hawaii: Kailua Kona, HI Condo Report In: September 2015 Sales - 10/07/15 05:32 PM
Kailua Kona Condominium Report for September 2015 
News for both Buyers and Sellers: October 7, 2015 
MLS sales report shows an increase in the number of condos sold by 4.55% , and a slight decrease in condominium prices YTD .
If you are considering buying a condominium you can still find deals, but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must.  If you price it right, it sells right away, sometimes with multiple offers, but if you overprice it, the market is not there,  where buyers are willing to overpay.  To make sure you don't overpay or overprice it, you'll … (1 comments)

hawaii: One Sunset, One Evening, Seen 10 Different Ways, September 20, 2015 - 09/21/15 11:31 AM
September 21, 2015
Aloha From Kailua Kona, HI 
I thought it would be fun to take all the FB photos from friends (with permission) and put them into one photo blog. Just one evening, same sunset, same city, but our different views. I think it came out great, I hope you enjoy.
First one comes from Julie Ziemelis , and her view from the beach. Julie is also an author of the book "How To Move to Kona" and runs the www.facebook.com/365Kona things to do in Kona,
I almost forgot her website of the same name 365 Kona Discovering the Big Island of Hawaii 
Next we are going to … (10 comments)

hawaii: Extreme Flash Floods, Kona HI. Sept 16 2015 - 09/17/15 04:01 PM
We have had a few weeks of rain and the ground is saturated to say the least. Flash floods used to be big news, but seem the norm for the last few weeks! Still thought I would share yesterdays  with you. This was shot just North of Holualoa Village in Kona Hawaii - heart of Kona Coffee Country! 
I love living on an island :) 
Holualoa flash floods September 16 2015 from Lance Owens (RS) on Vimeo.
Driving just north of Holualoa Village I came across this flash flood. I have driven this road for 15 years and never seen water in it - today was … (1 comments)

hawaii: Best Place to Live in Kona- Keauhou - 08/12/15 10:36 PM
 Best Place to Live in Kona - Keauhou 
by Julie Ziemelis on August 12, 2015 in Keauhou, Moving to the Big Island
Discover KeauhouKeauhou is located about seven miles south of downtown Kona and is in the “green belt” of lush tropical foliage.
Keauhou is an area with a long and important history to Hawaiians. In 1814, Keopuolani, the highest ranking wife of Kamehameha I, traveled by canoe to Keauhou Bay, near where she gave birth to her second son Kauikeaouli. He was said to have been stillborn, but when he was placed in Ka‘opa Spring at the edge of the bay, he revived.
The Daughters of Hawai‘i own and maintain … (0 comments)

hawaii: July 2015 Housing Report For Kailua Kona, HI - 08/05/15 10:41 AM
Kailua Kona Housing Report For July 2015 News for both Buyers and Sellers: August 5, 2015 
We have seen several years of listing price increases on home prices in Kailua Kona and we are not expecting things to slow down anytime soon.  If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Kona, but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must.  Don’t wait on the sidelines for too long, many of our listings are starting to sell within a few days of hitting the market. To make sure you don't overpay for … (0 comments)

hawaii: Looking For A Listing Agent In Hawaii? - 07/29/15 01:29 PM
For Sellers, Summer 2015 Listing Presentation:
Aloha All 
Lance Owens (RS) and Kimi Nagatoshi (RS) with LUVA Real Estate. 
We wanted to introduce ourselves to you, and what better way, than to put together a listing presentation on-line - (lets stay green and save some trees).
So please, take a minute, read up on us, our company, and our lifestyle here in Hawaii. 
We do represent both buyers and sellers, our book below is for sellers, be on the lookout for our buyers presentation....... coming shortly.
Aloha and Mahalo

Selling Your House, Summer 2015 Listing Presentation from Lance Owens … (0 comments)

hawaii: Kailua Kona, HI: Home Prices June 2015 - 07/22/15 11:51 PM
Home Prices in Kailua Kona, HI. for June 2015 
Real estate market data for Kailua Kona, HI. provided by Lance Owens (RS) & Kimi Nagatoshi (RS) www.KonaHomeTeam.com 
Kailua Kona Home Prices 
We have seen several years of listing price increases on home prices in Kona and we are not expecting things to slow down anytime soon.  If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Kona, but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must.  Don’t wait on the sidelines for too long, many of our listings are starting to sell within a … (0 comments)

hawaii: Another Foreclosure Deal - 2 in 1 DAY - 07/18/15 06:03 PM
I am telling you guys, you need to get on my foreclosure hot sheet - this is the second foreclosure deal I searched out today, and neither one are on the MLS....... YET !  

