thoughts: Remembering How Simple Life Used to Be. - 02/14/18 05:00 PM
Remembering How Simple Life Used to Be.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I was thinking of when I was just a kid and we decorated shoe boxes so that our classmates could deliver little paper Valentines to us.
Life was sweet and simple then…

And then the heartbreaking news that there was another school shooting. And this time closer to home in Parkland, FL.  just about 20 miles to the south of us. Larry built homes in the area and I have staged homes in the area.

How in the world can this be happening?
17 Killed
Teachers and school administrators are trained on … (28 comments)

thoughts: Anyone Can Fall Down...But It Takes a Winner to Keep Going. - 02/12/18 04:25 PM
Anyone Can Fall Down, But It Takes a Winner to Keep Going.
Don’t you love the Olympics!?! We love watching all of the athletes as well as hearing the backstories. They all work so hard and make so many sacrifices.
One event we were watching this weekend...cross-country skiing...offered a lesson that even the non-athletes among us could use.
Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krueger won the Gold Medal in the Skiathlon by 8 seconds
That alone is noteworthy, but he did it after he fell in the first few seconds. Two of his competitors fell on top of him as well. Krueger had lost … (73 comments)

thoughts: Oh Yes...It’s That Time of Year ...Once Again - 02/04/18 05:37 PM
Oh Yes...It’s That Time of Year ...Once Again

For years now I’ve been writing this post on the day after the Super Bowl.  In case you’re not aware, I’m a huge football fan...Pro and College.

I was born in Texas. Friday nights in the fall meant football. In fact, when Texas A&M was still part of the Big 12 there was a traditional Thanksgiving Day game between the Aggies and the Longhorns.  One turkey day, I was dating an Aggie and had the most fun watching the game in College Station.
I can remember one Saturday when I went to 2 football … (28 comments)

thoughts: Making 2018 the Best Year Yet...or At Least Trying - 01/24/18 04:05 PM
Making 2018 the Best Year Yet...or At Least Trying

Debbie Reynolds is hosting a challenge asking us to write about 3 goals (personal or professional) we have for the year. Why we have them and how we intend on reaching them.
At this point in my life, my goals tend towards personal ones... Making sure that I continue to live the kind of life I’ve been living and enjoying it as well.
My 3 goals are extremely simple ones, and perhaps that is by design. Hopefully, the simplicity will ensure that I am not overwhelmed by them.
1. Getting back in (regular) contact … (29 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...Thank You for Reaching Out. - 01/17/18 04:37 PM
Thankful Thursday...Thank You for Reaching Out.
Confessions of a former lurker.
When I began at ActiveRain, I was a part of a group many of you may be familiar with...The Lurkers. I read, and I commented.
I decided after 4 months of lurking to write my first post and it was everything you don’t want a post to be...a wall of words and no photos or graphics.
And then one day 6 months later, when I was telling a fellow stager (who is no longer active on the site) about a staging story, he said...Why don’t you write a post about it?”
The lightbulb turned … (30 comments)

thoughts: Five Positive Things About South Florida’s Cold Temperatures… - 01/04/18 05:44 PM
Five Positive Things About South Florida’s Cold Temperatures…

While those up north are being hammered by Winter Storm Greyson, Floridians have been the recipients of colder temps as well. We awoke to a temperature of 39 degrees this morning!

Now before you begin playing your little violins and chuckling, let me point out that while you Northerners are old hands at this, there’s a reason many of us choose to live in Florida!  
But inasmuch as I prefer to view things through a positive pair of glasses, let me try to squeeze out 5 positive things about South Florida’s Cold Temperatures.
1. … (30 comments)

thoughts: Thankful Thursday...For Sharing Your Memories - 01/03/18 03:40 PM
Thankful Thursday...For Sharing Your Memories
A  week ago, Carol Williams wrote a post about leaping into 2018 with a consciousness of gratitude. I think it’s a really good idea.
We talk about being thankful or grateful for something but committing to writing it making a conscious effort to recognize what makes you thankful...takes it a step further.
And with that said, I would like to express my gratitude to the many members who participated in the December Challenge I hosted and shared their favorite holiday memory with us.

