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I have been talking lots about the FHA 203K loan program recently.  Mostly because it facilitates the buying of the type of homes my buyers are looking for.  While having these conversations, it's amazing to me how many of people in the industry are unfamiliar with this loan product.  My lender j...
At the beginning of the month Peregrine started construction (tenant improvements) on our new showroom space.  We are taking a store front location on Main Street in Downtown Littleton and converting it into an office space that highlights our product and service.  If you live in the metro Denver...
For the last few years, we all have been making adjustments to our lifestyles...removing luxuries, becoming more reserved in our spending, reallocating our investments, etc... Lately, I've been reading up on Generation Y and talking with a few members of this large group of the population.  Many ...
Those in the real estate industry are aware of the opportunity that currently exists in our currently depressed real estate market.  I find that the greatest challenge is educating the public on this opportunity.  The Wall Street Journal recently published this article which does a great job high...
The FHA 203K program is gaining momentum in the Denver market.  Few people are currently aware of the opportunity here.  They are fortunate!  This blog is a great example of how the 203K program changed one families home purchase. Thanks for this sharing this story, Grayson.  Help spread the wor...
For the past few months, our dishes have come out of the dishwasher with a coat of white film all over them.  I figured it was due to hard water, but did not have money in the household budget for a water softener.  So I decided to live with "white" dishes.  My in-laws were visiting over Thanksgi...
For some time now, I have known that I love houses.  Various types for various reasons.  I have also come to the realization that I will never be able to live in all the countries, cities, states, neighborhoods, etc... where I would like to.  And, so I live vicariously through my clients.  As a R...

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