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My blog is generally on subjects that relate to Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.
Did you know that if you own land and sell an easement to that land to a government agency, it is likely that your transaction is eligible for Section 1031 exchange treatment? Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWPP) and Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) easements are being purchased by the Iow...
You'd think it would be fairly simple to list the requirements to defer the maximum amount of capital gain taxes through the use of a Section 1031 exchange. As I set out to write this article, though, I realize that like a lot of other aspects of exchanges, it takes a little thought and effort t...
Many people hear the term "like-kind" when they're talking about Section 1031 exchanges and they start to panic. Please, relax! I've got an easy way for you to figure out whether two properties are like-kind to each other for purposes of exchanging. First of all, a caveat... the easy way only app...
Occasionally a client will ask that question, and we can usually answer, "YES!" It does depend upon exactly what the client's plans and intentions are, but in general, the replacement property in a Section 1031 exchange can be newly constructed during the exchange or substantially improved during...
Short notice, but I wanted to announce the Spring Educational Seminar and Trade Show of the Iowa Landlord Association. It will take place on Thursday, April 30, at the downtown Holiday Inn. There will be a succession of speakers on relevant topics to landlords. During breaks, please stop in at th...
Ā  Announcing the first annual convention of the Two Rivers Real Estate Investors Association, to be held on May 9, 2009, at the Des Moines Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center. Two nationally-recognized speakers will be making presentations to the group: Larry Goins, of South Carolina, and Pete ...
One of the most common questions we receive is something along the lines of "What do I put in my Purchase Agreement if I want to do a Section 1031 exchange?" The answer can sometimes be, "Nothing," although we do suggest that you use what is known as a cooperation clause. By law, there is no requ...
This will be a first... I'm going to give you an inside look at what it is we are trying to do here at Iowa Equity Exchange. First of all, props to Jeffrey Gitomer for a column on this topic that prompted me to devote detailed thought to these things. Let's start out with a definition. When you t...
In a further confirmation that values have peaked at least for now, the REALTORSĀ® Land Institute semi-annual survey shows a 7.6% drop in the price for farmland over the six months ending February 28 of this year. This survey is conducted every six months and consists of input from the state's far...
In what could hardly be termed a surprise, the Des Moines Register reported on February 21, 2009 that farm land values in Iowa declined 6% during the final quarter of 2008 according to the Federal Reserve Board of Chicago. This is the first such drop in a decade. The primary contrbuting factor is...

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