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Here's one more post that will help you with your blogging.  I liked the way Rebecca broke it down into steps, making it easy to follow.  Hope this gives you some good ideas.Developing great real estate content on a consistent basis doesn't have to be a chore.  If you mix a cup of planning, with ...
Matt Stigliano is asking for our help.  Here's how you can. photo courtesy of nodomain1 I love blogging. You may have noticed before, but it's a fact, I love to blog about real estate.  It's good for my business, but I actually find it enjoyable too.  In that vein, I would like to make it to this...
Who's Who and What's What? We thought we had two puppies.  Sometimes it is downright hard to tell. Here's a friendly suggestion...if you are ever craving fun and adventure...acquire two pups, sit back, and enjoy. ____________________________________________________________________________________...
Margaritaville comes to Lake Anna by way of the Lake Anna Business Partnership (LABP).  There is still time to make plans to attend this fun event which is being held tomorrow evening, Saturday, Sept. 26th. The Business Partnership is starting off the new year with a membership drive.  For anyone...
Do you really know the market you are attempting to work?  Did you just receive a phone call from someone many miles away wanting to look at property way outside your customary area?  Are you selling a home to someone that has a house to sell several counties away?  Are you thinking that county h...
What's Better than a Referral Form from Active Rain?  Its being able to notify the Active Rain member that provided you with that referral that you now have a ratified contract.  Yes, that's right. About two weeks ago I received a referral from none other than Lenn Harley (Part I).  Within a shor...
That's right...Teresa Boardman speaks and all of us photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, listen and look. Whenever I log on and see a post by Teresa (and yes, of course I am a subscriber) I immediately want to see what advice she is providing us and definitely the photos she is sharin...
Yes, Susan, I have a gift for you.  You have asked not once, not twice, but I believe at least three times for photos of our "new" puppies.  New is in quotes simply because we have had them for three months now.  I cannot believe that Susan hasn't gotten her Uncle Louie or Big Sal or Guido to giv...

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