sumter home sales: Sumter County, SC Real Estate Market update for October 25, 2013 - 10/25/13 01:44 PM
Sumter County, SC Real Estate Market update for October 25, 2013
The Sumter SC Real Estate Market once again saw a large change in the weekly Sumter County Median Home Price ($142,500) and the Sumter County Average Home Price ($112,778).  These prices were closer to what would be considered normal for the Sumter SC real estate market.  The prior week with $175,000 for the Median Sumter County Home Price and $192,568 were higher than what is normal in the Sumter SC real estate market.  Sold properties continue to increase and the month is still lower than what Sumter experienced … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: Sumter County, SC Market update for September 20, 2013 - 09/24/13 12:16 PM
September continues to be a good month for closing real estate transaction in Sumter, SC.  Sumter, SC home sales are still better than in prior years, but indicators are showing the Sumter, SC home sales are slowing.  The week ending September 20 in the Sumter, SC market shows fewer homes put under contract than sold or closed and the September 2013 Month to Date Market data shows the same thing.  This is an indicator that our pending homes will be lower at the end of the month and an indicator that home sales in Sumter, SC are slowing as the … (2 comments)

sumter home sales: Sumter SC January 2013 Real Estate Market Report - 03/08/13 12:48 PM
Market Summary Thru January 31, 2013
The number of homes sold in the Sumter South Carolina Real Estate Market in the month of January increased to 66 properties.  This is the best yearly start since 2008.  January 2012 to January 2013 increase in sales is a whopping 34%!!!  The number of active pendings has increased in January.  This is a good indicator the the number of sold units will be increasing in February or future months. 
The Median home price in Sumter decreased in January over December.  The Average $ per … (0 comments)

sumter home sales: Sumter SC December 2012 Real Estate Market Report - 01/09/13 12:45 PM
Market Summary Thru December 31, 2012
The number of homes sold in the Sumter South Carolina Real Estate Market in the month of December decreased from 60 in November to 58 in December.  The number of active pendings has decreased at the end of December, which is an indicator that the number of homes sold in January will likely be at comparable levels to November and December.       
The Median home price in Sumter has increased in December.  The Average $ per Square Foot dropped in December over the average price per square foot … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: April 2012 Sumter SC Market Report - 05/16/12 11:46 AM
  Market Summary Thru April 30, 2012       
The number of homes sold in the Sumter South Carolina in the month of April decreased from 56 in March to 52 in April.  The numbers of homes sold in Sumter County in April was less than exptected for a spring month, but the pendings indicate that May may also faller short of prior years sales.       
Second the Median and Average home price in Sumter was up over the prior several March with March seeing a lower median home price than is normal in the spring market.  Sumter saw … (0 comments)

sumter home sales: April 2011 Sumter SC Market Reports - 05/23/11 02:17 PM
  Market Summary Thru April 30, 2011               
April 2011 showed a pick up in sales in the Sumter Real Estate Market. April 2011 units sold was th highest the Sumter market has seen since June 2010.  The activity in the Sumter Real Estate Market has varied by week, but we are starting to experience the spring selling season.   While Year To Date Closings are still below 2010 levels, we have made progress in "catching" up with those numbers with March and April home sales.    … (0 comments)

sumter home sales: September 2010 Sumter SC Market Report - 10/07/10 02:51 PM
  Market Summary Thru September 30, 2010    
September had 74 residential properties close. An increase of 12 units over August 2010.  Looking at the Monthly Units Closed chart, one might expect to see a peak in November as we did last year, but I would feel confident in saying we won't see that peak this year.  That peak was generated with the end of the 2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit at the end of November and then that was extended with a newer version that ended in having a house under contract in April 2010.  There … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: Pricing Your Home - 09/09/10 09:19 PM
Pricing Your HomeSo you are ready to consider selling your home or you have to put it on the market?  Maybe you have an idea about what your house is worth or you know what you want for it.  Either way, what you are able to sell your home for is what the market will bear.When I met with sellers, I always tell them in order to sell your home you need to price it according to the market.  Granted we all might think our home is worth $1 million, but what is a buyer willing to pay. Realtors(R) use … (4 comments)

