sumter real estate: VA Funding Fees: Sumter Real Estate - 03/10/11 04:25 AM
VA Funding Fees
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VA Funding Fees are the money’s a borrower pays to use their VA benefits when purchasing a home.  The Funding Fees are normally added to the total principal of the loan.  When the borrower is putting no money down, the result of adding the Funding Fees is the mortgage is higher than the sale price of the home.  Though the funding fee may not seem like a lot at the time of purchase in the recent market of low appreciation if any, this increase to the mortgage can cost borrowers when they try … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: January 2011 Sumter Real Estate Market Report - 02/10/11 01:41 AM
Originally Posted on    Market Summary Thru January 31, 2011               
January is typically a slower month in the Sumter Real Estate Market and 2011 proved to follow prior years with the number of closings down from 61 in December 2010 to 38 in January 2011.   Year to Date closings is for the month of January only.       Days on Market for Sumter County, South Carolina decreased to 150 in January.       Listings per month increased from 95 in December to 147 in January.  This increase in listings isn't … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: December 2010 Sumter Real Estate Market Report - 01/12/11 02:32 AM
Market Summary Thru December 31, 2010    
December brought an increase in the number of real estate units sold in Sumter, SC from 44 in November to 61 in December.  This increase does reflect the increase in buyer activity agents saw in November and December.    The Year To Date Closings for 2010 fell short of the 2009 numbers.  2010 ended the year with 829 homes sold in Sumter vs. 2009 with 937 homes closed.     Days on Market for Sumter County, South Carolina increased in December to 197.  As I stated last month, there remains many wonderful homes … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: Memorial Park Sumter, SC - 10/11/10 03:54 AM
Tucked back in a city block among historical homes is a nice quiet park in the Historical District of Sumter, SC.  This park is almost a city block and is surround partially with a brick and iron fencing.  The park features a 1/3 mile walking trail around it and a large center walk way leading up to covered area.  Sure this has a name but not sure the proper name!There is a nice play area for the kids with a slide area for smaller tots and a larger triple slide for 5 to 12 year olds as the sign says, but … (2 comments)

sumter real estate: September 2010 Sumter SC Market Report - 10/07/10 07:51 AM
  Market Summary Thru September 30, 2010    
September had 74 residential properties close. An increase of 12 units over August 2010.  Looking at the Monthly Units Closed chart, one might expect to see a peak in November as we did last year, but I would feel confident in saying we won't see that peak this year.  That peak was generated with the end of the 2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit at the end of November and then that was extended with a newer version that ended in having a house under contract in April 2010.  There are … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: What Are These Things? - 10/06/10 03:00 AM
When visiting a historical area, one may see these steps at the street and wonder. They are too low to be a bench.  Do they cover up something?  Why are they between the road and the sidewalk?  What is this thing just stuck out there on it’s own and they are usually directly between the road and the front door of the building.These are carriage steps and date back to horse drawn carriages.  The carriages sat high and these steps were designed so riders could exit carriages easily and gracefully.  I have seen many of them in Charleston, SC down … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: Renting in Sumter, SC - 09/27/10 04:36 AM
The rental market in Sumter is HOT right now.  Many service members who are being stationed at Shaw are choosing to rent due to their short stay at Shaw.  There are many options available for rentals in the Sumter area.  Rentals include single family homes, duplexes and apartment complexes.   I have been asked many times by renters the procedure and what is required to rent a property.  Through many of the Real Estate Brokerages, a renter must complete a rental application and have a credit report pulled for review.  This normally does include in $35 fee for the credit … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: Pre-Listing Consultation, Free for the Asking! - 09/01/10 03:28 AM
Fall also gives you the time to take on some of those projects you might have been putting off.  It also means that if you are considering selling your house on the next year, now is the time to consult a Realtor(R).  This consultation will be a great time to interview several agents and get some great advice on how to prepare your home for sale.   Be honest with the agents and tell them when you are looking at putting your home on the market and what your plans on.  A good agent will be glad to visit with you … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: Crowndale Subdivision, Close to Shaw and Sumter - 06/21/10 04:51 AM

