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I just received an email update (from myself) of the vacant listings in the area.  I like to have this list so that if I'm out and about I can pop in and preview a property, even if I don't currently have a buyer for it.  It's helpful in a number of ways and often times I'll go looking at it and ...
It sometimes amazes me just how fine a line it is between receiving multiple offers and having a home sit on the market.  As perception is such a big part of real estate, buyers often clamor to the newest listing.  I'm frequently asked how many offers we already have and are we going to wait a fe...
.....a balanced market this is not.  I'm fortunate in that I work in a very high end, high priced market in the South Bay of Southern California and highly demanded coastal communties of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa and Redondo Beach.  Our market doesn't seem to follow national trends and what's happ...
There are a lot of aspects to my job as a realtor.  Stager, negotiator, networker, marketer and I've even cleaned windows in the past when necessary.  Yesterday was a new one....I wanted to get a home slightly cleaned up for my buyer (it's been an endless probate sale so it's not going to be too ...
My office recently announced a merger with a Sotheby's affiliate which will certainly help brand ourselves even more in the luxury market of Manhattan Beach and the South Bay.  Yesterday we had a meeting about how Sotheby's would like us to present our listings with beautiful images, stunning vid...
Off market and pocket listings are all the rage in our local Manhatta Beach real estate market.  Demand is so far outpacing supply that multiple offers, all cash offers, and offers way over list price has become the new normal.  Given the inability for many home buyers to get the homes they want ...
Motivated buyers are great.  Motivated and frustrated buyers in the ultra high demand South Bay market we're currently in are challenging.  Unfortunately whenever a "special" listing hits the market there are usually 20 or 30 buyers bidding on the home, and many of them "need" to get this house. ...
I visited a home recently that had been extensively updated.  New kitchen, new baths, gleaming hardwood floors....but then I walked into the master bath and was surprised to see some very dated tile.  They had basically redone everything but this one bath. Sellers (and realtors) need to understan...
I may spend a bit too much time being annoyed at the photos realtors use to sell homes and honestly other than making us all look bad, it doesn't really impact me.   I also don't generally want to post anything negative about other realtors as I'm sure we all work hard and have our reasons. Havin...
By Keith Kyle One of the questions I'm frequently asked by home buyers is "if the market favors sellers so much, why aren't more people selling their homes?" That's a great question and unfortunately I just don't have a great answer. The theory (and hope if you represent buyers) in our area over ...

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