sumter home sales: August 2010 Market Report Sumter County South Carolina - 09/07/10 12:42 PM
August 2010 Sumter, SC Market Report     Market Summary Thru August 31, 2010    
August with 62 closings had only 7 less than July in Sumter County South Carolina.  We are seeing an increase in the number of rentals in Sumter for various reasons and the rental market is hot right now.     The year to date closings in Sumter County is slightly below the 2009 numbers.  Through August 2009 Sumter County, SC had 604 units closed to 565 for the same time period in 2010.        Days … (0 comments)

sumter home sales: Cooler Weather... Cooler Sales... - 08/31/10 12:21 PM
Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Cooler weather seems to be around the corner, but with that historically the best selling season of the year is over in Sumter South Carlina. The Sumter market has historically been most active during the summer months and from the end of September through the start of the New Year, the closing of residential real estate tends to slow.   This doesn’t mean that if your home is on the market, you take it off.  (Unless of course you truly feel you need a break.)  It simply means that there are … (2 comments)

sumter home sales: May 2010 Market Update Sumter, South Carolina - 06/10/10 11:15 AM
Market Summary Thru May 31, 2010    
May was a busy month for closing transactions in Sumter, South Carolina.  While seeing 84 properties sell in Sumter County, we saw the pendings fall from 194 the end of April to 174 the end of May.  We are still seeing buyers in the market, but we are also receiving lots and I mean LOTS of phone calls for rentals.  Many potential home buyers in Sumter County, still qualify for the First Time Tax Credit.  Be sure and check it out!     In May Sumter county had 86 units close, down 2 … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: April 2010 Real Estate Market Update Sumter, SC - 05/17/10 01:57 PM
Market Summary Thru April 30, 2010  
April brought a flurry of buyer activity into the Sumter Market.  The good news is for many potential home buyers the tax credit may not have ended on April 30th!  If a buyer is military or a Federal Government employee who was out of the country for part of 2008 or 2009, they have up to April 2011 to use the tax credit!!!!  Since many Air Force and Army personnel fit this category, they may still be able to use the tax credit to purchase a home!   In April Sumter county … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: 3145 Oleander, Possible 4 Bedroom Home in Wintergreen! - 05/10/10 01:44 PM

sumter home sales: 1830 Lirope, Sumter, SC Wintergreen Subdivision - 05/10/10 01:35 PM

sumter home sales: 3545 Oleander Drive, Wintergreen Subdivision - 05/10/10 01:02 PM

sumter home sales: December 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report - 01/13/10 03:36 PM
    Market Summary Thru December 31, 2009    
Sumter county in December 2009 had 64 units closed.  This is down from November and December, but considering the time of year and holidays, this is not unusual.  There was a lot of buyer activity though with many buyers moving into the area.  The question that only time will tell is if we see an increase January and February.  We are currently a week and half into January and we are seeing closings.  This might not seem significant, but most home buyers close at the end of the … (4 comments)

sumter home sales: 1775 Canberra Drive, Sumter, SC - 09/23/09 04:06 PM

sumter home sales: Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update November 2008 - 12/08/08 01:10 PM
November was a slower month for the Sumter Real Estate Market.  This follows most Novembers in the past several years when the market slows in November and December due to the holidays.  Buyers are still out looking, but the activity is not very steady.

The number of units sold in November was considerably lower than the units sold in October (59 vs.80).  When looking at the units sold per month history, November is lower than October since 2004.  December is a strange month in some years prior closings in December have increased over November closings, some years have stayed the … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update October 2008 - 11/06/08 01:34 PM
October was an up and down month in Sumter county real estate.  Some agents were busy with buyers and sellers, while others were trying to find the elusive buyer.  There are buyers out there, but it seems the closer to elections we were, the more they were waiting to see what happens.
The number of units sold in October was slightly lower than the units sold in September (80 vs.86).  October in prior years has been consistent on the August and September levels.  While our numbers are lower than September, they are not drastically off.  Wile factoring in the election, … (1 comments)

sumter home sales: Sumter, SC Real Estate Market Update August 2008 - 09/22/08 09:29 AM
Ok, so my predictions for the market holding steady did not exactly happen in August.  To be honest though, I was shocked when I researched the numbers and saw that only 87 units closed in Sumter County during the month of August.  This was a true surprise because we were having a lot of buyer activity....  With that being said, I still think my predictions will hold true from my July Market Update.
The units sold decreased to 87 in August vs. 103 in July, with the pending decreasing from 172 in July to 166 in August.  The number of pending … (0 comments)

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