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I thought it would be fun to spread some holiday cheer and pass on something excellent that has nothing to do with blogging or real estate!  This nifty website was born from something called the music genome project (who knew music could have genetic markers!).  It creates radio stations that rec...
Here's another article with some great information about efficiencies realized in getting your blog and email newsletter campaigns to work together.  Some good time saving tips here (and links to a few good resources).  Highlight Your Blog Thru Complimentary Email Marketing Efforts Pay special at...
Hi All,I thought this article might be of interest to the community.  It outlines the importance of driving search engine traffic from your blog to the tools on your real estate websites so that you can turn visitors into leads! enjoy! 
I had some folks ask for specific examples based on the last blog entry I wrote about effective real estate blog posts.  There is a link to this in the comment stream from that article, but I thought I'd make it a bit more visisble for the rest of you in case others had an interest in reading it....
The following rules are essential for creating effective real estate blog posts, read on for the full article: #1:    Create good real estate blog post titles  Rule #2:    Effectively leverage your blog post content Rule #3:    Add valued...
Audio and video files are becoming increasingly important online tools for real estate.  Podcasting and video blogging are great ways to add another dimension to your online marketing efforts.  For those of you looking for answers about podcasting and video blogging, the following educational ser...
John and I are thrilled to be on board with Howard Brinton's group, Star Power.  We are currently exhibiting at the Star Power show in NYC which begins tomorrow, July 19th!  We will be doing live video podcast interviews and blogging at the booth.  Brett Ellis will be speaking on Real Estate Blog...
I'm sure many of you are starting to notice the buzz words "Real Estate 2.0" popping up around the web.  Stemming from the not so distant cousin, Web 2.0; Real Estate 2.0 is a reference to all new and emerging technologies that are currently affecting the real estate industry at lightening speed....

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