There were 70 posts written and I enjoyed reading every single one of them. … (31 comments)

thoughts: My Top Ten Moments of 2017 - 12/28/17 04:48 PM
My Top Ten Moments of 2017
Two years ago Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner wrote about her Top 10 moments from 2015 and invited us to do the same. I returned to my post to see what I’d written and it was interesting to relive my  2015 journey.
So, I decided to list my top ten for 2017. My Top Ten moments relate to my personal life because that is my focus these days.
My Top Ten Moments from 2017...
1.Larry had neurosurgery to implant a shunt for his hydrocephalus. It has helped tremendously and it is the very best gift we could have been given.

thoughts: Christmas...The Day After…Thoughts - 12/25/17 06:00 PM
Christmas...The Day After…Thoughts

And so the diet and fasting begin!  Not really because I know that everyone here has been good and didn’t overindulge.
Today is also National Thank You Note Day. Quite appropriate for the day after Christmas. I can remember my mother sitting with me after the holidays to make sure that I’d written a “Thank you” note to everyone for their gift.

I wonder if parents still do this?
When I was growing up a sale was a big thing. I have memories of going into downtown Houston with my mother and aunt for the after Christmas sale on … (29 comments)

thoughts: Gift Cards Revisited…What Do You think? - 12/21/17 05:28 PM
Gift Cards Revisited…What Do You think?
A few years ago, I discussed my love/hate relationship with the even more ubiquitous Gift Card.

It took me awhile to get accustomed to them. For you see, I was trained by one of the best mother.
When I went shopping with her, whether for a Christmas, birthday, or wedding gift for someone, I saw how she would spend hours picking out what she hoped would be the perfect gift for someone.

Her goal was to purchase a gift that they would like but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

There were times when I wished … (26 comments)

thoughts: Sometimes Giving Away a Little Can Get You a Lot back. - 12/18/17 05:48 PM
Sometimes Giving Away a Little Can Get You a Lot back.
When I started providing home staging consultations it was suggested to me by a fellow and more experienced stager that while we don’t want to give away the store, it always helps to give away a few things for free.
For example, when bidding on a vacant staging, I might walk through and suggest what might be done with a space or how the entry could be enhanced. I’ve gone so far as to rearrange something while I’m standing there talking.
Suggest is the key word...just a taste. Ask most any … (27 comments)

thoughts: A Memorable Christmas - 12/14/17 03:52 PM
A Memorable Christmas...

Since I have asked you to share a Christmas memory with the ActiveRain community, I thought it only fair that I share one as well.
In my life, I have been blessed to have wonderful Christmases. There were always gifts, desserts, lots of food, and most of all we were surrounded by family, friends, and lots of joy and laughter.

But in December 2001, we all needed a boost to lighten our spirits after September.
My extended family here in Florida usually spent Christmas Eve night at the Beach Club but that year the patriarch of the family decided to … (27 comments)

thoughts: It’s Still OK to Wish Me a Merry Christmas! - 12/13/17 05:01 PM
It’s Still OK to Wish Me a Merry Christmas!
There are times when being politically correct is highly overrated.  People are scared to say what they used to say for fear of being called out. To heck with that.
This morning (this is not the first time it’s happened) someone we see from time to time on our walks was trying to wish us a  Merry Christmas but I could tell that they were trying not to offend so out came this…

    “Merry Happy uh well have a good day.”

I’m not saying that whatever comes out of our mouths should be … (28 comments)

thoughts: What is consistency? - 12/07/17 03:03 PM
What is consistency?

