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This is a continuation of my journey to Tibet, Tibet - A Journey Remembered (Part 1),  which took place in October 2005.  With these posts I am hoping to convey a sense of what I saw and what I felt during my short stay in Lhasa.      While there we had the opportunity to see the Jokhang Temple. ...
There have been so many news stories this week that it is hard to pick one to write about.   Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq.  The stock market has had another big week of losses and gains.  Severe flooding continues in the mid-west.  The list goes on and on.And then t...
Spring is certainly making itself felt here at Lake Anna.  Of course that means taking some photos and here are a couple.  There is such a wonderful feeling of newness and a time of hope.The trees are definitely beginning to bud as are many of the shrubs and the daffodils are telling us spring is...
Have we seen a shift in the real estate market? Yes, the real estate market has changed.  Yes, REALTORS are working harder and earning less. Yes, properties are sitting on the market longer.  Yes, many sellers are becoming frustrated.  Yes, some buyers think the market is even worse than it is an...
If you ever consider selling your home think back to when you bought it.  What was the first thing that sold you on it?  Was it the location, the unusual color of the front door, the huge oaks surrounding it, the front porch with the swing, or was it the dormer windows that brought back memories ...
This evening I was watching the Larry King show on CNN while also posting and commenting on the Rain.  Towards the end of the broadcast he interviewed Gerri Willis.  She is CNN's Personal Finance Editor, host of Open House a 1/2 hour real estate show on CNN, and also the author of Home Rich, Incr...
Sometimes you just need something to take your mind off of the current real estate market, blogging, sub-prime loans, foreclosures, and short sales. If so, here's a little something for you.  Those of you that have more than two minutes to think about it may be able to figure it out.  I'm sure th...
Some states do not allow dual agency.  Others do.  Is the trend towards doing away with this type of representation?  In fact is dual agency a form of representation or does it really mean that neither the seller nor the buyer are being represented?When practicing dual agency how does a REALTOR® ...
. . . . . . .If you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling property at or near Lake Anna, please contact Kathleen "Kate " Elim.  She lives at Lake Anna, knows Lake Anna, loves Lake Anna, and specializes in Lake Anna area real estate.  Reach Kate at 540-226-1964 or by e-mail at lakea...
Once more I'm going to reveal a little bit about myself.  This time it's at the behest of Brande Bradford...Clayton and Henry County Seller's Advocate.Things I've Done:Began writing a column for a weekly newspaper when I was 12 years old.  We lived in an area of Stratford, CT known as Paradise Gr...

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