home staging tips: 8 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Backyard’s Appeal - 05/10/17 04:38 PM
Here Are 8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Backyard Appeal to Buyers.
Lately, many of my calls from investors have asked if I could supply patio furniture for their properties. They understand the importance of the back patio area to potential buyers.
Once they’ve gone to all of the effort to rehab a property, they don’t want to forget that area that so many buyers are looking for...the backyard oasis/extra living area that our Florida weather offers.
But what can you do if your home is on the market? You may not have it in your budget to buy all … (63 comments)

home staging tips: Selling or Staying...April 29 is the Day to Clean the Air - 04/27/17 03:35 PM
Selling or Staying...April 29 is the Day to Clean the Air
When I read that Saturday, April 29 is Sense of Smell Day, my head and nose immediately turned to one of the biggest things that could derail the sale of a home.
Ask any agent and this one issue- odors in your home- is a quick turn-off for buyers.
Even if you aren’t planning on selling, you owe it to yourself and your guests to have a home that smells fresh and clean.

You can search the internet and there are dozens of ways to help combat odor. Here are just a few, … (29 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging...It’s Not Just for Selling Your Home! - 04/26/17 04:26 PM
Home Staging...It’s Not Just for Selling Your Home!

Home Staging has grown incredibly since I began my work in 2007.  Most of my work then involved educating the public (agents as well as home sellers) as to what home staging is.
And, while Stagers continue to help sellers prepare their home for sale to maximize their investment in the property, there are other times when we are asked to help.
Helping a buyer decide if the home will work with what they have.

A few years ago a buyer’s agent asked me to help her out-of-town client who loved a home but … (35 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Tips- 7 Tips Before You Head North for the Summer - 04/20/17 05:39 PM
Home Staging Tips- 7 Tips Before You Head North for the Summer

If your home will be on the market while you are up north for the summer there are 7 things you need to do to make sure your home will be sold.  These same things hold true even if you’re just going away for a summer vacation.

Even if you will be gone, it is important that you continue to make the presentation of your property of utmost importance.
7 Things You Need to Do Before You Leave Your Property…
1.Keep the Air Conditioner on and relatively low!
Saving pennies on your utility … (28 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Tips for Flippers...Don’t Wait to Contact a Stager. - 04/16/17 04:28 PM
Home Staging Tips for Flippers...Don’t Wait to Contact a Stager.

This sounds self-serving coming from a Home Stager, but it really is in your best interest to contact a Home Stager early in your process.
Just this week an investor called and needed his property staged.  They had just completed work on a 5500 square foot home and were under the gun to get the home sold.  
No problem...we can help!
Or rather, we could have helped had he given us more time.
The investor needed it staged in 3 days because he’d already scheduled a large open house.
Why do we need more lead … (28 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging...Are There Two Living Rooms? - 04/09/17 03:27 PM
Are There Two Living Rooms?
Several years ago I staged a beautiful home in a desirable community.
The listing photos did not show a vacant home but rather they showed the home with the owner’s furnishings.  And, what was there did not show the home in its best light.
The home was now vacant as the family had moved out of state to start their new life.  After sitting on the market the family decided to have the home staged.

We staged every room in the home, which was a first for Room Service!Home Staging.  After I took the “After” photos, … (59 comments)

home staging tips: Do You Know What the Keywords Of Your Home Are? - 03/22/17 04:24 PM
Do You Know What the Keywords Of Your Home Are?
Bloggers, advertisers, and others involved in digital marketing know what keywords are.  They  “facilitate an online search for information.”  They are sometimes called tags.
But let’s face it, we all assign keywords or tags to all sorts of things in our lives.  It’s how we remember things.
What about your home?

If it’s for sale, you can bet that buyers and agents have given it keywords.  
When I was looking for my own home to purchase, I gave all sorts of keywords to houses to help me remember them.
For example, there was the…
~Shag? home
This … (70 comments)

home staging tips: Your Buyers May Be Like My Husband... - 03/11/17 11:29 AM
Your Buyers May Be Like My Husband...
When you’re preparing your home for sale, it’s important to remember that the majority of buyers need to see the possibilities.  If they’re anything like my husband, showing them pictures or asking them to visualize it in their heads just won’t work.

When we were looking for items for our home, it was like pulling teeth to convince him to order from a 2 dimension photograph of a sofa while looking at a swatch of fabric only a few inches wide.
Buyers of your home are no different.  
If you’re still thinking that you don’t need … (26 comments)

home staging tips: How to Stage That Oversized Bedroom Now That Your Home is For Sale - 03/06/17 05:40 PM
Home Staging Tip- Think Before You Knock Down that Wall
Everyone wants more room and sometimes it’s as easy as removing a wall!  Lately, I’ve seen this done in more than one home...a wall is removed between two bedrooms to create one large room.
For the homeowners, it gives you the space you’ve been looking for.
But what happens when you decide it’s time to sell your home?
Home Stagers can help you show buyers the possibilities of your home but we can’t create miracles or replace walls.  
So, what can you do short of replacing the wall?
1.Know your demographics
Ask your agent who … (32 comments)

home staging tips: How to Stage Your Bookcase When Selling Your Home. - 02/22/17 05:37 PM
How to Stage Your Bookcase When Selling Your Home.

If you are selling your home, what you’ve read about staging and preparing it for sale holds true for the shelves and bookcases within it.

