thoughts: Don’t Call Me Tonight...I’m Busy. - 08/02/17 04:00 PM
Don’t Call Me Tonight...I’m Busy.
It has been a long 6 months but finally tonight...can you hear it...more importantly...are you ready?
Are you ready for some football??
Granted tonight’s game is not the official start of the NFL season’s the Hall of Fame Game. And, no, most of the starters will not be playing but it’s football. The Cardinals vs The Cowboys (that’s Arizona vs Dallas)

Last year’s Hall of Fame Game was cancelled due to field conditions so let’s hope Canton has everything set and ready to go.

This off-season I watched March Madness, the NBA, some of The Tour De France and one … (33 comments)

thoughts: Just How Important Is It For You to Be Right? - 07/26/17 12:33 PM
Just How Important Is It For You To Be Right?
The other day we were in a doctor’s waiting room and listened as a gentleman went to the receptionist’s window. He presented her with his driver’s license and insurance cards and the forms that he’d filled in and then printed from the medical office portal.

He was prepared and had everything they had asked for. It’s so much easier to do this rather than sit in the waiting room trying to fill out the forms while your clipboard is balanced on one knee, and you’re thumbing through your phone for addresses and … (35 comments)

thoughts: A Father’s Lesson On Goals - 07/17/17 04:09 PM
A Father’s Lesson On Goals...
It’s interesting that the lessons we learn and remember the most are the ones taught to us by our parents. We may not think so at the time, but they do leave an imprint on us.
Recently on a reality show a son recounted an early lesson taught to him by his father. I didn’t think much about it at the time as I was doing some channel surfing but as I thought about it, the lesson became clear.
The father gave his son a stone and told him to study it and memorize everything he could about it. … (33 comments)

thoughts: My Strengths and the Other Stuff... - 05/07/17 04:32 PM
My Strengths and The Other Stuff…
Carol Williams has given us a challenge to write about our strengths and weaknesses and how we manage or at least deal with them in our work.
My Strengths…
It may sound a bit biased but I think my strengths are in my people skills.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  ( Now that I think about it, I could be all wrong about this and you’re sitting out there saying Are you kidding me!?!  What people skills!)

I digress.  In my mind, I’m going with the people skill thing.  It has helped me in all … (35 comments)

thoughts: Libras Must Find Balance - 05/04/17 04:25 PM
Libras Must Find Balance
I’d imagine that at this point in my life where there is more in the rear view mirror than what’s out front, striking a balance in my personal life with my work life takes on a different meaning.

My Struggle: How to ease into retirement without being retired.

It’s a hard thing to admit that you are at that point in your life that many often long to be in.
In fact, I can remember when I was younger dreaming of the day when I no longer had to work. But the day approaches and you don’t want … (33 comments)

thoughts: Enlightening Beach Walk - 05/03/17 01:24 PM
Enlightening Beach Walk
One of the perks (besides the exercise) of our morning walks along Delray Beach is what it does for your mind.
It prepares me for the day to come. And, it opens my mind to all sorts of thoughts and ideas.
Such was the case today.

Our typical walks begin and end at no particular time or place.  Our route is wherever the wind takes us.  And often that wind keeps us off the beach if the winds are particularly strong.  It’s like being sandblasted with the sand stinging you on your arms and legs.
The only goal we … (28 comments)

thoughts: Are You LOVIN’ Your Life? - 04/30/17 03:30 PM
Are You LOVIN’ Your Life?
In a moment reminiscent of Art Linkletter’s Kids Say the Darndest Things, I had a big chuckle the other day when I overheard our neighbor’s children playing.  They were on one of those slip and slide mats and had been playing sliding around on it most of the day.

The oldest one was teasing her younger sister for spending so much time on the mat.  I think she was bored and wanted to move on to another game or toy. She told her little sister that it was time to stop.
The youngest one didn’t miss a … (45 comments)

thoughts: Thursday Thoughts...On Being “Of a Certain Age.” - 04/19/17 04:28 PM
Thursday Thoughts...On Being “Of a Certain Age.”
The other day I had my annual wellness exam.  Now for those of you who are not yet 65, on Medicare,  and have had the pleasure of one of these, let me share with you a bit of how you feel when you leave.
Your feeling runs between “Gee...I’m in darn good health for someone my age”
“Good grief, do they think anyone over a certain age is a walking (barely) old person, on their way towards alcoholism and incompetency?”
Yes, I understand that many of the questions are necessary due to a portion of … (34 comments)

thoughts: Treasured Moments... - 04/12/17 04:24 PM
Treasured Moments
The other day while on our walk along Delray Beach, Larry stopped to look at a lot across the street from the ocean.  Also looking were a father and his young teenaged son.
    The father asked Larry how much he thought the lot would go for.
“Maybe $1.5 million or probably more.”
The father said he thought it might go around $2 million.
He then told Larry that he was using this as a teaching moment for his 15 year old son. The young man thought it might sell for $150,000.
The son had been admiring the property. His dad was using … (37 comments)

thoughts: Progress, Not Perfection - 04/02/17 11:14 AM
Progress, Not Perfection
In the film The Equalizer, Denzel Washington’s character says to someone Progress, not perfection.  
He is lending support and encouragement to a co-worker who is trying to lose weight for a job he wants.
This is so simple and yet, how many of us focus so much on getting it perfect, doing something absolutely right, that we never even take that first step?
We have a friend who has been trying to move from a home he rents to the condo that he owns.  The time was never there for him to get it done. To top it off, he … (31 comments)

thoughts: Agents-Buyers Aren’t the Only Ones Viewing Your MLS Photos - 03/16/17 05:40 PM
Agents-Buyers Aren’t the Only Ones Viewing Your MLS Photos

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on your MLS photos and rightly so.  This is typically the first round of media exposure that your listing will receive. It’s where buyers go to begin their search.

