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A recent survey of farmland real estate brokers shows that the price of Iowa’s best farmland rose by an average of 6.6 percent from March 2008 through August 2008, cooling slightly versus the previous six month period. This survey was conducted by the Iowa Farm and Land Chapter 2 Realtors Land In...
About a month ago, the US Department of Agriculture published its annual report on the value of agricultural land in the United States. As you might expect, values were up nearly everywhere, but especially in the Midwest. High prices on commodities such as corn, soybeans and wheat drove prices hi...
The primary objective of most Section 1031 exchanges is to move an investment from one property to another without incurring a tax liability. In other words, take your money out of this property and put it into that property and pay no capital gain tax. By following the rules and regulations of S...

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