Being consistent is something that is discussed often, especially here with regards to our marketing efforts. Barbara Todaro, a constant source of marketing information as well as support, suggests we “market like we mean it” and part of that involves being consistent.
When I meet new agents here I tell them to head to ActiveRain, join, and begin reading. Then I give them the link to Barbara’s blog to learn about marketing.
The other day Michael Jacobs wrote a post about his consistency with this thing we have called blogging.
Some blog every day to maintain their consistency. Others have … (57 comments)

thoughts: Let’s Keep Those “Thankful” Posts Coming! - 11/27/17 03:14 PM
Let’s Keep Those “Thankful” Posts Coming!
Many of us participated in Debbie Reynolds ’ 12 Days of Thanksgiving 2017-ActiveRain Challenge and now that it is over, I have one thing to say...Keep ‘em coming!
I don’t know about you, but my spirit was lifted considerably every time I read someone’s post about what they were thankful for.
The 12 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge came just as I was beginning a road trip which was good for me because one of the hardest things for me to do is pick a topic to write about.  

On the other hand, because I was on a road trip, … (47 comments)

thoughts: Are You Working At the Cutting Edge in Your Field or Just Sitting On It? - 11/08/17 03:59 PM
Are You Working At the Cutting Edge in Your Field or Just Sitting On It?
We are so fortunate to have at our hands just about anything we could want to help us do our jobs. Stagers have phone apps to help us measure rooms or pick paint colors, for example. If we wanted to take it a step further, we could assist clients with virtual staging thanks to software available.

 (Don’t go there...this is not a post about should or should virtual staging be used!)
Home inspectors, lenders, agents...everyone has access to tools that can put them on the cutting edge.

Many … (48 comments)

thoughts: Well...What Do You Know! - 11/01/17 05:40 PM
Well...What Do You Know!
Wednesday morning one of the first ActiveRain tasks I had was to change my profile photo from a Jedi Knight (for Halloween) back to my normal (until I get up enough nerve to have a new photo taken) profile photo.

Mind you, this is something I may do every other year if that.  So, I was quite surprised to see that somewhere between one time and another, I’d passed another milestone.
For me, the excitement of reaching an ActiveRain point milestone can never quite match the first milestone I reached...when I hit 50,000 points.
Don’t laugh...ask anyone who’s … (66 comments)

thoughts: Are You As Sharp As You Think You Are? - 10/24/17 03:39 PM
Are You As Sharp As You Think You Are?

It is the time of year when we begin looking back at what we accomplished for the year and develop plans for the coming new year.
You know that you’ve put in hours of hard work, made sure that your pipeline was flowing, and marketed like you meant it! (right Barbara Todaro !)
2017 should turn out to be a banner year!
You may be analyzing your numbers and like what you see.
But what if you’re not quite where you want to be?
Does that mean double the number of Open Houses you give or increase … (62 comments)

thoughts: Are You So Focused On The Process, You’re Forgetting The Goal? - 10/11/17 05:32 PM
Are You So Focused On The Process, You’re Forgetting The Goal?

Last week Larry spent several hard days working on the top to our convertible. He could have taken it to someone who does this all of the time but like many men I know, he’d rather have a root canal than trust his car to a dealership or mechanic.

Besides, he enjoys the problem-solving process.

This one involved hoses, removing the back seat, and hanging over and in the trunk.
All this while we had 90% humidity and temperatures that made it feel close to 100 degrees.
He came to a … (51 comments)

thoughts: Blaming is Lame- Be the One to Take Action - 10/02/17 02:19 PM
Blaming is Lame- Be the One to Take Action
To look around our area, it would be hard to notice that Hurricane Irma came through here less than a month ago.

There is very little structural damage to houses and buildings, and unless you look up very closely at the trees all looks fairly normal.

Well...except for the dried vegetation lying in wait for someone to take them to parts unknown.

The blame game has started...why municipalities didn’t have enough trucks… are companies price-gouging or do they have to charge more to hire extra staff?  When will everything be picked up?
Residents have been … (38 comments)

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