However, possible buyers aren’t the only ones viewing, and judging, those photos.

Other agents, lenders, home inspectors, stagers and future clients as well will see these photos.

And as we’re all human, we may think…

Why in the world would the agent let these photos on the MLS?
Imagine all of the other thoughts that go through our … (61 comments)

thoughts: All We Want Is to Know What’s Going On. - 03/01/17 03:34 PM
All We Want Is to Know What’s Going On.
One of the things I find most frustrating is waiting in a doctor’s office or for some kind of car repair and have no idea when they’re going to call your name. I often wonder if they’ve forgotten about me but I don’t want to seem pushy so I’ll wait a little longer before I go up and ask when I might be called.
If you haven’t experienced this, then you’re one lucky person.
A few years ago when Larry was in the hospital, one of the things I really appreciated was the … (27 comments)

thoughts: Try Taking a Step Back - 02/23/17 04:56 PM
Try Taking a Step Back...

The other day I was in the market looking for a particular type of Risotto.  I’d purchased it before and remembered it being in this particular store on this aisle.  So there I am looking for a good 5 minutes (or so it seemed.)
The rice products were no more than 2 feet in front of me. I scoured each shelf looking for the familiar package.

I thought my contacts were going to pop out!

So, I decided to take a step back. In fact, I stood in front of the shelves directly across from it, probably a good … (81 comments)

thoughts: Thoughtless Thursday-Hey...Hanging Up Is My Job! - 02/15/17 04:37 PM
Thoughtless Thursday-Hey...Hanging Up Is My Job!

Don’t worry… to my knowledge, there is no Thoughtless Thursday group!  But I felt like a bit of frivolity and I had that today.
You know those I can get more leads for you for $$$ per month calls that we all get?!
And we all take great joy in letting the caller know...
Thank you but I get the leads I need without a lead generating service.
Today, someone called, very polite and energetic by the way.  He announced his name, the name of his company and what they did.

So far, so good.  At least no deception. … (22 comments)

thoughts: Hands-free? Speaker phone? Are you sounding like you're calling from a Tunnel - 02/12/17 06:28 PM
Hands-free? Speaker phone? Are you sounding like you're calling from a Tunnel
Way back when, in my other business life, I always found it rude when someone I was speaking with put me on their speaker phone.  It made me feel as if I was of less importance.
Times have changed!  If you’re in your car, please, put me on speaker phone and keep those hands on the wheel.  
Better yet, call me back when you’re not maneuvering 3,000+ pounds of steel down the road.
However, if you are not in your car or the call is not an emergency, and you … (27 comments)

thoughts: Taking Things for Granted... - 02/08/17 04:38 PM
Taking Things for Granted...
The other day, we finally saw Hidden Figures.  I loved it.  However, this is not a review of the movie.  

Throughout the movie, several thoughts kept popping into my head.
I grew up in that era.  During those years all of us could name the 7 Astronauts. The nation stopped to watch every launch.  Heck...we even knew when the next launch was.
And yet, that world was something more than what I remembered.
During the movie I kept shaking my could that be?  How could anyone have treated others in that manner?
Could those 50+ years have been … (36 comments)

thoughts: And So It Begins... - 02/06/17 02:45 PM
And So It Begins….

The game is over.  Sigh Once a year I get into a bit of a slump or rather the letdowns from the end of football.
Even though the Super Bowl was played on Sunday, I had Monday to still be immersed in football because it was still being discussed on ESPN.
But now it’s Tuesday and I’m seeing commercials for the NHL and NBA.  Sigh….
Having been born and raised in Houston, Texas means that football is in my blood.  

Thanksgiving meant 3 television sets with football on each one.  
Friday nights in the fall meant a high school … (40 comments)

thoughts: Just Be Careful Out There... - 02/02/17 04:41 PM
Just Be Careful Out There…
I try not to overreact about things but there was a story this week here in Delray Beach that could take place anywhere.

Two women were arrested and linked to several robberies that had occurred in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.   They allegedly had a crew of six women who worked together to rob and steal and then split the profits.
It is so easy for any of us to let our guard down when we are out, especially if it’s during the day and the stranger we run into is a female.
Tip 1
Don’t leave your … (42 comments)

thoughts: How Badly Do You Want It? - 01/04/17 03:59 PM
How Badly Do You Want It?
The other day, my oldest niece emailed me to let me know that she’d been accepted into the graduate program in the College of Education.  I was so excited for her because she had discussed this with me before and was hesitant to even apply.

The very next day, she called and said “What was I thinking?!!  I have 3 young children!! I can’t do this! I’ll miss those important years with my children!”

It was evident to me that she was headed down a path that many of us have traveled.

I don't mince words so … (36 comments)

thoughts: New Year's Resolutions...More and Less. - 12/29/16 04:06 PM
New Year’s Resolutions...More and Less
It’s the time of year when people talk about resolutions for the New Year.  This is a chore (which is exactly what it felt like) I did when I was younger.

I gave it up years ago.  That’s not to say that I don’t have goals and things that I hope to achieve.  
What I have learned, however, is not to set unrealistic expectations that I will ultimately not reach and thus make me feel like I’m a failure. (you see, we do have choices in life.  I have chosen not to make myself miserable.)
Instead, what I’ve … (24 comments)

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