Perception is key. Your buyer needs to see space. As they take in a room, make sure their eyes aren’t bouncing from object to object but rather allow them to see the WHOLE...after all, that is what they are buying.
Also, if what you are selling is a built in bookcase, you’ll want them to SEE it...not your things.
What you can do to stage your bookcases and … (50 comments)

home staging tips: How to Prepare Your Parent's Home for Sale. - 02/16/17 04:20 PM
Staging Tips to Sell Your Parent’s Home
Many of my calls are concerning the staging of an older parent’s home before they sell it.  Here in Palm Beach County, we are blessed to have many seniors who have chosen our beaches and community to fit their retirement lifestyle.
When it’s time to make a move, there are things that you can do to help with the sale of your parent’s home, make it as easy for them as possible and maximize their investment.
What is important to remember is that perceived value is the key to maximizing the investment your parents have made in … (30 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging-Sometimes It Takes a Little Focus - 01/25/17 05:11 PM
Home Staging-Sometimes It Takes a Little Focus
Home staging involves so much more than placing furnishings in a vacant property.  Helping homeowners who are currently occupying their home stage their home for sale is what I love to do most.
After the extras have been edited, stagers can reposition, replace, and repurpose what you have to help push your rooms to the next level.
In the photo below, this infant’s room is nice.  It’s not perfect but lived in homes aren’t model homes.  They don’t have to be perfect.
The room is relatively neat but doesn’t really invite the buyer in.
The … (32 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Safety Tip - 01/16/17 04:38 PM
Protecting Your Child’s Privacy

If you’ve placed your house on the market then you’ve been told by your agent, your friends, your home stager, and the cable television shows that you need to remove personal photos.

However, besides removing your personal photos, there is another category of personal items that you should remove for your child’s protection.

These are items that have the name of your child on it.

This includes the cute plaques that I see in a child’s bedroom, bean bag chairs with a child’s name, bath towels, pillowcases…anything that would give a stranger who enters your home information about your … (32 comments)

home staging tips: 10 Tips to Update Your Master Bedroom - 01/11/17 05:37 PM
How to Turn Your Bedroom Into the Space You Deserve
January is known as the best month to purchase linens and towels so what better time to think about updating your master bedroom.  
Whether or not you’re planning on selling your home, you owe it to yourself to create a relaxing retreat. It’s good for the mind, for your body, your soul and if you’re selling your house...your pocketbook!
On my Home Staging Consultations, I’ve seen so many master bedrooms that look like anything but a retreat for the homeowner.  They often look as if they serve as a combination office, bedroom, storage … (33 comments)

home staging tips: YOU Need to Be In Charge When Selling Your Home! - 01/03/17 05:18 PM
Home Staging Tips that puts you in charge!

When you make the decision to sell your home, your responsibility
doesn’t stop there.  Think of your home as a ship and you are the ship’s owner. No matter what happens, you are the one who is ultimately responsible.
So...what do you do?
1.Hire the right captain!
This is NOT the time to hire your cousin’s best friend who just received their Real Estate license.  
Interview agents in your area who know your local market.  Ask them how they plan to market your property.
Picking someone who suggests a list price that YOU want to hear … (33 comments)

home staging tips: How To Get Buyers Into Your Rooms… - 12/26/16 05:09 PM
Make it easy for them to come in.
One of the things I stress when speaking with sellers during my home staging consultation is letting a buyer see the possibilities of their home.

This is why editing the excess is so important. However, another important "to do" that every seller needs to do is make sure that each room invites a buyer in.

One of my favorite shows is American Pickers on the History Channel.  On one episode, Mike and Frank were asked to source items for William Shatner’s home. Upon completion of the project, Captain Kirk (Mr. Shatner) was very happy with … (32 comments)

home staging tips: How to Add Color When Selling Your Home... - 12/15/16 06:18 PM
 Bring On The Color
Greenery, Shadow and Poised Taupe
All different and all 2017 Colors of the Year as chosen by Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams respectively.

Greenery...Shadow...Poised Taupe
I could see using any and all of them depending on the room and the lighting and of course, whether or not the home was on the market.
What this says to me is that just like in recent years, people are wanting color back in their lives.
That said, what do you do if you want to paint but may be selling your home in the near future?
Do you settle for boring beige?
There are … (25 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Tip-Are You Letting These 6 Distractions Cost You a Sale? - 12/07/16 06:49 PM
Don’t let one distraction cost you the sale!
I believe in keeping my eyes and thoughts focused on the positive but let’s face it, sometimes we can’t keep distractions or negative things from impacting us.  Buyers are no different.  Much as they want to fall in love with your home, one distraction can turn that “SOLD” into “We’ll Pass.”
What’s causing the Buyers’ eyes to turn away?  Here are just a few…
1.The 80s Look
On a home tour last year, I was impressed with how clean and well maintained the homes were.  However, the community was built in the 80s and the majority of … (42 comments)

home staging tips: What Is Home Staging About? - 11/02/16 09:48 AM
Yes...It’s All About the Presentation.
 Home staging is all about presentation and perception. In the preparation of your home for sale, you’ll want to focus on how it is being presented to your buyers.  

It is this perceived value that will help to influence if an offer is made and for how much.

A buyer wants to feel good about what they’re buying.

Many years ago we had a neighbor who was a little bit older and more proper than the other neighbors.
 She was fun and we all loved getting together.  Her dinners were famous for how good they were and … (31 comments)

home staging tips: 12 Things to Do When Your House Is Being Shown - 10/31/16 10:57 AM
A Checklist You Can Use...
You’ve just spent weeks preparing your house for sale.  Now all you have to do is wait for it to be shown, and you’ll be on your way to your new home!  Right?


Don’t drop the ball now after all of the work you’ve done.
Selling your home while you’re living in it can be done but it takes some organization on your part to ensure that you do live through it!
Here is a Checklist you can use when your house is being shown.

1.Remove your dirty dishes!
If your dishwasher is full, then put that cereal bowl in … (26 comments)

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