sumter real estate: Wintergreen with Finished Bonus Room - 06/21/10 04:22 AM

sumter real estate: Beautiful Home in Historic Sumter - 06/21/10 04:10 AM

sumter real estate: Well Maintained Home in Wintergreen Subdivision - 06/21/10 03:59 AM

sumter real estate: April 2010 Real Estate Market Update Sumter, SC - 05/17/10 06:57 AM
Market Summary Thru April 30, 2010  
April brought a flurry of buyer activity into the Sumter Market.  The good news is for many potential home buyers the tax credit may not have ended on April 30th!  If a buyer is military or a Federal Government employee who was out of the country for part of 2008 or 2009, they have up to April 2011 to use the tax credit!!!!  Since many Air Force and Army personnel fit this category, they may still be able to use the tax credit to purchase a home!   In April Sumter county had … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: Sumter Market Report February 2010 - 03/05/10 02:41 AM
February 2010 Sumter, SC Market Report     Market Summary Thru February 28, 2010    
February 2010 in Sumter county had 54 units closed.  This is up from January.  Looking are prior years it is normal to see an increase in units sold between January and February.  Buyers are still very active in Sumter County.  Many agents are experiencing more and more business.  The number of units pending increased from 127 in January to 167 at the end of February.  This is a good indication we will see more closings March and April.          Sumter County normally … (0 comments)

sumter real estate: Sumter Market Report January 2010 - 02/10/10 03:44 AM
Market Summary Thru January 31, 2010  
Sumter county in December 2009 had 45 units closed.  This is down from November and December, but considering the time of year and holidays, this is not unusual.  Buyers continue to be active in Sumter County.  The number of units pending increased from 98 in December to 127 at the end of January.  With this number we should see more closings in the coming months.          While Sumter is getting off to a slow start in 2010, if you look at the Monthly Units Sold January is normally a slower month … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: AgentOwned Heritage Group Welcomes Associate Realty Agents! - 01/04/10 06:10 AM
Many changes are happening at AgentOwned Realty in Sumter.  First, all the Agent-Owners at AgentOwned Realty Heritage Group in Sumter would like to extend a warm welcome to the agents, staff and builders from the former Associates Realty.  You will love AgentOwned and what it offers.  I can say this with all confidence because I transfered my license from Associates to AgentOwned a little over 2 year ago.    Second, we are on the move again!  Yes, I said again.  We were at our present location at Miller Road and Guignard for a little over a year.  All the agents … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: Support the Troops Friday - 10/16/09 06:56 AM
Another Friday and a day to show our appeciation and support for our members of the armed services.  Living next to an Air Force Base, we are reminded daily of their service.  Today, October 16th is a day for our entire community to be on edge.  Two of our F-16 pilots from the 20th Fighter Wing were involved in a collision last night over the Atlantic.  One fighter was able to land safely at Charleston Air Force Base.  A search is going on for the second pilot and his plane.  Please take a moment to keep this family in your prayers. 

sumter real estate: September 2009 Sumter, SC Market Report - 10/13/09 03:39 AM
    Market Summary Thru September 30, 2009    
In September we saw the number of units close decrease from 83 in August 2009 t0 68 in September 2009.  This was a decrease from September 2008.  Though we are seeing some first time home buyers taking advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit, we are not seeing as many as was expected.  The tax credit does require the buyers to stay in the home for three years or repay the entire amount.  This is definately a consideration if you are in the military and might have to sell the home before … (1 comments)

sumter real estate: Friday's Anthem Performed by the Academy Choirs - 10/02/09 07:45 AM
Friday is Red, White and Blue day at AgentOwned Realty.  The agent owners and mangement do this to support our troops and to show our appreciation.  Mama Liz started a group on AciveRain called "Support our Troops Friday" and I like to post the National Anthem.  I am fortunate and get to hear the National Anthem daily from the loud speakers at Shaw Air Force Base.  I like to post the Anthem every week to remind everyone how fortunate we are to live in the United States,  I also realize most Americans do not hear the National Anthem weekly unless they … (4 comments)

sumter real estate: Because of the Brave, We are Free - 09/24/09 11:15 PM
To help kick off the new group "Support Our Troops Friday". Thank you for all you do!
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