I stopped by a house down the street, I knew the bank had been working on this one for awhile and the garage was open, so I went up to check it out, they were doing some last minute detail work, getting it ready to release next week. One of the neighbors overheard a price of $379,000 for this jewel, if that rumor is so, I want to … (10 comments)

hawaii: How Many States (besides Hawaii) Had Snow Last Night? - 07/17/15 10:53 AM
Hawaii woke up this morning to a surprisingly "White" Mauna Kea.  Looks like it had about an inch of that white stuff,  mainlanders call it snow (I guess we call it that also, we just don't get to witness it that often) . 
And to answer my own question - I have no idea :) 
Sorry the photos are so grainy, but it is from the Mauna Kea Weather Cams. 
Have a great weekend all, 
Currently 81 in Kona - but look at Mauna Kea Temps 
Why I have your attention, take a look at this Price Reduction along with a $5,000 credit at closing. 
Here is the … (0 comments)

hawaii: First Time Home Buyers Crashing The Real Estate Market - 07/08/15 09:34 AM
1st Time Buyers Finally Crashing the Real Estate Party  July 8, 2015  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers There has been much conversation regarding the lack of first time home buyers in today’s real estate market. However, three recent reports seem to suggest that they are now entering the market in increasing numbers.
The most recent Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that:
“The percent share of first-time buyers rose to 32 percent in May, up from 30 percent in April and matching the highest share since September 2012. A year ago, first-time buyers represented 27 percent of all … (4 comments)

hawaii: Keauhou Resort Condo For Sale - HAWAII - 07/07/15 09:25 AM
8-7039 Kamehameha Iii Rd #76
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 1 bed, 1 bath | Condo 
752 sq ft , MLS# 283654 4/21             TOOLS & RESOURCES:  Map  Save Listing  Request More Info  Schedule a Showing  DESCRIPTION Are you looking for a rental condo or a home near the beach? Keauhou Resort, a well-known Vacation Destination, where vacation rentals are approved, may be the place! The resort is located approximately 1 block from Keauhou Bay along the fairways of Kona Country Club (scheduled to re-open later this year). The bay itself has activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and more. If you like swimming and lounging, the resort has two pools … (0 comments)

hawaii: Kamani Trees Home For Sale. Kailua Kona, HI Priced at $389,000 - 06/16/15 02:01 PM
  $389,000SALE PENDING 76-667 Ahu St
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 2 beds, 2 baths | Single Family Home 
1,001 sq ft, 0.14 acre lot , MLS# 275168 1/10   10 -- 10
        DESCRIPTION One of the largest 2 bedroom 2 bath homes in Kamani Trees. 
Kamani trees subdivision is a secret little hideaway right in the heart of Kona. You have the luxury of sidewalks, underground utilities, weekly trash pick up, an active homeowners association. Pride of ownership shows through out this subdivision. Great shortcut down to Banyans surf break, and there is only one way in/out of this 5 street subdivision.
2 bedrooms with extensions, use your imagination
2 baths
2 car garage
low maintenance … (3 comments)

hawaii: 5 Demands You Should Make on Your Listing Agent - 06/16/15 01:23 PM
5 Demands You Should Make on Your Listing Agent  June 16, 2015  For Sellers Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate,  bringing you the latest Real Estate News,  June 11, 2015  For Buyers, For Sellers, Pricing  . We subscribe to several real estate related news sites and try to bring you the most relevant to you, todays is from Current Matters.
Hiring a professional real estate agent can take away most of the challenges of selling. A greatagent is always worth more than the commission they charge; just like a great doctor or great accountant.
You want to deal with one of the best agents in … (7 comments)

