to learn how the rich live.  And how the p...
As I survive the onslaught of slightly hysterical local media hype about all of the famous celebrities in Park City this week for Sundance,  I know there are certain things you can always count on:  Movie Star Sightings, Movie Star Quotes in the local newspaper, and occasionally, even a Famous Pe...
Today, I was begged by my daughter to watch my five month old grandson for awhile. This meant putting my mortgage business aside, which meant less phone calls, less visits, less running around to open houses, less of a chance to prospect for loans.  I wondered why eveyone thought MY JOB was the e...
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mindTo talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.To make all your friends feel that there is something valuable in them.To think only the best, to work for the best and to expect the best.To be just as enthusiastic about ...
 Sometimes something so small and simple comes along that just blows me away with the proportion of my energy involved to what it will do to my environment.  So my New Years Resolution is to Change the World one lightbulb at a time!  As my light bulbs burn out in my house, I am replaceing each on...
I have recently become involved in an environmental improvement committee.  My area of focus within this community is knowledge, understanding and promotion of energy efficient mortgages.  I'd love to hear if any other lenders have energy efficient mortgage programs or experiences.  Meanwhile, I ...

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