hawaii: Thinking About Selling Your Home? Here Are 5 Reasons To Do It Now - 06/11/15 03:00 PM
Are you thinking about selling your home? 
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate and 
We have put together this guide to help you with your decision 
5 Reasons to Sell Now:
Thinking About Selling Your Home - Spring 2015 from Lance Owens  

hawaii: Where Will Mortgage Rates Be In 12 Months - 06/08/15 10:11 AM
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate . While searching our sources for the latest news, we came up with this (From Current Matters). I dont always agree with the experts, but I keep them close and use their expertiese to come up with my own opinion - I hope you do the same, read on. 
Where Will Mortgage Rates Be in 12 Months?  June 8, 2015  For Buyers, Interest Rates One of the biggest questions plaguing the current housing market is where mortgage interest rates will be at this time next year. Over the last two months, rates have begun to … (2 comments)

hawaii: Buyer Demand Exceeds Housing Supply - 05/29/15 10:04 AM
Buyer Demand Exceeds Housing Supply, this is an easy one to talk about. 
I woke up this morning knowing I should write a blog before I head out the door, but what was it going to be on? So I decided to make some Kona Coffee, and read my email ------  Like angels coming down from the clouds, there it was, this info-graphic on how housing supply is low, and demand is high - great topic. Well to make my job even easier, a few emails down, was a comment on an a 6 year old blog of mine. So curiosity got the … (3 comments)

hawaii: What Is The Meaning Of 808? - 05/26/15 10:18 AM
Living in Hawaii for the last 30 years,  when someone says "808" it instantly brings happiness, warmth and most of all "Aloha".  808 is actually the area code for the State of Hawaii,  also called the "808 State" there are several business's with "808" in the name. But its more than just a number, it brings a smile to someones face if you mention it. I have been at the tables in Vegas (its easy to spot someone from Hawaii), and if you were to look over at them and make simple statement that included "808" in it - you would … (12 comments)

hawaii: New Construction: Hear Those Hammers In The Background - 05/21/15 11:23 AM
Kailua Kona, Hawaii: New Construction here in Kona is a little limited, not because of supply and demand, but more because of our shear size, and the "Bureaucratic Red Tape" developers have to deal with here. I will tell you that on our recent REALTOR Open House (or Caravan as we refer to it here), we had have had several new construction homes last week. 
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) here with LUVA Real Estate, as you know by now we subscribe to several different real estate related websites and blogs and try to bring you Real Estate News that Matters. Today we bring … (0 comments)

hawaii: Keauhou Resort #76 Offered For Sale and Vacation Rental Approved - 05/06/15 11:22 PM
Offered at $319,500.
Keauhou Resort,  just about one block from Keauhou Bay and Vacation Rental Approved. 
Aloha, Lance Owens (RS) and Kimi Nagatoshi (RS) with LUVA Real Estate,  bringing you our newest listing. All the details are below, feel free to call Kimi or myself with any questions. 
These first 2 photos are taken from Keauhou Bay, about 1,500 feet from your front door.
 78-7039 Kamehameha Iii Rd #76 Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 
Condo, 1 Beds, 1 Baths, 752 sq. ft., MLS# 283654
TOOLS & RESOURCES: Save ListingRequest More InfoSchedule a ShowingMap to PropertyPrintable VersionMortgage CalculatorsGet Pre-Approved for a LoanTell a Friend 4/10      
    DESCRIPTION Are you looking for a desirable vacation condo or … (8 comments)

hawaii: FHA, VA, and Conventional Loans ... The Waiting Periods - 04/30/15 06:40 PM
Clients are always asking me, how long do I have to wait before I can buy a home, if I had a short sale or foreclosure? Even works with a bankruptcy, take a minute to read the article below, then let me help you find the home the works for you.  
FHA, VA, and Conventional Loans ... The Waiting Periods          There is a phenomenon at play in the American Home Buying marketplace currently.  Former homeowners that suffered financial catastrophe during the housing crisis (often referred to as "Boomerang Buyers") are asking ...         

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